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Dining Chair vs. Dining Bench: Which One Do You Need? - Megafurniture

Dining Chair vs. Dining Bench: Which One Do You Need?

Buying new seats for your dining room? Here's a definitive guide to help you weigh your options.

The extension of the heart of the home, the dining room, needs as much thought in terms of style, variety, and space-saving as the kitchen. In a place dominated by built-ins, it's vital to furnish the dining room well to make it more welcoming and comfortable to stay in. 

The dining table serves as a hub where we gather to eat and share stories, while our seating options keep our activities going in comfort. Dining chairs are our traditional go-tos when it comes to dining room seating. They are proven to be reliable and stylish. But the modern style introduces another option you might love: the dining benches.

When we think about benches, the bulky metal or wood pieces that we see in parks and outdoor areas may initially come to mind. But dining room benches are a variety of non-mobile benches and mobile benches that are more lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Whether you want a uniform or a more varied dining room design, it's good to know what kind of seating solution you will incorporate in your dining area. This quick guide will help you understand the pros and cons of both to make a wise furnishing decision.


Dining Chair vs. Dining Bench: The Pros and Cons

Dining Chairs Pros

Dining Chairs Pros

1. Dining Chairs are Easy to Move

Dining chairs are lightweight, which means you can easily move them around if you need to adjust your space or add a few seats to your dining area. Some chairs that are made of plastic can even be transported in stacks to save time. If you're into this wonderful convenience, choosing some chairs for your dining room might be your best decision.

2. Dining Chairs are Comfortable

The presence of backrests and sometimes armrests makes dining chairs more comfortable for longer use. Upholstered varieties even provide added ergonomic support.

3. Dining Chairs are Versatile

Aside from giving you a comfortable surface to sit on, dining chairs are also known for their versatility. When there are huge gatherings, you can transport your dining chairs to your living room to accommodate more guests. You can also use a dining chair in place of a more expensive accent chair in your bedroom. These cosy pieces are suitable for adults and safe for younger ones. Because of their lightweight look, dining chairs can blend well in various rooms.

4. Dining Chairs are Aesthetically Appealing

While the main purpose of dining chairs is to provide you with a place to sit, they undeniably give your living room a complete and cohesive look. Some chairs are designed to match the dining table, while others provide a great contrast that highlights the beauty of a neutral centrepiece. You can also find a vast selection of designs and themes when shopping for dining chairs. As long as you keep those creative juices flowing, there are no limits to designing your space with dining chairs.


Pros of Dining Benches

Pros of Dining Benches

1. Dining Benches Can Fit More People

Because dining benches or bench chairs are more spacious than dining chairs, they can fit more people without additional furniture. A typical dining bench is twice to three times as long as a single chair. If you have minimal space but invite visitors often, a dining bench is a good solution to make the most of your area.

2. Dining Benches Can Fit into Smaller Corners

When you convert a small nook into a dining corner, you won't have the luxury of fitting a dining chair with all its backrest and armrest into your limited space. Unlike a dining chair, a bench can fit in smaller rooms and be tucked under the table when not in use.

3. Dining Benches are Aesthetically Pleasing

No. Dining benches are not limited to the flat surfaces we think they are. There are various styles, materials, and colours available on sale for those who prefer minimalism or are more adventurous in furnishing their area. If you prefer a classic and warm space, there are different wooden dining benches for you. You can also go Scandinavian with lighter finishes or modern with upholstery. You will never run out of great choices with a dining bench.


Cons of Dining Chair

Cons of Dining Chair

1. Dining Chairs Take Up Space

Compared to dining benches that you can hide under the table, chairs require more room to fit into your space. Chairs with prominent backrests and armrests take up more space than lightweight models. To save space, choose stackable chairs that you can keep in one place when not in use.

2. Upholstered Dining Chairs Require More Maintenance

Chairs with fabric cushions are prone to spills that are hard to remove unless you do regular spot and vacuum cleaning. Wooden chairs with lots of curves and intricate details also take time to clean. If you're looking for easy-to-clean upholstery, go for genuine or faux leather dining chairs.


Cons of Dining Benches

Cons of Dining Benches

1. Dining Benches Don't Give Enough Support

With the absence of backrests and armrests, benches are not supportive for long periods of sitting. If you're looking for something to support your posture while sitting, a bench is not the best choice. However, there are benches with backrests that are cosier than plain benches.

2. Dining Benches Require More Effort to Move Around

Unlike a dining chair that you can transfer from one place to another with a hand, a dining bench might require two to three people to move around. Its shape is also not that versatile to fit any corner.


Making a Choice

Making a Choice

Will it be a dining chair or a bench? Your choice depends on your space, comfort, and style preferences. With all their pros and cons, the superior choice depends on every space requirement.

1. Check Your Available Space

While buying any furniture usually boils down to your preference, we always encourage you to measure your space before deciding. Do you have a sizable dining area or a smaller one? Smaller dining spaces favour benches, especially when you have a rectangular table.

2. Prioritise Your Comfort

When shopping for dining seats, it's important to understand the purpose of your space to keep everyone comfortable. While it's easy to squeeze in more people with a dining chair, some people might require the support of a chair, like the elderly. With this, we suggest you combine some chairs and benches to maximise your space and options.

3. Don't Forget About the Style

Are you a fan of classic interior design? Go for chairs with more intricate designs and tall backrests. A matching table and chair make up a casual look, while a mixture of dining chairs and benches complete a modern dining room. Whether you want a matching style or an adventurous mixture, make sure your seats complement your table's size, shape, and style.

If you’re down for an unconventional upgrade to your dining area, you can mix and match benches and chairs around your dining table. Still don’t know what to buy? Browse through Megafurniture’s online collection of dining sets to get inspiration.

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