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What Is the Ideal Size for Chest Drawers in a Bedroom? - Megafurniture

What Is the Ideal Size for Chest Drawers in a Bedroom?

Have you ever felt the frustration of cramming your belongings into a chest of drawers that just doesn't fit your bedroom space? Or have you been pondering the optimal size for that perfect chest of drawers to complete your bedroom decor?

If so, you're in the right place because this article helps you explore and answer the question that has been pondering to us when it comes to chest drawers: What exactly is the ideal size for chest drawers suitable to your bedroom?

What is Chest of Drawers?

What is Chest of Drawers?

A chest of drawers, often called simply a "dresser," is furniture typically found in bedrooms and used for storing clothing, accessories, and various personal items. 

It consists of vertically stacked, parallel drawers that vary in size, providing a convenient and organised storage solution. These drawers are usually equipped with handles or knobs for easy access, and the top surface of the chest of drawers can be utilised for decorative items or additional storage. 

Chests of drawers come in various styles, materials, and sizes, making them versatile pieces of furniture that combine functionality and aesthetic appeal in a bedroom or other living spaces.

Why are Chest Drawers Important in Bedroom Design?

Chest drawers are crucial elements in bedroom design for several reasons:

Storage and Organisation

Chest drawers provide essential storage space for clothing, accessories, and personal items, helping to keep the bedroom neat and organised. They offer a designated place for folded clothes, undergarments, and other necessities, reducing clutter and promoting a tidy living environment.

Maximising Space

Chests of drawers (especially the narrow chest of drawers designed for bedroom) are space-efficient, mainly when dealing with limited bedroom space, and their vertical design allows for ample storage while taking up minimal floor space, making them ideal for smaller bedrooms.


Aesthetic Enhancement

Chest drawers come in various styles, finishes, and materials, allowing them to complement the room's decor and serve as a design focal point. Choosing a well-designed chest of drawers can enhance the bedroom's visual appeal.


Chests of drawers offer easy access to your everyday clothing and personal items. Their multiple drawers enable effective organisation, allowing you to separate and categorise items for quick retrieval, saving time during your daily routine.


They are not limited to bedrooms because chest drawers can also be used in other home areas, such as the living room or dining room, to store various items, making them versatile pieces of furniture.


What are the Standard Dimensions for Chest Drawers, and How do These Standard Sizes Fit in Different Bedroom Spaces?

Standard dimensions for chest drawers can vary depending on the design and manufacturer, but here's a general guideline for typical sizes and how they can fit in different bedroom spaces:

Drawer Dimensions

Typical Width


Typical Depth


Typical Height


Ideal Bedroom Space

Small Chest




Compact bedrooms or as supplemental storage in larger rooms.

Medium Chest




Average-sized bedrooms offer a good balance between storage and space.

Large Chest




Spacious bedrooms with ample floor space and provides generous storage capacity.

Tall Chest




Bedrooms with high ceilings, optimising vertical space.

Wide Chest




Bedrooms with expansive wall space offer a horizontal layout.

How Does the Size of the Chest Drawers Affect Ease of Use and Accessibility?

Drawer Depth

The depth of the drawers affects how easily you can see and reach the items at the back. Deeper drawers can make accessing items in the back more challenging, especially if they are filled. Conversely, shallow drawers allow for better visibility and easier access to all stored items.

Drawer Height

The height of the drawers matters for accessibility as well. Taller drawers can be more challenging to access, especially if stacked on each other. It may require more effort to reach higher items. Conversely, shorter drawers are more easily reachable and user-friendly.

Drawer Width

The width of the drawers determines the storage capacity and affects ease of use. Wider drawers can accommodate larger items but may become heavy to pull out when fully loaded. Narrower drawers are easier to handle but may limit what can be stored.

Drawer Organisation

The size of the drawers influences how you organise your belongings. Smaller drawers may necessitate more specific item placement, making it easier to locate things, while larger drawers can accommodate a wider variety of items, but organisation may be more challenging.

Overall Size of the Chest

The size of the entire chest of drawers, including its width and height, affects how it fits in your bedroom. An oversized chest might impede movement around the room and limit access to other furniture or areas, while a chest that's too small may not provide enough storage space for your needs.

Accessibility for Special Needs

Consideration for accessibility is important, especially if you have specific needs. For example, if you have mobility challenges, drawers that are too deep or too high might be difficult to use. In such cases, shallower drawers may be more accessible.

How Can the Size of the Chest Drawers Impact the Overall Bedroom Aesthetics?

The size of chest drawers plays a crucial role in shaping the overall aesthetics of your bedroom. 

Larger chests with wide or tall profiles can act as statement pieces, commanding attention and adding a sense of grandeur to the room. They can create a bold focal point and a feeling of luxury, particularly in more spacious bedrooms. 

On the other hand, smaller, more delicately proportioned chests can exude a sense of understated elegance and work well in cosier or minimalist bedroom settings. 

However, keep in mind that the choice of size should harmonise with the room's design and spatial dynamics, creating a balanced and visually appealing composition that complements the desired atmosphere and style of the bedroom.

Where Should You Place the Chest Drawers in Your Bedroom?

The placement of chest drawers in your bedroom depends on your bedroom's layout and specific needs. Common locations include against a wall near the closet for convenient clothing storage, at the foot of the bed to serve as a functional and aesthetic element, or along an empty wall to fill a space while offering additional storage.

Additionally, the choice should prioritise accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics, ensuring that the chest of drawers complements the bedroom's overall design and doesn't obstruct traffic flow because it's important to strike a balance that maximises both storage efficiency and visual appeal while harmonising with the room's layout and design.

How Does Placement Affect the Choice of Size?

If you plan to position the chest drawers in a smaller, confined space, such as a narrow alcove or beside the bed, opting for a compact or narrow design is more suitable to ensure that the drawers don't overwhelm the area and hinder movement. 

In contrast, when placing the chest drawers against a large, unoccupied wall or at the foot of the bed in a more spacious room, you can choose a larger or wider chest that offers increased storage capacity without dominating the room. 

The key is to match the size of the chest drawers to the available space to create a harmonious and functional arrangement within the bedroom.

Final Thought

When it comes to bedroom design, the choice of bedroom drawer set,particularly, chest drawer size is more than a practical decision; it's an artful consideration that influences the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

The ideal chest of drawers organises your belongings and contributes to the overall ambience of the bedroom. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist, space-saving solution or a statement piece that enhances the room's character, size plays a pivotal role in achieving your desired outcome. The careful balance between convenience and visual appeal transforms a bedroom from a functional space into a sanctuary of style and organisation, where every drawer serves both its purpose and a decorative one, elevating your bedroom design.

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