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Your Ultimate Divan Bed Guide - Megafurniture

Your Ultimate Divan Bed Guide

Nobody should undervalue the importance of sleep in maintaining and improving our overall health. Because we spend a lot of our time sleeping, it's important to treat the basics, a.k.a. the mattress and your bed, as significant investments that you should carefully consider when furnishing your home. Buying a comfortable mattress and the right bed frame will surely help you elevate the quality of your night's rest.

When choosing a bed frame, finding a style that strikes your eye might be your first consideration, but there are other factors that you should also note to make sure you get not only a beautiful piece but also a comfortable one that will benefit you for years.

A divan bed is one of the most popular top rated bed frames, and we love it. A divan bed frame perfectly mixes style, comfort, and functionality into one piece of furniture. If you want to welcome a divan frame into your home, here's a breakdown of what you need to consider when buying one and some tips to help you get the best divan bed within your budget.

Let's start.

What is a Divan Bed?

What is a Divan Bed

In simple terms, a divan bed presents a well-designed frame that matches the size of a mattress. The base is made of solid wood and covered with cushion padding and upholstery for lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal. You can choose your own upholstery to match your bedroom design or select a unit with storage compartments to maximise your space. A divan leaves you with many choices for a versatile sleep oasis. 

One of the main features that distinguishes a divan from other styles is that it almost sits parallel to your floor or has low legs or casters that allow it to be easily transported when needed. You also have the choice to incorporate a defined headboard or completely remove it from the frame and focus on a minimalist padded base. Divan beds take up less space than other types of bed frames because they are the same size as the mattress. 

What are the Benefits of a Divan Bed?

What are the Benefits of a Divan Bed

Looking for an elegant and multifunctional bed? A divan frame is a great choice, especially for your compact space. Here are the benefits of having a divan bed.

A Divan Bed is an Optimum Space-Saver

A Divan Bed is an Optimum Space-Saver

If you are looking for ways to add some storage to your bedroom without taking up more floor space with an extra cabinet, a divan bed can be an easy solution. Divan designs with storage usually come with multiple pull-out drawers depending on the size or under-the-bed storage with a hydraulic lift mechanism. These dedicated spaces work as extra storage in your room without the need for alternative solutions. If you need a place for your linens, spare bedding sets, or seasonal items, a divan bed has a lot to offer.

The hydraulic lift mechanism provides bed storage beneath the mattress base to save space and allow good traffic flow when opening the storage area. The hydraulic lift system makes lifting effortless.

A Divan Bed Allows Customisation

A Divan Bed Allows Customisation

Like what we described earlier, when buying a divan frame, you can choose the upholstery material and colour that fit your room's theme. From luxurious leather and velvet divans to faux leather and fabric, you have a whole range to covet. You can also choose to include a tall button-tufted or lined headboard for additional elegance, or go for a simple one if you're into a modern minimalist style. This way, it's easier to design a centrepiece that goes well with any interior style that you want to achieve. This versatility is a great advantage when building a purposeful space without compromising style.

A Divan Bed Can Fit in Any Room Size

A Divan Bed Can Fit Any Room Size

Whether you have a spacious master's bedroom or a compact and shared bed space, there is a divan bed that will suit your available area. Divan beds come in a range of sizes, from king to queen to super single to a single-size unit. Of course, larger beds have more storage, but even smaller beds can fit a lot of stuff. For shared spaces or guest rooms, you can opt for a three-in-one bed with a pull-out trundle rather than a storage area underneath the main bed frame for an additional sleep surface.

To know what mattress and bed frame size is best for your needs, check out our guide to mattress sizes in Singapore.

What are the Types of Divan Bases?

What Types of Divan Bases

Platform Top Divan

Also known as a "solid top base," a platform-top divan contains a solid panel that works as a sturdy base to hold your mattress. This is an affordable solution that works well with a firm mattress to upgrade its level of support.

Pocket Sprung Divan

Unlike a platform base that is suitable for firm mattresses, a pocket-sprung base offers softer support with its shock-absorbing layer. Pocket sprung divans are more expensive but luxurious options for added comfort and preserving the mattress' quality.

What are the Types of Divan Bed Storage?

What are the Types of Divan Bed Storage

Divan designs with storage offer multiple space-saving solutions based on your needs. Need compact and more specific storage? There is a suitable divan bed for you. How about more spacious and flexible storage? There is also a suitable divan for you.


Depending on the size of your bed, you can look for divans with two to four drawers on the side. These drawers can fit everything from small bedroom items to bigger sheets or bedding accessories. Drawers can be placed on each side of the frame or in front.

Continental Drawers

Continental drawers are smaller than regular drawers. This allows you to add some storage even if you have a bedside table or accent furniture beside your bed. If another furniture piece will obstruct a full-size side drawer in your room, it's practical to opt for a unit with continental drawers.

Ottoman Storage

Like smaller ottoman furniture, ottoman bed storage can be lifted to reveal spacious storage that you can use as a whole or section off to create smaller compartments.

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