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The Most Common Office Chair Mistakes You Should Avoid - Megafurniture

The Most Common Office Chair Mistakes You Should Avoid

Ever wonder how office chairs would impact your employees’ productivity?


Your employees will surely spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer for about 8 to 9 hours a day. While most of them are leaving their workstations to take a quick break, you will still find that some would still choose to stay at their desks. Prolonged sitting can cause various health risks, according to a report from the HealthHub. These health risks can worsen without proper usage of ergonomically comfortable office chairs and can lead to chronic back and shoulder pain.  As a result, their declining health will hinder their performance, therefore, making them unproductive in work.



Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Office Chairs


Now that you have understood the importance of purchasing the right office chairs, start searching for suitable ones for your office from one of the online furniture stores in Singapore. However, before purchasing a set of chairs, it’s important to become aware of these common office chair mistakes first:



1. Focusing Too Much on the Design

Focusing Too Much on the Design


While browsing online or visiting a furniture shop, you don’t usually read the description first, do you? Your eyes would naturally fall into the attractive photos of different office chairs. You will have to evaluate its appearance first. You need to think if it goes well with your existing office interior. Focusing on aesthetics is great because it can help create a good business impression, but remember not to sacrifice design over comfort. There should be a balance between these two factors. How will your employees produce quality work if they feel uncomfortable sitting on their chairs for long hours?



2. Not Considering the Right Chair Height

Not Considering the Right Chair Height


Knowing the right height of an office chair depends on the person’s elbow height. The elbow height should be at least 1” higher than the height of the desk to avoid upper back and neck pain. But, this is just applicable to fixed chairs. Moreover, it’s quite tedious to measure each of your employees’ elbow height, so you’ll have to go for adjustable chairs. The typical height for this type of chair is 17” to 22”. If you want to buy something higher than this, then you should keep in mind that there should always be a 5” adjustment gap.



3. Choosing the Wrong Fabric

Choosing the Wrong Fabric


How does fabric play a part in your choice of the best office chair in Singapore? If you value both cleanliness and comfort, then avoid choosing fabric cushioned chairs. You’ll find it difficult to clean it once it gets stained. Go for leather fabric-covered chairs instead because these are easier to maintain and they usually come with soft paddings,  thus they provide maximum comfort.


Mesh-covered chairs are great too because they provide better airflow. Even though you are sitting on it for a long time, you won’t feel uncomfortably hot. Plus, you can easily clean it using a vacuum cleaner.



4. Not Asking About Warranties


You might be too excited about sprucing up your office that you missed out on the furniture’s warranty policies. What if something goes wrong with the delivery, and you end up receiving a damaged item? You’re not sure if you can ask your vendor to replace it with a new one for free. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly check their warranty repairs and return policy. first.


In summary, when it comes to purchasing office chairs, the most important factor is comfort.

Fortunately, there are a couple of online furniture shops in Singapore that offer comfortable office chairs you will love.


Are you looking for quality office chairs in SG? Visit MegaFurniture today!

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