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8 Practical Ways to Eliminate the Unpleasant 'New Wardrobe' Smell Naturally - Megafurniture

8 Practical Ways to Eliminate the Unpleasant 'New Wardrobe' Smell Naturally

Have you ever excitedly unpacked a new wardrobe or a set of drawers, only to be hit with that unmistakable 'new wardrobe' smell? While many enjoy the scent of freshly manufactured furniture (guilty one here!), it can be overwhelming and bothersome for some. Fortunately, there are ways to rid your new furniture of this odour, allowing you to enjoy your new pieces without any discomfort. 

Let's talk about the causes of that 'new wardrobe' smell and provide you with practical steps to get rid of it.

What Causes a New Wardrobe Smell?

What Causes a New Wardrobe Smell?

The 'new wardrobe' smell, often described as a mix of chemical and wood odours, can be off-putting for many. This scent primarily results from the materials and processes involved in manufacturing furniture. 

Specifically, the new wardrobe smell might be cause by the following factors:

Particleboard or MDF

Many budget-friendly wardrobes are made from particleboard or medium-density fibreboard (MDF). These engineered wood products are created by compressing wood particles with adhesives that can release odours when the wardrobe is new.

Varnishes and Stains

Wooden wardrobes are often finished with varnishes or stains to enhance their appearance and protect the material. These finishes can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) when they are freshly applied, leading to the smell.

Packaging Materials

During shipping and storage, wardrobes are often wrapped in plastic and other protective materials. These materials can trap odours and contribute to the overall smell.

Factory Environment

The environment in which the furniture is manufactured can also play a role. If the factory uses certain chemicals or has poor ventilation, the furniture may absorb unwanted odours.

How to Get Rid of New Wardrobe Smell Naturally

How to Get Rid of New Wardrobe Smell Naturally

Enhance Your Room's Ventilation

Start by giving your new wardrobe some fresh air. Open all doors and drawers, and if possible, place it in a well-ventilated area like a patio or garage for a few days. This allows the odours to disperse naturally.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural odour absorber. Sprinkle it liberally inside the wardrobe and on any drawers. Leave it for a day (or two), then vacuum or wipe it away.


Activated charcoal is also excellent at absorbing odours. Place some activated charcoal briquettes in a container inside the wardrobe and leave it for a few days. It will help neutralise the smell.

Coffee Grounds

Fill small bowls with coffee grounds and place them inside the wardrobe. After a couple of days, the coffee aroma will replace the new wardrobe smell.

White Vinegar

Create a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Wipe down the interior and exterior of the wardrobe with this solution. The vinegar will help neutralise odours, and the smell will dissipate as it dries.

Essential Oils

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, such as lavender or lemon, to cotton balls or sachets. Place them inside the wardrobe to infuse a pleasant fragrance.

Fresh Air and Sunshine

On a sunny day, take your wardrobe outdoors and let it bask in the sun. Sunlight can help break down and dissipate odours.

Give Your Wardrobe Some Time

Sometimes, the best solution is simply to wait. Over time, the new wardrobe smell will naturally fade as the materials off-gas and the wardrobe gets exposed to normal airflow.

Additional Tips to Tackle the New Wardrobe Smell

Fresh Linens

Place some fresh, clean linens or fabric softener sheets inside the wardrobe. They can help absorb odours and infuse a more pleasant scent.


A bowl of potpourri placed in the wardrobe can add a gentle fragrance while also absorbing unwanted odours.

Air Purifiers

Consider using an air purifier with a filter designed to capture VOCs. This can help improve air quality and reduce the new wardrobe smell.

Scented Drawer Liners

Scented drawer liners are specifically designed to add a pleasant fragrance to drawers and wardrobes. They come in various scents and can be cut to fit the space.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

When cleaning your new wardrobe, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, as they may contribute to the odour. Stick to natural cleaning solutions like the white vinegar mixture mentioned earlier.

Repeat as Needed

Some methods, like using baking soda or activated charcoal, may need to be repeated if the odour persists. Replace these materials regularly until the smell is completely gone.

Professional Odour Removal Products

If all else fails, you can explore professional odour removal products or services. These are designed to tackle stubborn odours and can be effective in extreme cases.

Remember to be patient, as it may take a combination of these approaches to fully remove the odour. When welcoming new furniture in your home? Make sure to clean the surroundings as well! Change your bed sheets, vacuum your mattress, swipe surfaces and declutter your bedroom to fully enjoy the charm of your new wardrobe.

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