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Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom for Your 2-Room BTO: Tips and Ideas - Megafurniture

Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom for Your 2-Room BTO: Tips and Ideas

When you purchase a 2 Room BTO, it often comes as a blank canvas, allowing you to personalise it according to your needs and tastes. Renovations allow you to maximise space, improve functionality, and enhance the interior design. The bathroom is often overlooked when designing a house. However, if you have kids at home, it's especially important to consider teaching them the importance of keeping their bodies clean. Remodelling your 2 Room BTO bathroom into a kid-friendly one is something to consider.

These 2-room BTO renovation ideas for your bathroom would be a great help!


Create a Safe Environment


Safety is paramount in a 2-room BTO renovation, especially when designing a bathroom for children.

Non-slip Floors: To prevent slips and falls, non-slip tiles are a must. You could also consider rubber mats for additional safety. These come in various colours and designs, adding an element of fun to functionality.

Rounded Corners: Kids are curious and energetic, and sometimes their adventures can lead to minor accidents. Incorporating rounded corners in your fixtures can help avoid these mishaps. Opt for vanities, bathtubs, and toilets with soft edges.

Safe Water Temperature: Little ones have sensitive skin, and controlling the water temperature is essential to prevent burns. Thermostatic mixing valves can ensure the water is at a safe temperature.


Design for Fun and Functionality



A kid-friendly bathroom doesn't have to be dull. It can be a space that encourages fun and fosters creativity. These 2-room BTO renovation ideas for your bathroom could play their creativity.

BTO Bathroom Design Ideas

Playful Designs: Consider infusing bright colours and playful patterns into the bathroom decor. Wall decals, colourful tiles, and bath accessories featuring their favourite characters can transform the bathroom into a vibrant space your kids will love.

Smart Storage: Children have their world of bath toys, toiletries, and personal items. Effective storage solutions can ensure the bathroom remains tidy while keeping everything within your child's reach. Utilise open shelves, baskets, and hooks to organise bath toys and towels.

Dual Function Furniture: Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes. For instance, a step stool can be used for reaching the sink and as a sitting spot. It can also serve as a storage unit with built-in compartments.


Choose the Right Materials


Selecting the right materials can contribute to the longevity and maintenance of your bathroom.

Water Resistant: In a bathroom, water-resistant materials are crucial. Opt for paint and cabinets that can withstand moisture, thus preventing mould and damage.

Easy to Clean: With kids around, messes are bound to happen. Choosing easy-to-clean materials can make your life much easier. Ceramic tiles and glass surfaces are good choices as they can be wiped quickly.

Durable: Invest in high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time and the rigours of use by children. They may be pricier initially but they save you from frequent repairs or replacements in the long run.


Incorporate Learning into the Space


Your kid's bathroom can also be a place of learning and discovery.

Interactive Decorations: From a bath time alphabet set to a colour-coded toothbrush holder, there are numerous ways to incorporate learning into your child's bathroom. These interactive elements can make bath time an educational experience.

Educational Accessories: Consider accessories like water thermometers and sand timers. These can teach your child about temperature and time in a fun and engaging way.


Plan for the Future


You should expect a shift in priorities and tastes as your kid matures. Planning for the future is an essential aspect of any renovation project.

Adaptable Designs: Invest in adaptable designs that can grow with your child. For instance, install adjustable shower heads that can be easily lowered or raised. Choose a sink and toilet that are comfortable for your child now but will also be suitable as they grow older.

Room for Growth: Ensure there's enough room for your child to grow. A bathtub that's perfect for a toddler might not suit a teenager. Opt for a design that can accommodate their growth stages.

Sustainable Choices: When planning for the future, remember the planet's future. Choose sustainable materials and energy-efficient fixtures wherever possible.


Pick the Right Bathroom Fixtures


Choosing a Suitable Bathtub: When choosing a bathtub for a kid-friendly bathroom, look for options with smooth edges and a non-slip bottom. Consider bathtubs made of acrylic or fibreglass, which are durable, lighter, and easier to install than traditional cast-iron tubs.

Selecting the Right Shower: Choose a shower with a handheld showerhead, making bath time more manageable for your little ones. Installing an anti-scald device to prevent sudden temperature changes and protect your children from potential burns is also crucial.

Picking a Functional Toilet: When it comes to toilets, consider opting for a dual-flush model. These toilets can help conserve water by offering a half-flush option for liquid waste. Additionally, consider installing a removable child seat for when your kids are still small.


Select the Right Home Furniture


Importance of Size and Scale: Choosing the right furniture for your 2-room BTO is crucial. Opt for pieces matching the room's scale to ensure smooth space.

Choosing Durable Materials: Select furniture made from materials that can withstand wear and tear. Think water-resistant finishes for bathroom cabinets and scratch-resistant surfaces for dining tables.


Manage Your Renovation Budget


Estimating Costs: Before starting your renovation project, creating a realistic budget is important. Factor in the costs of professional services, materials, furniture, and unexpected expenses that might arise during the process.

Where to Save and Where to Splurge: There are areas where you can save money without compromising quality, such as doing some of the simpler tasks yourself. However, there are also areas where it's worth splurging, such as quality fixtures and professional installation, which can increase the longevity and value of your renovation.



Designing a kid-friendly bathroom for your 2 room BTO is a rewarding task that caters to your little ones and adds value and personality to your home. You can create a space your children will love and enjoy by focusing on safety, practicality, and creativity. Remember, careful planning, prioritising, and budgeting are the key to a successful renovation. So, take the time to consider your options, seek professional advice if necessary, and enjoy transforming your 2 room BTO into a beautiful and functional family home.

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