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Buying Guide: How to Get the Best Coffee Table - Megafurniture

Buying Guide: How to Get the Best Coffee Table

Second to your sofa or sectional, a coffee table is a staple in your living room. In fact, many interior designers in Singapore favour this furniture for minimal spaces like HDB or BTO flats. This small table brings all your living room furniture together, creating a purposeful space to gather and enjoy our time together. To complete a perfect room for entertaining, a suitable coffee table is truly a must-have.

With all the available sizes, shapes, heights, designs, and materials, how can you buy the right coffee table for your home? Megafurniture listed down some tips and stuff you need to know before jumping into your next furniture purchase.

Consider the Size and Proportion Compared to Your Sofa

Consider the Size and Proportion Compared to Your Sofa

The first thing you want to consider when buying a coffee table are the measurements. Make sure there is an ergonomic fit between your sofa and your coffee table to keep you comfortable. This will also make your living room look well-curated.

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Your coffee table can be a little bit higher or lower than your sofa and other seating options surrounding it. There is no one-size-fits-all rule, as it depends on what you will do with the sofa. A coffee table for entertaining should ideally stand two-thirds of your sofa's height. This creates a casual and welcoming look. For a coffee table that can double as your workspace, you can opt for a piece higher than your sofa.

When placing your coffee table, it's good to maintain a distance of at least 2 feet from the edge of your couch to your coffee table. So buy a piece that is not too small or too big for your clearance. This will allow you to have ample space to walk around or move comfortably.

Remember, when buying any type of furniture, your tape measure is a helpful friend.

Opt for the Right Shape

Opt for the Right Shape

Designer coffee tables come in various shapes, from rectangular, circular, and irregular pieces. Choosing the shape can be a design preference, but each shape can also complement specific room sizes and configurations. For smaller rooms, a rectangular coffee table is an excellent choice as it follows the shape of your sofa. If you entertain often, a round or oval coffee table is advantageous as it's easy to position without worrying about edges. For conversational areas surrounded by many seating options, a square coffee table helps unify all the surrounding furniture.

Choose the Right Material

Choose the Right Material

Your coffee table material will determine your living room's overall look and the longevity of your furniture. Decide on the theme you want to achieve before choosing the material that will complete your living room. Various interior design themes have different furniture materials attached to them. A modern theme, for example, leans on a combination of natural and man-made materials. This means a combination of wood and fabric or metal and stone materials. A farmhouse design, on the other hand, favours wood furnishings.

Wooden Coffee Table

Wood is the most common material used to create coffee tables. It's not a secret that wood can fit a lot of interior design themes. Dark and red wood coffee tables complement traditional, rustic, and industrial designs, while light wood finishes work well in minimalist and Scandinavian styles. The durable teak is perfect for modern styles. A combination of wood and other materials can also create a stylish contemporary living room.

Metal Coffee Table

If you want to lean on contemporary and industrial styles, metal coffee tables are great choices to furnish your space. Because of metal's versatility and sturdiness, this material is often paired with tabletops made from wood, glass, or stone. Gold, brass, and powder coatings are some popular metal coffee table styles that we love to covet. 

Glass Coffee Table

Bring sophistication to your living room with a glass coffee table. Typically, glass coffee tables have metal frames to give them a glamorous and lightweight look.

Stone Coffee Table

If you're a lover of modern interior design, a stone coffee table can be your perfect centrepiece. Marble or sintered stone are some of our favourite stone finishes because of their natural textures and sophisticated beauty.

Wicker Coffee Table

Add effortless texture and bring the outside in with a wicker coffee table. Rattan and other natural materials are versatile enough to form various furniture shapes and designs. They bring a unique and fresh look to every living room, plus they are lightweight and easy to maintain. Perfect for boho or rustic-themed rooms.

Know Your Functions

Know Your Functions

When buying your coffee table, your interior design is not the only concern you must prioritise. It's also very important that your furniture serves a purpose other than being a decorative centrepiece in your living room.

Your coffee table isn't just limited to being the catchall for your coffee; it has a lot of functions that can elevate the convenience of your living room. As we mentioned earlier, the function of your coffee table can also be a deciding factor in its size, shape, and material since not all of them can cater to certain purposes. Delicate materials like glass may not work well in family rooms where kids roam around to place and spill stuff.

As a Centrepiece

Your living room centrepiece can be your sofa or coffee table, depending on your preference. If you want to emphasise the coffee table, look for materials that will make the piece stand out.

As an Accent Piece

Compared to using it as a centrepiece, if you plan to use a coffee table as an accent piece in your living room, choose a variety that complements the look of your main furniture, which we suppose is the sofa.

Need Extra Storage?

Lots of coffee tables come with additional compartments and drawers to help maximise your space. If you want an accessible area to keep your remote controls, coasters, and knick-knacks in place, opt for coffee tables with extra storage.

Don’t Compromise the Visual Appeal

Don’t Compromise the Visual Appeal

Of course, we can't leave out the visual appeal of your coffee table. Do you want your coffee table to blend in or stand out? To make your coffee table stand out, look for a piece with a contrasting colour, texture, or design compared to the rest of your furnishings. Geometric or nesting coffee tables are on-trend because of their standout yet cohesive look.

Follow Your Lifestyle and Needs

Follow Your Lifestyle and Needs

Do you have little kids? Pets? Are you big on organising? Do you need an extra surface for your work tasks? Your lifestyle and needs are two important factors to note before making your purchasing decision. If you have kids that do their homework in your living room, it's good to find a taller coffee table with an ample surface where your kids can sit on the rug and comfortably work on their tasks. It's also crucial to choose materials that are easy to maintain to safeguard your furniture's quality while performing its functions. For family rooms, fragile materials and sharp edges are no-nos.

Don't Be Afraid to Explore

Don't Be Afraid to Explore

Yes. Buying a coffee table comes with lots of consideration, but choosing one should not be a hassle. Don't be afraid to look for inspiration or consider various furniture combinations. You can always look for excellent choices online and get them delivered straight to your home. 

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