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Finding the Best Portable Induction Cooker/Stove For Your Kitchen with Great Tips and Advice - Megafurniture

Finding the Best Portable Induction Cooker/Stove For Your Kitchen with Great Tips and Advice

Have you heard the buzz about the portable induction cooker lately? Trust me, it's not just a fad. More folks are turning to induction cooking, and it's easy to see why. Picture this: cooking up a storm in your apartment's tiny kitchen or at a lakeside retreat. That's the magic and convenience these portable induction cooktops offer. 

Let's dive deeper into this culinary sensation and see if it needs to be added to your cooking adventures.

Portable Induction Cooker/Stove Benefits

Efficiency and Speed

Induction cookers heat faster than traditional gas or electric stoves. This means quicker cooking times and less waiting around.

Energy Savings

Induction cooking is more energy-efficient. It directly heats the cookware, reducing wasted energy and reducing electricity bills.


The cooktop remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns. Additionally, there's no open flame, which minimises fire hazards.


Precision Cooking

Induction cookers offer precise temperature control, allowing for consistent cooking results. This is especially beneficial for dishes that require specific temperature settings.

Compact and Portable

As the name suggests, portable induction cookers or cooktops can be easily moved around, making them perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or travel and camping.

Easy to Clean

With a flat and smooth surface, cleaning up is a breeze. There are no grates or coils, so a simple wipe-down usually does the trick.

Cooler Kitchen

Unlike traditional stoves that can heat your kitchen, induction cookers produce less ambient heat, keeping your cooking space cooler.

Modern Aesthetics

With sleek designs, portable induction cookers can add a modern touch to any kitchen setup.

Compatibility with Multiple Cookware Types

While they require magnetic-based cookware, many modern pots and pans are compatible with induction cookers, offering versatility in cooking choices.


By being more energy-efficient and reducing cooking times, induction cookers have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional cooking methods.

Best Portable Induction Cooker/Stove Key Features

Portable Induction Cooker Key Features

Power and Temperature Control

Adjustable Settings: The best induction cooker Singapore should allow you to easily adjust the power and temperature settings. This will enable you to simmer at low temperatures or sear at high heat.

Consistent Heat: Look for models that provide constant heat without fluctuations. This ensures even cooking and better results.

Multiple Presets: Some advanced models come with preset cooking modes for specific dishes, offering added convenience.

Size and Design

Fit for Your Space: Consider the countertop space you have available. Choose an "induction cooker top" that fits comfortably without crowding your workspace.

Portability: A compact and lightweight induction stove portable is essential to move around or store after use.

Aesthetics: With various designs available, pick one that complements your kitchen's decor.


Safety Features

Overheat Protection: This feature ensures the cooker shuts off automatically if it detects excessive heat, preventing potential damage or accidents.

Child Lock: Especially important for households with kids, this feature prevents unintended changes to the settings or accidental turn-ons.

Auto Shut-off: Some models turn off automatically after a certain period of inactivity, adding an extra layer of safety.

Cool-to-Touch Surface: Since induction cookers don't heat the surface directly, they remain relatively cool, reducing burn risks.

Cookware Compatibility

Magnetic Base Requirement: Induction cookers work by creating a magnetic field. Ensure your pots and pans have a magnetic base, like stainless steel or cast iron.

Indicator or Tester: Some models come with an indicator or tester to check if your cookware is compatible.

Flexibility: While most induction cookers require specific cookware, newer models are more flexible, accommodating a broader range of pots and pans.

Installation and Setup of Your Portable Induction Cooker/Stove

Installation and Setup of Your Portable Induction Cooker

Choosing the Right Spot

Flat Surface: Ensure you place the induction cooker on a flat, stable surface to prevent wobbling or tilting.

Ventilation: Even though induction cookers don't produce flames, they can still have heat. Ensure there's adequate ventilation around the cooker to dissipate any generated heat.

Power Supply 

Dedicated Outlet: It's advisable to plug the induction cooker into a dedicated electrical outlet to prevent overloading.

Avoid Extension Cords: If possible, avoid using extension cords as they might not handle the power draw, leading to potential hazards.

Initial Cleaning

Before the first use, wipe down the induction cooker top with a damp cloth to remove dust or residues. Ensure it's dry before turning it on.

Understanding Controls

Familiarise yourself with the control panel. Most induction cookers have touch-sensitive controls so that a gentle touch will suffice. Go through the user manual to understand the various settings and features.

Safety Precautions

Cookware Compatibility: Only use cookware compatible with induction cooking, such as those with a magnetic base like stainless steel or cast iron. Avoid using damaged or warped pots and pans, as they might not sit flat on the cooker.

Avoid Water Spills: Ensure the induction cooker top is dry before use. Water or other liquids can cause short circuits.

Keep Away from Children: If not in use, it's best to store the induction cooker out of reach of children. The touch-sensitive controls can be enticing to little fingers.

Automatic Shut-Off: Many induction cookers come with an automatic shut-off feature. If no cookware is detected on the cooker for a certain period, it will turn off automatically. It's a handy safety feature, but always ensure you turn off the cooker manually after use.

Avoid Placing Empty Cookware: Don't turn on the induction cooker with empty cookware. The cookware can get extremely hot without food to absorb the heat, leading to potential damage or hazards.

Regular Inspection: Periodically check the cooker's cord and plug for any signs of damage. If you notice any wear and tear, consider replacing the unit or having it repaired by professionals.


Maintenance and Cleaning of Your Portable Induction Cooker/Stove

Regular Cleaning

After each use, once the induction cooker has cooled down, wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove spills or residues.

Avoid using abrasive scrubbers or steel wool, as they can scratch the surface.

Deep Cleaning

Use a soft sponge with a mild detergent for stubborn stains or burnt residues. Gently scrub the affected area until the stain is gone.

Rinse with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly with a soft towel.


Cleaning Agents

Mild Detergent: A few drops of dish soap mixed with water can clean the induction cooker top effectively.

White Vinegar: For hard water stains or mineral deposits, white vinegar can be a helpful cleaning agent. Apply a small amount to the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe away.

Glass Cooktop Cleaner: Specialised cleaners are available for glass cooktops that can also be used for induction cooker tops.


Soft Cloth or Sponge: Ideal for regular cleaning and wiping.

Microfiber Cloth: Useful for polishing the surface and ensuring a streak-free finish.

Plastic Scraper: For burnt residues, a plastic scraper can gently lift off the debris without scratching the surface.

Key Takeaway: 

Choosing the best portable induction cooker for your kitchen is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in efficient, safe, and modern cooking. By understanding the features, benefits, and maintenance aspects, brand, you can transform your culinary experience and bring convenience to your countertop.

Don't just follow the trend; be a trendsetter in modern cooking. Explore now and cook smarter, not harder!

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Bonus Treat:  Singaporean Laksa: A Spicy Noodle Delight for Induction Cookers


200g rice noodles (pre-soak until they soften)

200g fresh prawns, cleaned and tails off

200g chicken slices, preferably breast

A handful of bean sprouts

2 eggs, hard-boiled and sliced in half

A drizzle of oil

1 liter of rich chicken broth

A splash of creamy coconut milk

Fresh coriander for that finishing touch

For the Flavourful Laksa Blend (mash these together into a thick mix):

5 sun-dried red chilies (pre-soaked)

3 fiery red chilies

3 garlic pearls

3 small onions

A piece of fresh turmeric

A piece of aromatic galangal

1 fragrant lemongrass stalk

A pinch of shrimp paste (belacan)

2 tablespoons of crunchy roasted peanuts


  • Warm up some oil in a deep pot on your trusty induction stove. Introduce the mashed laksa blend and stir until the aroma fills the air.
  • Pour in the chicken broth, letting it dance with the spices. Once it starts bubbling, pour the coconut milk and let it mingle on low heat for about 15 minutes.
  • A pinch of salt and a sprinkle of sugar will balance the flavours.
  • Let the rice noodles swim in a separate cauldron of bubbling water until they're just right. Once done, rescue them and keep them aside.
  • Let the prawns and chicken dive in until they're perfectly done. Once cooked, set them aside with the noodles.
  • Give the bean sprouts a quick dip in the same water for about 30 seconds. Drain and set aside.
  • Nestle the noodles, prawns, chicken, and bean sprouts in your favourite bowl.
  • Shower them with the aromatic laksa broth.
  • Crown with egg slices and fresh coriander.
  • Serve piping hot with a wedge of lime for that zesty kick.
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