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Check the Quality: How to Spot a Good Sofa? - Megafurniture

Check the Quality: How to Spot a Good Sofa?

Out of all the different types of home furniture in Singapore, the sofa is where we spend most of our time as soon as we get home after long hours from work.  Since it is a few steps away from the front, we could quickly relax and catch up on our favourite TV shows. 

Knowing how beneficial a couch in our life is, it is only natural to invest in a good quality sofa. Otherwise, we would suffer from health problems such as muscle strain and poor posture. That is why we should be mindful of choosing a sofa for our home. 

How can one spot a good quality sofa, anyway?

As a furniture shop online in Singapore, we would like to let you know that many factors come into play. Apart from your budget and the measurement of where you want to place it, you also have to mind its frame, joints, and cushion. 

To help you with your search for the best sofa, let us show what those factors are. 



There is no sense if you and your family members do not fit on the sofa once all of you sit on it. Therefore, if you have a family of three, guarantee the sofa has enough space for three or more people. Ideally, that kind of couch is 78 to 90 inches long. 

Besides its length, make sure it could also support your back while your feet are on the floor. And if you are someone who loves to take a nap on your sofa, try laying down and see if it is comfortable enough for a short snooze.


Like other home furniture, you should also check the sturdiness of its frame. You should know that a good quality sofa feels solid and heavy once you touch, light lift, and shake it. If the couch wobbles after you have done all of that, better look for another one.


If the joints are not visible on the surface, ask the staff from the furniture store in Singapore. They should know what kind of fasteners the couch has to put frame parts together. 

The ideal answer you should get for a good quality sofa is wooden dowels or metal screws. Other than these, that couch needs additional joints to become sturdy.



Another way to spot a good quality sofa is to touch its surface and see if it is well-padded. If you cannot feel the edges nor the springs, it has enough cushion fillings. Just make sure that after pressing the pads with your hands, the sofa should go back to its original shape. If not, it may flatten out and further lose its plump.


Most sofas come with coil or steel springs. They are a necessary feature for added support and comfort. If the springs are not in good quality nor well-placed, they would not only cause strain to the body. 

That is why you should test the spring by sitting on the edge of the sofa and listening closely. If it squeaks or produces any creaking noise, that sofa is good to sit on as it would not last for a long time. 

Need More Help With Other Home Furniture?

If you also plan to change the other home furniture of your house in Singapore besides the sofa, it may be best to rely on an expert. They can help you choose the right pieces for your needs and budget. 

Hence, when you think you need a hand, Mega Furniture would always love to help. Just leave a message about your budget and preferences. We assure you will receive a few recommendations from us. 

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