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Coffee Table Styling and Placement Guide - Megafurniture

Coffee Table Styling and Placement Guide

These coffee table placement ideas will improve the style and comfort of your living room.

Planning your interior design is an exciting and daunting task. While the sofa gives a comfortable seat and a unique personality to the space, the coffee table serves as an amazing focal point that keeps every piece of living room furniture together. These two amazing furniture pieces serve as the backbone of your living room’s interior design. 

Let’s not forget about how functional these two are. When deciding on the placement of your coffee table in your living room, take note of its intended function to support not only your living room's aesthetics but its function as well.

Are Coffee Tables Supposed to Be in the Center?

Are Coffee Tables Supposed to Be in the Center

Coffee tables are generally positioned in the middle of the sofa and other seats in your living room to give everyone a nice view of the tabletop during gatherings. To maintain the proper flow of your living room arrangement, maintain a distance of 14 to 18 inches between your sofa and coffee table. This provides enough leg room while keeping the coffee table connected with the seats. If you have a recliner sofa or armchair, calculate the space taken by the sofa in the reclined position.

Coffee Table Arrangements

Coffee Table as the Living Room’s Centre Point

Coffee Table as the Living Room’s Centre Point

Coffee tables are typically placed at the centre of the sofa, armchairs, and other furniture pieces in your living room. This serves as an anchor that balances the whole furniture arrangement. 

Having a coffee table as the centrepiece is also an efficient arrangement for living rooms, with conversation as its main purpose. Choosing a coffee table that stands out among other living room furniture pieces will create a striking appeal in your space. This includes strong details, stylish shapes, or unique design features. A minimalist coffee table can also work as an elegant focal point since it provides a versatile surface to display your choice of decorations.

To cater to busy gatherings, it is good to choose a coffee table with shelves or drawers to keep all your coasters, remote controls, and other small living room essentials in place.

Two Living Room Centerpieces

Two Living Room Centerpieces

For large, long, or narrow living rooms, it is possible to have more than one focal point. You can have the TV console and coffee table as the focal pieces, for example. In this case, position your coffee table closest to your seats, whether a standard couch or an L-shaped sofa, to create a good gathering spot while enjoying the view of your entertainment unit. Your coffee table and TV console should complement each other well in terms of size and style to give your living room an effortless balance.

For a bigger open-concept area, you should position your coffee table in such a way that it won’t affect the flow of the space without making it too small and awkward. A nesting coffee table is a good choice to maximise your space while ensuring its flow and style. A round coffee table is a good choice to complement an L-shaped sofa, as it balances the corners of the seat. The lack of angles also makes it easier to reach the table without obstruction.

Choosing a Coffee Table

Choosing a Coffee Table

Now that you have an idea of how you can arrange your living room with a coffee table, it’s time to choose the right coffee table that works with the design and function that you want to achieve. If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, check out our range of stylish coffee tables in Singapore.

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