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How to Get the Best Steals During Furniture Sales - Megafurniture

How to Get the Best Steals During Furniture Sales

When decorating a new home or refurbishing your flat, one of your biggest investments will be the furniture.

But worry not; you don't have to be an interior designer to furnish your home. Furniture outlets, especially online shops, conduct various sales and even offer huge markdowns for your favourite pieces. But with all the overwhelming choices, persuasive prices, and the rush of grabbing a steal, how can you be sure you make a worthy choice? Knowing that the cheapest furniture is not the most money-saving one, it's good to be ready to get one that is not convincing at first but is really worth buying.

Here are some quick ways you can prepare yourself for your next furniture purchase.

Understand Your Needs and Furniture Style

Understand Your Needs and Furniture Style

Before you go to the battleground, er, furniture store, you should have a clear idea of what you require and what your space can accommodate. These considerations will help you narrow your choices and prevent you from getting something you didn't intend to buy. When buying a sofa, for example, check how many seats you need and what style you want to achieve. If you're going to create a modern living room, you don't want to buy a bulky sofa with slipcovers and lots of floral patterns. Instead, you want to focus on a neutral and lightweight piece. It's also important to measure your available space so you don't make your room cramped or underutilised. 

Get Your Inspiration Online

Get Some Inspiration Online

If you're not new to furniture buying, chances are it's been years since you bought one. This means styles and options have already changed. Visiting some stores will give you an idea of what the market offers. When done online, you can browse various furniture retailers and compare prices with a few clicks. Knowing how furniture pricing works will help you estimate your budget and understand what is a good deal and what is not. By doing this, you can gauge the price range and look for the style and features you want to bring into your home. This is the first step to being an informed buyer.

Do Your Research

Do Your Research

The best way to bring home a good buy is to make sure the quality of the furniture can be trusted. Aside from looking at the design and measurements, you should also check the materials, advantages, and disadvantages; understand wear and tear; and know how to take care of and prolong the furniture's lifespan. To elevate the style of your home using furniture, online photos and ideas are helpful.

Use the "Add to Cart" Button

Use that Add to Cart Button

Using the add to cart button is one way to save options. Browse ahead during non-sale days to look for furniture that catches your attention. Once you see some products that you'd like to purchase in the future, add them to your cart to save time browsing and scrolling through all the products once the sale season arrives. While waiting for a markdown, you can do further research about the items in your cart, whether they are about the materials, craftsmanship, or style. You can also take this time to compare prices.

Know the Best Time to Buy Furniture

Know the Best Time to Buy Furniture

What's the best time to buy your furniture? Lots of furniture stores conduct sales during holidays and special occasions. Finding the right season to shop will help you save a hefty amount with discounts and vouchers. Mattresses, bedding, and accent furniture pieces are up for grabs during monthly sales or holidays. You can save more when buying major furniture like sofa and bed frames during year-end, post-holiday, and clearance sales. While many furniture buyers pay more to furnish their homes before the holidays, you may want to save by purchasing after the demand goes down. This way, shops will offer discounts to lure customers into purchasing. Mark your calendar for major furniture sales like Memorial Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labour Day, and Year End Holidays if you're in the market for new furniture.

Check the Clearance Section

Check the Clearance Section

If you're looking for an easy way to save without waiting for special events, go to the clearance section of the online furniture shop. This is where furniture stores cut their prices to make new products. When you visit an online shop, take time to hit their clearance section to see if there are items that spark your interest.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Subscribe to Newsletters

Sometimes, you don't need to work yourself out to get sale alerts. Usually, shops themselves will update you when you subscribe to their mailing list. The newsletter list is useful to keep you updated on their events, contents, vouchers, and major sales, all straight to your email. If you're hesitant to join the mailing list, you can follow social media accounts and hit the notification bell one to two weeks before an expected sale to keep yourself updated. These methods are absolutely free of charge and free of commitment.

Look for Interest-Free Installments

Look for Interest-free Installments

Sometimes a piece of furniture is just too striking for you to ignore, even when you're quite short on budget. If you can't afford to pay the full price for a piece of furniture, look for interest-free instalment plans to avoid making the purchase a financial burden. Typically, furniture stores collaborate with payment partners to provide this service to customers who cannot afford the furniture all at once. At Megafurniture, we collaborate with your trusted payment services to deliver fuss-free furniture shopping services.

Feel Free to Ask Questions

Feel Free to Ask Questions

When buying furniture, it's normal to have questions and doubts. Being a big investment for your home, it's crucial to get your questions answered and your doubts cleared before hitting the check-out button. Online shops have dedicated customer teams ready to answer your inquiries, whether about the materials, return policies, or delivery process.

Even if you're juggling a lot of tasks, you can always rely on online stores to deliver high-quality furniture right to your door. One advantage of purchasing furniture online is that retailers offer the same items as brick-and-mortar stores but at lower prices. They also give coupons and delivery discounts. Others also provide cashback offers.

Ready for your furniture buying journey? Best place to buy furniture? Check out Megafurniture's online catalogue of high-quality and stylish furniture pieces in Singapore, specially made for your needs. 

Shopping for furniture online for the first time or for a long time? We are here to help you! Our team of experts is here to assist you with your inquiries and keep you at ease while shopping.

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