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HDB Interior Design: Is an Open Concept Bathroom a Good Idea? - Megafurniture

HDB Interior Design: Is an Open Concept Bathroom a Good Idea?

Homeowners in Singapore love open-concept spaces, especially since our floor areas are limited. Open-concept living rooms and kitchens are on the rave, but did you know that many are also considering open-concept bathrooms? Yes, open-concept bathrooms are a thing in Singapore, but there is a mix of responses regarding this interior design trend.

Is it a good idea or just a bold and unachievable promise that interior design magazines give? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of an open-concept bathroom in an HDB space.

Pros of Open-Concept HDB Bathrooms

open-concept hdb bathroom interior design

Makes the Bathroom Feel Bigger

An open-concept bathroom can make your HDB space feel more spacious and expansive, which is one of its biggest benefits. By eliminating walls and doors, the bathroom space becomes more open and airy, creating an illusion of increased size. This feature is particularly useful in small HDB flats where every inch counts.

Increases Natural Light

Embracing an open-concept bathroom brings forth another notable advantage: an increased infusion of natural light. When no walls or doors block the light, it can flow more freely throughout the space, which makes the bathroom feel bigger.

Creates a Modern and Stylish Look

Let's talk about how an open-concept bathroom can give your HDB flat a modern and stylish makeover. This bathroom design is often linked with a contemporary interior design theme, making it an ideal option if you're aiming for a trendy and up-to-date look in your home.

Enhances Visual Flow and Connectivity

Imagine the impact an open-concept bathroom can have on the visual flow and connectivity of your HDB flat. Removing barriers and walls can create a seamless transition between the toilet and other adjacent rooms, such as the bedroom or dressing area. This cohesive design can give your flat a more unified and spacious feel.

Allows for Creative Design Opportunities

From stylish floating vanities to elegant freestanding bathtubs, an open-concept bathroom allows you to showcase your personal style and create a standout feature within your HDB flat. You can even play with different materials, textures, and colours to create a visually stunning and unique bathroom space.

Promotes Better Air Circulation

The absence of enclosed door allow bathroom air to circulate more freely, reducing the chances of humidity buildup and unpleasant odours. This can create a fresher and more comfortable bathroom environment for you and your family.

Better Accessibility and Easy Maintenance

Without doors or walls blocking your way, you can move around more freely, making daily routines more convenient. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, an open-concept design simplifies the process by eliminating hard-to-reach corners and crevices.

Creates a Spa-Like Ambience

Transforming your HDB flat bathroom into a tranquil oasis is a popular aspiration for many homeowners. An open-concept bathroom can help you achieve that spa-like ambience. Seamlessly integrate features like a rain shower, soothing lighting, and natural elements, such as plants or pebble flooring, to create a serene and relaxing environment where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

Cons of Open Concept HDB Bathrooms

open-concept bathroom disadvantages

Lack of Privacy

As much as it boasts of advantages, it still comes with a significant downside—a lack of privacy. With no walls or doors to enclose the bathroom, your business is out in the open for others to see. This may not be a problem if you're living solo, but it could be a concern if you share your HDB space with others.

Limited Storage Space

Another downside of an open-concept bathroom is the limited storage space. Since it has no walls or cabinets, finding places to store your toiletries and other bathroom essentials can be challenging. This could be a problem if you have many items you need to keep in your bathroom.

Higher Renovation Costs

An open-concept bathroom can be more expensive to renovate than a traditional bathroom since you'll need to install plumbing fixtures and other features in a way that accommodates the open layout. This could also add to your overall renovation costs, which might be a concern if you're on a tight budget.

Open-Concept Bathroom, Is It a Good Idea?

open-concept bathroom design

Open-concept bathrooms have become a hot topic in the realm of interior design, but is it a good idea for your HDB flat?

On the positive side, an open-concept bathroom can create a sense of spaciousness, especially in smaller spaces. However, it's important to consider the drawbacks as well, like privacy. 

Ultimately, the choice should be based on your preferences and priorities. If you prioritise a daring and spacious bathroom space to soak and relax, an open-concept bathroom might be a good choice. But if you want to maintain a private and intimate space for yourself, opt for a closed bathroom layout. 

Or you can try some hacks to ensure the privacy of your open-concept layout.

How Can I Address Privacy Concerns in an Open-Concept Bathroom?

Open-concept bathroom with frosted glass panels

One option is to use frosted or textured glass panels. They provide privacy by creating partial barriers without completely shutting off the space. These allow light to pass through while blurring the view, bringing a balance between openness and privacy.

If glass panels aren't your thing, you can get creative with screens, curtains, or room dividers. Strategically placing these elements can offer visual separation, giving you a sense of privacy while still maintaining the open and airy vibe of your bathroom.

Ways to Pull Off an Open-Concept Bathroom Design

Open concept HDB bathroom design checklist
  1. Create a smooth and seamless transition between the bathroom and the adjacent areas of your HDB flat with consistent flooring materials, such as tiles or waterproof laminate.
  2. Position the toilet or shower area away from direct lines of sight and use partitions, screens, or decorative elements to provide a degree of visual separation without completely closing off the space.
  3. Incorporate glass elements like transparent or frosted glass shower enclosures to enhance the openness and visual appeal of your open-concept bathroom.
  4. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to enhance the functionality and ambience of the space.
  5. Optimise storage in your open-concept bathroom by installing built-in shelves, niches, or floating cabinets.
  6. Choose an interior design theme that flows seamlessly from the rest of your HDB flat into the open-concept bathroom.

Open-Concept or Not, Megafurniture is Here to Upgrade Your Bathroom Design

open-concept bathroom interior design essentials

Whether an open-concept bathroom is a good idea for your HDB flat depends on various factors, including your personal preferences, lifestyle, and the layout of your space. 

Regardless of your choice, Megafurniture is here to provide your bathroom storage and essentials! Visit our website today to get started.

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