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3 Brands To Look Out For When Shopping For a Ceiling Fan in Singapore [Bestar, Acorn and Efenz] - Megafurniture

3 Brands To Look Out For When Shopping For a Ceiling Fan in Singapore [Bestar, Acorn and Efenz]

A reliable ceiling fan in Singapore is a must-have in every home, especially with the type of weather that we have. The ceiling fans ensure that our indoor environments are comfortable and inviting.

What are the best ceiling fan brands in Singapore?

Here’s the good news: We’ve witnessed how ceiling fans have evolved from essential cooling gadgets from basic to statement pieces with added features and functionality. If you want a ceiling fan that offers a blend of style, efficiency, and innovation, these three brands are making waves in the market: Bestar, Acorn and Efenz.

Let’s find out why these top picks gained passing rates from many Singaporeans.

Best Designer Ceiling Fan Singapore Brands: BeStar, Acorn and Efenz

Bestar [Recommended for Best Ceiling Fan with Light Singapore]

With roots tracing back decades, Bestar has established itself as a household name in Singapore. What began as a modest venture has now blossomed into one of the leading brands in the ceiling fan industry, a testament to its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Bestar Fan Review:

Bestar's offerings are a blend of tradition and modernity. Among their diverse range, their ceiling fan with light models stands out, particularly in Singapore. These fans, marrying functionality with aesthetics, have become a sought-after choice for homeowners looking to optimise space without compromising style. The convenience of having both a fan and a light, combined with Bestar's signature designs, makes them a top pick for many.

But it's not just about utility. Bestar has made significant waves in the designer ceiling fans segment in Singapore. Their designs, often inspired by contemporary trends and classic motifs, have found their way into both modern apartments and traditional homes. 

Bestar is suitable for those keen on quality but with budget constraints. They are among the cheap ceiling fan Singapore has to offer. They have a range of affordable ceiling fan options that cater to the budget-conscious shopper. While easy on the pocket, these fans don't skimp on the brand's hallmark quality and efficiency.


Acorn [Best Cooling Ceiling Fan]

Acorn, synonymous with innovation in the ceiling fan industry, has carved a niche in the Singaporean market. With a keen focus on design and functionality, Acorn has consistently delivered products that resonate with the evolving needs of contemporary homeowners.

One of the standout offerings from Acorn is their bladeless ceiling fan range. These bladeless ceiling fan Singapore with avant-garde designs, present a sleek and modern aesthetic. Beyond their visual appeal, Acorn's bladeless fans offer tangible benefits.

Their inherent safety is advantageous, especially in households with curious children or playful pets. Moreover, the bladeless design often results in quieter operation, ensuring homes remain peaceful sanctuaries.

But Acorn's innovation isn't limited to design alone. They've been pioneers in introducing smart ceiling fans to Singapore. These technologically advanced fans seamlessly integrate with modern homes, offering features like compatibility with home automation systems, remote-controlled operations, and energy-saving sensors. Acorn's smart fans epitomise the brand's commitment to enhancing user convenience through technology. The brand is also known for their corner fans. You can check their corner fan review online.




Among the vast array of fan brands, Efenz has consistently set benchmarks in design, functionality, and customer satisfaction. With a deep understanding of the tropical climate and the unique needs of Singaporean households, Efenz has crafted aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient products.

Efenz Fan Review:

A standout feature in the Efenz repertoire is their commitment to cutting-edge design. They also offer bladeless ceiling fans and ceiling fans with lights. 

Their range of smart ceiling fans is equipped with the latest tech, and offers homeowners unparalleled convenience. From integrating with smart home systems to energy-efficient operations, Efenz's smart fans are all about enhancing the user experience.


Factors To Consider When Shopping

Factors To Consider When Shopping

Room Size

One of the primary considerations when shopping for a ceiling fan is the size of the room. It's not just about ensuring the fan fits; it's about guaranteeing optimal air circulation. Especially in compact spaces, opting for a small ceiling fan Singapore can be the ideal choice. These fans are designed to provide efficient cooling in tighter spaces without overwhelming the room's aesthetics.


Illuminating Choices

Modern interior design is all about multifunctionality, and fan lights in Singapore are a testament to this trend. Integrating lighting with fans serves a dual purpose – providing illumination while ensuring air circulation. This combination is space-saving and adds a touch of elegance and modernity to the room.


Wall vs. Ceiling

The bladeless wall fan in Singapore has seen a surge in popularity recently. Mounted on walls, these fans are perfect for areas where ceiling installation might be challenging. While they offer the same bladeless benefits as their ceiling counterparts – safety, aesthetics, and quieter operation – their positioning can provide more directed airflow, making them ideal for specific areas like kitchens or corridors.


Trust, But Verify

A ceiling fan review is an invaluable resource in today's digital age. Real users sharing their experiences can provide insights that advertisements or product descriptions might miss. Before finalising your purchase, it's wise to peruse these reviews. They can offer a clearer picture of the product's performance, durability, and potential issues.


Key Takeaway:

Key Takeaway

Bestar, Acorn, and Efenz have risen to prominence, offering cutting-edge innovation with elegant design. Suppose you're searching for a classic wooden ceiling fan to accentuate a vintage-themed room or a state-of-the-art bladeless ceiling fan for a contemporary vibe. Finding the right mix of design and utility is essential in that case. Remember, a ceiling fan isn't merely an ornamental addition; it's instrumental in providing comfort, particularly given Singapore's humid conditions.

Dive into Megafurniture’s perfect ceiling fan collection from these brands.

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Bonus Treat: Cleaning Hacks for Ceiling Fans

Use a Pillowcase: Cover each blade with an old pillowcase and draw it back. This technique ensures the dust is trapped inside the pillowcase, preventing a mess below.

Employ Dryer Sheets: Passing dryer sheets over the blades can be effective. They pick up dust and leave behind a residue that can deter future dust accumulation.

Vacuum's Brush Tool: The brush tool of your vacuum can be gently used to suck away dust from the fan blades' top side.

Microfiber Mop: If you own a microfiber mop, ensure it's clean and dry. It can be an excellent tool for wiping down the blades.

Moist Cloth: After the initial dusting, a slightly wet cloth can capture any remaining dust, giving the blades a renewed appearance. Make sure the fan is dry before using it again.

Air Blower: A portable air blower or a hairdryer set to 'cool' can dislodge loose dust particles from the blades and the fan's body.

Soft Toothbrush: For fans with detailed designs or tiny crevices, a gentle toothbrush can work wonders, reaching those intricate areas.

Apply Protective Wax: Consider applying a light protective wax layer to the blades post-cleaning. This imparts a glossy finish and acts as a dust repellent.

Attend to the Motor Area: Dust tends to settle atop the fan's motor section. Cleaning this part is crucial as excessive dust can lead to the motor warming up.

Consistent Cleaning: Aim to clean your ceiling fan every few weeks. Regular upkeep ensures the cleaning process remains hassle-free.

Prioritise Safety: Always ensure the fan is switched off and stationary before cleaning. If using a step stool or ladder, ensure its stability. Wearing protective eyewear can shield your eyes from falling dust.
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