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Dining Chair Materials: Which One Should You Choose? - Megafurniture

Dining Chair Materials: Which One Should You Choose?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to gather around with your family and friends every weekend?


The dining room is the place where you and your loved ones will sit around to most likely gather to catch up and enjoy a hearty meal. That is why this is also a place at home where you should put in more effort to decorate! When it comes to choosing furniture for the dining area, not only will you have to find a befitting dining table, but you will also have to carefully decide the type of dining chairs you should buy in Singapore.


Once you start shopping for dining chairs, you’ll find that they are usually bundled with a dining table. Instead of choosing dining sets like this, you should try mixing up your dining table with a different set of modern dining chairs in Singapore. In this way, you can personalise your dining area. But, with the variety of dining chairs available in the market, you would definitely be spoilt for choice! To make it easier for you to choose, one thing you could look at first would be the material of the dining chairs. Here are some of them:



1. Metal

Metal Dining Chairs

One of the defining qualities of metal chairs is that they are durable. They are even considered as one of the strongest furniture materials for homes and offices. Even though you have rowdy kids in the house, and they accidentally pushed down one of your dining chairs, it won’t easily bend nor break.


However, some homeowners may be uncomfortable when using metal chairs because they do not have a cushion-like base. Not to worry, you can now find modern metal dining chairs that are manufactured to have a sleek, curved design. With this kind of style, you can slightly slouch on your chair, so you’ll feel more comfortable sitting on it. Plus, you can add some cushions to make it cosier.



2. Wood

Wooden Dining Chairs


Just like metals, wooden dining chairs are durable too. Because of its longevity, they are surely a great value for your money. What’s more, it comes in different finishes, so you’ll find it easy to choose a style that complements your existing interior.


What makes them different from other materials is that it exudes an “organic” feel in a house. It’s perfect for homeowners who would want to include something different and natural in their modern interiors. Also remember, adding a few natural elements creates a more inviting atmosphere.



3. Upholstered

Upholstered Dining Chairs


Are you the type of person who would love to stay longer for meals because you enjoy talking to your loved ones? If yes, then upholstered dining chairs are for you! Their padded covers provide a comfortable base, so it feels pleasant to sit on it. No longer do you have to experience a sore bottom after eating with your family!



For upholstered dining chairs, consider choosing those with leather coverings because this can make a simple dining wooden chair look more elegant and sophisticated. Since it looks aesthetically-pleasing,  you can even be used as a focal point in your dining room. Just make sure to match it up with an area rug to make the entire space look coordinated. However, if real leather is too expensive, then you can try faux leather or fabric-covered chairs since they are more affordable, and they offer almost the same quality.



4. Rattan

Rattan Dining Chairs


Vintage-looking pieces like rattan are also great for modern homes. One of its redeeming qualities is that it is lightweight. Thus, you can move it around with ease.


What sets it apart from the other dining chair materials is that you can also use it in outdoor spaces like a patio or a  balcony. Although there are also some great outdoor wooden pieces like teak, rattan is still a practical choice because you can easily clean it, and you can lift it whenever you want to change the arrangement of your outdoor dining space.



What Should You Pick?


When you check out some online furniture shops in Singapore, you’ll find all these dining chair options. Everything seems like a good choice, so you are probably having a difficult time deciding which one you should buy. So, here’s a tip: follow your own unique personal style. It’s your home— your private space. You should design it according to your personality. Just make sure to consider other important factors like style, functionality, and comfort.


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