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5 Reasons a Dining Table is a Need - Megafurniture

5 Reasons a Dining Table is a Need

A dining table is an important furniture and design feature in every home. But many modern homes, especially open-concept kitchens, welcome other alternatives, like a kitchen island with bar stools. Since removing dividers and building a more functional space has become the norm, many compact homes get rid of the traditional dining table setup. 

So, is the dining table still needed?

If you’re looking into maximising your space or choosing between a dining table and other alternatives, read on to this guide.

Benefits of Having a Dining Table

It Helps You Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

It Helps You Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

Due to our changing lifestyles, our eating habits also change. Breakfast, for example, might be taken on the way to your destination, while many take their meals in their seats during busy work days. This can blur the line between working and taking a break. But keeping a balance in terms of work, study, and personal routines is important to maintain your overall wellness and, well, sanity. When working from home, we highly encourage taking breaks far from your work desk and eating your lunch at the dining table.

It Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

It Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

In line with creating a work/study/life balance, eating at the dining table without doing other stuff like work tasks helps you stay focused and more relaxed when eating. This prevents stress eating or unhealthy weight gain.

Sharing food at the dining table also helps create a mental cue to prepare proper, healthy meals compared to the quick meals that we take in our beds or living rooms.

A Dining Table Helps Separate Open-Concept Areas

A Dining Table Helps Separate Open-Concept Areas

Many open-concept homes combine the dining room, kitchen, and living room into one spacious layout. If you love keeping well-defined zones at home, having a dining table creates a distinct area for dining and a different area for lounging or conversation (a sofa). This can help you enjoy your meals better without distractions while keeping the entertainment area conducive to staying in.

A Dining Table Brings People Together

A Dining Table Brings People Together

Many memorable family happenings happen around the dining table. Whether it is your nightly dinner, weekend gatherings, or holiday celebrations, the food and stories shared around the dining table make family events more remarkable. This can also help develop healthy communication among family members, especially young children.

It Provides a Spacious Area to Do Work/ School Tasks

It Provides a Spacious Area to Do Work/ School Tasks

If you are thinking about the multifunctionality of your area, a dining table can certainly offer more functions. A dining table is spacious enough for doing projects, assignments, and tutorials together.

Dining Table vs. Kitchen Island

Dining Table vs. Kitchen Island

Dining table vs. kitchen island: What is better for a modern dining room? Both provide distinct advantages and features. They also create a distinct ambiance with their design elements.

Here’s a comparison to help you choose between the two:

Food Preparation and Cooking

Food Preparation and Cooking

If you’re opting for a spacious area to prepare your meals, a kitchen island is a better choice. This is because of its proximity to many kitchen zones and its hard-wearing materials. But if you opt for more scratch- and stain-resistant dining tables, they can provide you with the same benefits. In this case, the choice will be up to your preferences.



Dining tables have heights and overall configurations that support comfortable dining. These can be used comfortably with standard dining chairs. During gatherings, dining tables allow you to rearrange or add more seats depending on the need. On the other hand, the taller kitchen islands work best with bar stools, which can be uncomfortable for long seating, especially those without backrests. Kitchen islands are ideal for casual and quick meals.



The dining table is an integral part of the home as it holds various functions and is of significance to many homes. Do you love sharing good food and stories with your loved ones? Make the most of your bonding time by choosing a dining table that fits your needs and unique style preferences. 

Check out Megafurniture’s premium modern dining tables in Singapore and discover myriads of excellent choices for your dining space.

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