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Coffee Table Guide: How to Choose the Right Height

Coffee Table Guide: How to Choose the Right Height
coffee table is an essential furniture piece to complete your living room. Give your living room an instant refresh with the ideal coffee table measurements.

Like its materials and style, finding the right coffee table size is paramount to ensuring your comfort and the balance of your living room design. The best coffee table height makes a cohesive and comfortable living room that serves its function very well. In the end, no one wants a coffee table that is too hard to reach or one that stands out so much that it makes the room look chaotic. Since there are various coffee table sizes offered in online shops and brick-and-mortar stores, choosing the right size proportionate to your sofa can be challenging.

In this quick coffee table guide, we will help you find the best coffee table height to complement your sofa and other living room furniture pieces. 

Finding the Best Coffee Table Height

Finding the Best Coffee Table Height

Ultimately, your coffee table should be the same height or two inches lower than your sofa cushions, at most. This is to ensure that you can grab the items on your coffee table without bending or extending your arms too much. 

The standard coffee table height ranges from 16 to 18 inches, proportionate to the standard sofa height of 18 inches. A coffee table that is too low will make it hard to reach, while a surface that is too high can be visually overwhelming and also uncomfortable.

It’s also vital to check the balance of your existing living room furniture. Make sure that your coffee table’s height complements your armchairs, side tables, TV console, or floor lamps to avoid creating an awkward space. 

To determine the right height, measure your sofa from the bottom of the legs to the top of its cushion. If you're buying a sofa online, you can refer to the height and width provided by the furniture store. In terms of length, we recommend choosing a coffee table that is  the length of your sofa to ensure balance. Maintain a 12 to 18-inch clearance between the sofa and the coffee table for comfortable leg and traffic room.

Tip: Visualise various coffee table shapes that you think will work well with your sofa. If you want a taller coffee table that can still maintain your living room’s balance, choose a double or nesting coffee table with two different tabletops.

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