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8 Useful Organising Tips for Every Cosy Flat - Megafurniture

8 Useful Organising Tips for Every Cosy Flat

Online shopping makes your favourite foods and items more accessible in Singapore. In fact, you can enjoy the luxury of shopping with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home. Because it takes less effort to shop, it also takes less effort to buy excess items and clutter your home. It's true that cleaning and organising your home is not the most exciting activity ever.

To make cleaning easier and more fun, here are eight simple ways to organise your flat.


Declutter Your Space

Declutter your space

Clutter. It makes your home look suffocating and uncomfortable. A cramped area is unpleasant to the eyes. More so, clutter takes up too much space where more essential items are supposed to be stored. If you're having a hard time finding your remote control, chances are your room is becoming too occupied (or you forgot it somewhere). 

The first step to organising your home is decluttering, which is the most challenging part of the process. Although it takes time to free your space and sort out your clutter, it is surely worth the effort.

To make decluttering more convenient, set up three storage boxes for the items you need to keep, toss, or donate. It becomes easier to organise your space when you only retain the stuff that you need. For a smoother process, focus on decluttering a specific spot in your flat before moving on to another. This is to ensure that you will not mix items that belong to a particular area. Another thing is to look for places where a large amount of clutter is present and prioritise them. Shifting from one area to another is definitely overwhelming and will just result in you giving up.

For it to be effective, it is important to take control of the process of decluttering. Do not hesitate to toss or donate items that you no longer need, or you'll end up with the same amount of clutter again. After determining the items you would like to retain, you may proceed to the next step—creating your inventory. 

An inventory will help you categorise your items based on how you use them, how often you need them, or where you can efficiently utilise them. With this, you can sort the items you often need into more accessible areas and keep the less-used stuff in secure places.


Compile Items that are Alike


Compile items that are alike

Arranging your stuff by category makes a massive difference in creating a clean and conducive space.

Group your items based on the materials used, their functions, or the places where they belong. It means that you should not leave the things that are supposed to be in your bedroom in your living room. 

To organise your wardrobe, you may separate shirts from joggers and denim pants. Bedding and towels, for example, will require their own dedicated space. This will help determine if you have excess items.

For the kitchen and dining area, try sorting out utensils and appliances by working zones. Separate mugs from drinking glasses, as well as cutlery that is frequently used and that is purchased for special occasions. The way you arrange your space depends on your lifestyle and preferences.


Welcome Additional Storage Solutions

Welcome additional storage solutions

Having lots of storage options does not necessarily make your home organised. This is one of the most common storage myths. In fact, too many storage options overwhelm your home instead of making it look more spacious. The solution to this is to focus on quality, not quantity. Smaller storage furniture does not always mean better for small spaces. Bigger items like a modular wardrobe and storage bed can function as efficient and concealed storage areas where you can combine bigger items and smaller pieces.

A coffee table or television console with extra drawer space for your living room will help you avoid putting items on your tabletop. Always opt for furniture with multiple purposes.

In contrast to the usual practice, it is better to buy your storage solution after assessing your space.


Use Labels

Use labels

Once you've sorted out the items in your home, make sure that you'll keep your space organised. Labeling your items will help you determine where to get them and where to put them back. 


Fix Your Charger or Appliance Cords When Storing Them

Fix your charger or appliance cords when storing them

Exposed appliances and gadget cords make the room look very disorganised. Plus, it gets really annoying if your cables keep getting tangled. The good news is that there are easy and practical ways to arrange your headphone wires, your charger, and the jumbled entertainment set cables. 

Installing a mini cable station on your desk will help you keep your unplugged chargers together without tangling. Store your flash drives and airpods in a tech pouch to prevent these small items from being lost. Keep your hair styling gadgets in storage boxes and use compact storage cases to organise your electronic items.


Use Containers for Your Refrigerator

Use containers for your refrigerator

Containers are welcome in your fridge. They make your refrigerator look more compartmentalised and well-put-together. To create a uniform and more refreshing look inside your refrigerator, switch your food packaging for labelled transparent refrigerator containers.

There are lots of efficient containers that you can use for your refrigerator. Rectangular containers make stacking easier than other varieties. A lazy susan is an excellent item to help you save time from rummaging inside your refrigerator to get your favourite food. If you have no more room in your pantry, you can use baskets to organise your condiments.


Clear the Flat Surfaces in Your Home

Clear the flat spaces in your home

When designing your living room, don't forget to tackle the clutter that piles up on your flat surfaces. The dining table, coffee table, kitchen counter, and open shelves are your clutter hot spots. Items quickly pile up because it's so easy to put everything on top of open, flat surfaces and leave them there. To put an end to this habit, clear the clutter and replace it with decorative items. Seeing a well-decorated flat surface will help you think twice before dumping other unrelated items you can keep in their proper places. 


Make Cleaning and Organising a Habit

Make cleaning and organising a Habit

There is no easiest way to organise and improve your home than doing it out of habit. Prevent clutter from piling up by regularly assessing your storage areas. 

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