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Add a Creative Spark to Your Bedroom with These Wardrobe Designs

When it comes to bedroom design, the wardrobe is often an overlooked piece of furniture. But, the truth is, it can be a stunning focal point in your space. 

Let's explore 25 unique wardrobe designs that can breathe new life into your bedroom.

Wardrobe Bedroom Partitions

Strategically positioning a wardrobe to effectively separate the room into distinct areas. For instance, you can demarcate a sleeping space from a dressing area, offering both privacy and organisation. This design adds functionality to your bedroom while retaining a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Wardrobe Niche

Awkward spaces within your bedroom, such as niches or alcoves, often go underutilised. Make the most of awkward spaces by installing a custom wardrobe that fits perfectly into a niche or alcove.

Open Wardrobe to Showcase Your Collection

 If you have an eye for fashion and a curated clothing collection, an open wardrobe is an ideal choice. 

How About a Glass Wardrobe?

For a touch of sophistication that is easy to maintain, consider a glass wardrobe.

Feature Wall Wardrobe

Transform an entire wall into a wardrobe to make a stylish statement in your bedroom. You may customise this to match your style, whether you prefer a minimalist, classic, or eclectic look.

Glass Wardrobe with Lighting

Combine glass and integrated lighting for a modern, illuminated wardrobe display.

Mirrored Wardrobe

Mirrored wardrobes are the masters of illusion in bedroom design. If you have a small bedroom, create an illusion of space and add a touch of glamour with a mirrored wardrobe design.

Compact Bedroom Wardrobe

For smaller bedrooms, opt for a compact wardrobe that maximises storage without overwhelming the space.

Bedroom Wardrobe With One Big Open Compartment

Simplify your storage with a single open-compartment wardrobe that exudes minimalism.

Angled Wardrobe

Add an intriguing angle to your bedroom by choosing a wardrobe that isn't parallel to the walls.

Short on Space? Try a Corner Bedroom Wardrobe

When space is at a premium, don't overlook the corners of your bedroom! A custom-built corner wardrobe is a clever solution that maximises space utilisation and seamlessly fits into the room's layout.

Sliding Door Mirror Wardrobe

Save space and gain functionality with sliding mirrored wardrobe doors.

Wardrobe that Mimics Your Wall's Colour

Create a seamless look by designing a wardrobe that blends with your bedroom wall's colour.

Add a Privacy Screen Between Your Bed and Wardrobe

If you're seeking a subtle separation in your bedroom, consider incorporating a privacy screen between your bed and wardrobe.

Or Curtains as Partition

On the other hand, if you're looking to divide your bedroom space without breaking the bank, consider curtains as a versatile partition solution. 

Japanese-Inspired Wardrobe

Embrace the serenity of Japanese design with a minimalist, low-profile wardrobe. 

Opulent Wardrobe with Dark Colour Scheme

Make a statement with a wardrobe featuring opulent, dark colours for a luxurious feel. 

Wardrobe Beside the Bedroom Fluted Panels

Fluted panels offer texture and visual interest to your room. Pair them with a well-designed wardrobe to create a unique and captivating contrast. 

Built-in Wardrobe Beside Your Platform Bed

Achieve a cohesive look by integrating your wardrobe into the design of your platform bed.

Wardrobe with Vanity Space

Combining practicality and style, a wardrobe with a built-in vanity space is a smart choice. This design feature offers a dedicated area for grooming and getting ready, keeping your bedroom clutter-free. 

Bedroom Wardrobe Beside a Bay Window

Maximise natural light by placing a wardrobe beside a bay window, offering a seamless connection to the outdoors.

Wardrobe Con TV Console

Multifunctional design meets entertainment with a wardrobe that includes a built-in TV console. This combination can be a game-changer for your bedroom setup, especially when space is at a premium.

Wardrobe for the Kid's Room

Create a playful and functional storage solution for your child's bedroom with a kid-friendly wardrobe. Choose a wardrobe with an easy-to-maintain and child-friendly design with curved corners to guarantee the safety of your little one without skimping on style.

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Monochrome Wardrobe

Simplicity and elegance never go out of style, and that's precisely what a monochrome wardrobe brings to your bedroom. Embrace a timeless monochrome palette for your wardrobe to keep your bedroom decor sleek and elegant.

Mirror, Mirror, Lots of Mirrors on the Wall

If you want to make your bedroom appear more spacious and simply magnificent, consider turning an entire wardrobe wall into a mirror wall.

Looking into your bedroom's wardrobe design but don't know where to start? Speak with Singapore's interior design professionals to evaluate your needs. Ready to buy a wardrobe? Check out Megafurniture's online wardrobe collection today!

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