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The Ultimate Guide to HDB Kitchen Renovation in Singapore - Megafurniture

The Ultimate Guide to HDB Kitchen Renovation in Singapore

Calling all foodies and design enthusiasts! If your HDB kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover, including HDB kitchen cabinet renovation, then you're on the right page.

Whether you're a master chef or a culinary newbie, your kitchen should be a place where inspiration sizzles and taste buds dance. From creating the perfect kitchen layout to choosing the trendiest tiles, we'll guide you through the A to Z of the kitchen renovation process to turn your cooking space from drab to fab.

When Do You Need an HDB Kitchen Renovation?

HDB kitchen renovation

If you're tired of the outdated design or lack of functionality in your HDB kitchen, it might be time for a kitchen renovation. Here are the signs your kitchen is in desperate need of renovation.

  1. Your kitchen design and layout are outdated.
  2. Your kitchen lacks adequate storage space for utensils, appliances, and pantry items.
  3. Your kitchen's components, such as cabinets, countertops, flooring, or appliances, are damaged, worn out, or malfunctioning.
  4. Your kitchen layout hinders your workflow and makes cooking and meal preparation difficult.
  5. Your lifestyle or family size has changed, and your kitchen no longer accommodates your requirements.
  6. Your kitchen appliances consume excessive energy.
  7. You want to increase the value of your HDB flat.

Once you confirm that it's time to renovate your kitchen, you may decide whether you need a partial or complete kitchen renovation based on your needs or the issues you want to address.

What is a Partial HDB Kitchen Renovation in Singapore?

partial HDB kitchen renovation

A partial HDB kitchen renovation involves updating specific elements of your kitchen while leaving others untouched. This option is suitable if you're satisfied with the overall layout but only want to upgrade certain aspects of your kitchen. For instance, consider changing the flooring, revamping the cabinetry, or installing new appliances.

What is a Full HDB Kitchen Renovation?

full HDB kitchen renovation

A complete HDB kitchen renovation means completely transforming your kitchen space, allowing you to reimagine your kitchen layout, design, and functionality from scratch. This means hacking walls and doing major structural changes. For instance, if you plan to transition from a closed kitchen to an open-plan cooking area, your kitchen will require a full haul.

With a complete renovation, you have the freedom to explore different interior design themes, choose new fixtures, and optimise the layout for a more efficient workflow.

HDB Kitchen Renovation Processes

HDB kitchen renovation process


The first step is to clear out your kitchen's existing fixtures, cabinetry, and appliances. This ensures a clean slate for the subsequent stages of the renovation.

Kitchen Layout

Planning the layout is crucial to optimise the functionality and flow of your kitchen. Consider factors such as the work triangle (the relationship between the sink, stove, and refrigerator), storage options, and ease of movement.


Plumbing plays a vital role in a functional kitchen. Ensure your plumbing system is properly installed or upgraded to support your new kitchen design. This includes connections for sinks, taps, and any other water-related fixtures.


Upgrading the electrical wiring is essential to accommodate new kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, and power outlets. Engage a professional electrician to ensure the wiring is safe and up to code.

Wall and Ceiling Renovation

Give your kitchen a fresh start by repairing or replacing damaged walls and ceilings. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint or exploring creative options such as wallpaper or decorative tiles to add personality to your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen's cabinetry plays a significant role in both aesthetics and functionality. Choose durable materials and innovative storage solutions that maximise space while reflecting your chosen interior design theme.


Selecting the right flooring is crucial in an HDB kitchen renovation. Opt for slip-resistant materials, easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. Choices like ceramic tiles, vinyl, or laminate flooring are popular options.

Popular HDB Kitchen Layouts

HDB kitchen layouts

Open-Concept Kitchen

An open-concept kitchen creates a seamless flow between your cooking area and the rest of your home, like the dining space and living room, promoting a sense of spaciousness and sociability.

L-Shaped Kitchen HDB

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a popular choice among HDB homeowners in Singapore due to its efficient use of space and flexibility. It features countertops and cabinets arranged along two adjacent walls, forming an "L" shape. This layout maximises corner spaces and provides ample room for storage and workspace. L-shaped kitchens are versatile and can accommodate various appliances and cooking configurations, making them suitable for small and large HDB flats.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-shaped layout provides an efficient and ergonomic workspace, allowing easy access to all kitchen areas.

Galley Kitchen

Suitable for narrow HDB spaces, the galley kitchen features parallel countertops, maximising efficiency and providing a sleek, streamlined look.

One-Wall Kitchen

Perfect for small flats, the one-wall layout concentrates all kitchen essentials along a single wall, optimising space while maintaining functionality.

How to Prepare for Your HDB Kitchen Renovation

HDB kitchen renovation preparation

1. Define Your Vision

Determine your preferred interior design style and create a mood board to capture your desired aesthetic.

2. Set a Budget

Establish a realistic budget to guide your renovation decisions. Consider factors such as materials, appliances, and professional services.

3. Engage Professionals

Seek the expertise of a Singapore interior designer or contractor experienced in various HDB renovations. They can help translate your vision into reality and provide valuable insights.

4. Obtain Necessary Permits

Ensure that you comply with HDB guidelines and secure any required renovation permits or approvals before commencing work.

5. Temporary Kitchen Arrangements

Plan for temporary arrangements such as setting up a makeshift kitchenette or meal preparation area during the renovation period.

HDB Kitchen Renovation FAQs

HDB kitchen renovation FAQs

Do I need approval from HDB for a kitchen renovation?

Yes, you'll need to seek approval from HDB before starting some renovation work in your kitchen. It's important to submit the necessary documents, such as the renovation permit application and floor plan, for review and approval.


Can I change the layout of my kitchen during the renovation?

Yes, you can change your kitchen's layout during the renovation. However, it's crucial to ensure that the proposed layout is practical, functional and complies with HDB's guidelines.

How long does a kitchen renovation typically take?

A kitchen renovation in an HDB flat may take anywhere from 6 weeks to a couple of months. Factors such as the size of the kitchen, customisation requirements, and unforeseen challenges can affect the timeline.

How much does an HDB kitchen renovation cost in Singapore?

The cost of an HDB kitchen renovation can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the size of the kitchen, the complexity of the renovation, the materials used, and your specific requirements.

A basic HDB kitchen renovation typically includes essential upgrades such as painting and installing new cabinets, countertops, and basic appliances can cost around S$8,000 to S$15,000.

Carpentry works may cost an average of S$5,000, while wall hacking and remodelling may range from S$10,000 – S$15,000. Other remodelling works and premium renovations may have higher prices, so make sure to prepare your budget before pushing through the process.

More HDB Kitchen Renovation Tips That No One Tells You

HDB kitchen renovation tips
  1. Kitchen renovation isn't cheap, so carefully prepare your finances and know what to prioritise to avoid breaking the bank.
  2. Think about your lifestyle before pushing through any change in your kitchen layout. Do you mostly use your kitchen for cooking? If yes, then focus your renovation on improving the flow of your working zones. If you entertain guests often, optimise your dining areas.
  3. When making design choices, consider your long-term needs instead of following design trends.


renovated HDB kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can be a transformative experience, providing a functional and stylish space that enhances your daily life and adds value to your HDB space. But no matter how complicated it looks, the renovation process should not be daunting. Knowing the steps you must take and the things you should prioritise will surely make your renovation journey more fulfilling.

Megafurniture is your trusted destination for high-quality kitchen furniture and appliances in Singapore. Explore our wide range of stylish and functional options to elevate your kitchen's interior design!

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