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15 Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions that are Worth a Look - Megafurniture

15 Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions that are Worth a Look

Among the rooms in your HDB or BTO, which one do you prioritise cleaning and organising? Which one is the least priority?

While many people focus on beautifying the living room and bedroom, which are in the spotlight, it is also imperative to pay attention to the bathroom. Cleaning and organising your bathroom might be more tricky than buying furniture and designing your living room and bedroom, but the result is surely worth it. Having a clean and organised bathroom makes it easier to get ready in the morning. It also makes a positive impression on your guests. An uncluttered and hygienic bathroom, no matter how small it is, makes a big difference in the style of your home and the health of your family.

Check out these practical and elegant storage furniture and solutions to keep your bathroom clean and organised. 

Plastic Storage Drawers

You do not need to drill and hack your bathroom walls to give it efficient storage. A simple yet effective way to organise your bathroom is through the use of water-resistant storage solutions. A practical plastic drawer can keep your bathroom items in place. 

Stackable Cabinets

Stackable Cabinets

stackable plastic cabinet might be the best option if you are looking for a closed storage solution to organise and hide your items. Place your plastic stackable cabinet near your bathroom screen so you can access your bathroom items easily.

An Elegant Chest of Drawers

Bathroom Chest of Drawers

An amazing way to incorporate style into your storage is by repurposing an item that you usually use in your bedroom or living room for your bathroom. We love a stylish chest of drawers in our bathroom. You can utilise this unit to organise your bathroom items and show off some decorative items on top of the storage furniture.

Bring Natural Charm with Wooden Drawer

Bathroom Wooden Drawers

Who says you can't style your bathroom? You can. Using minimal decorative pieces and statement storage furniture, you can create an elegant bathroom that is both conducive and striking. A wooden pull-out drawer, with its natural texture and patterns, can give a simple bathroom a statement look.

Baskets Work Too!

Bathroom Baskets

For small bathroom essentials like skincare products or perfume that you can display, you can use decorative baskets or trays and incorporate them into your bathroom's design. Place the baskets in front of your bathroom's mirror or on your bathroom wall shelf to organise and accentuate your bathroom.

Storage Boxes

Bathroom Storage Baskets

Looking for practical storage solutions for your bathroom? Plastic storage boxes are of great use for bigger items like bath towels and robes or bathroom cleaning essentials. You may store these plastic boxes inside a bigger, unsectioned cabinet or under a fabric skirt.

Front Door Boxes

Bathroom Front Door Boxes

Transform the awkward space near the entrance of your bathroom into an efficient storage corner. You may use a small table to fit the limited space and add some storage boxes or baskets to organise your essentials.

Install Wall Shelves

Bathroom Wall Shelves

When done right, installing wall shelves in your bathroom will not only give you enough space to keep your essentials but will also give your bathroom a remarkable look. Depending on your preferred style, you can use a minimalist wooden wall shelf, a practical plastic wall shelf, or an elegant brass piece.

Use Wall Hooks

Bathroom Wall Hooks

For small bathrooms, as much as possible, we want to free up the floor space to give you enough room to move. Install a few wall hooks for your towels and linens. You can also use the drilling to add wall artwork.

Bathroom Cart

Bathroom cart

One of the most common and practical ways to organise your bathroom items is to use a bathroom cart with casters. Make your toiletries and skincare products accessible in one place with your bathroom cart. Get creative by anchoring your bathroom cart with a vanity mirror.

Repurpose a Bar Stool

Bathroom Bar Stool

Speaking of being creative, you may repurpose an unexpected furniture unit for your bathroom. Since a bar stool was originally designed as a statement piece in your dining room, it can effortlessly bring elegance to your bathroom as well. Use baskets to turn the seat into a storage surface. Add a box underneath for bigger items.

And a Night Stand

Bathroom Night Stand

The charming bedside table in your bedroom can be repurposed for your bathroom too! Nightstands generally have built-in storage and are designed to fit even smaller spaces. Set up the bedside table in an awkward nook to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Display Cabinet

Bathroom Display Cabinet

Utilise your vertical space by repurposing a slim and tall display unit in your bathroom. A glass door unit, as it is, can serve as storage for your towels and bathroom essentials. You may need some baskets or trays to organise an open display unit better. To fully use your unit, alternate baskets with the items that you need to hide and bottles or containers that you can flaunt to create a clean visual flow. Add visual interest and cohesion by using basket materials or colour schemes that complement the look of your display unit.

A Laundry Hamper

Bathroom Laundry Hamper

Something that you should not miss out on in your bathroom is storage for used clothes and towels. Use a laundry hamper to keep all laundry items in one secure place, especially for your guests. A laundry hamper with woven detailing can be a stylish solution for a modern bathroom design.

Optimise the Back of Your Bathroom Door

A great way to save space in a small bathroom is to utilise the back of your bathroom door. To minimise wall hacking and drilling, you can install wire mesh containers or hooks on your door to organise your bathroom essentials and linens.

In organising your bathroom or decorating your home as a whole, it is important to take note of your needs and plan for a theme to keep you on track during the process and give you satisfactory results. 

If you are ready to level up your bathroom's design and organisation, check out Megafurniture's online collection of furniture and storage essentials that can help you spruce up your space.

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