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12 Modern Sofa Styling Tips to Level Up Your Living Room - Megafurniture

12 Modern Sofa Styling Tips to Level Up Your Living Room

Notice how your sofa doesn't look as beautiful as you see it in pictures?

Getting a glamorous sofa is one of them. Styling your glamorous sofa is another. We're here to introduce some simple sofa styling tips that will help you master the art of sofa styling!

The heart of our living rooms—the sofa holds so much importance in terms of the style that it brings and the comfort that it gives. Whether you want to create a modern living room design, minimalist, eclectic, contemporary, classic, or a mix of various looks and eras, the style of your sofa helps you achieve your dream design. How you decorate around your sofa reflects your personality, which will resonate with your guests whenever they visit. 

So how do you get a picture-perfect sofa without all the hassle and stress of not doing it right? Read on to find out.

Begin with Your Base

Begin with your base

First of all, get a sofa that you will surely love and adore. Embarking on an exquisite sofa design will make the styling easier and more fulfilling. When investing in a sofa, make sure it provides the look and comfort you want to achieve. Having a solid base will help you go through the styling process without any fuss. A neutral sofa base, for example, will give you the freedom to choose the accents that you think will work for you. A coloured or intricately designed couch might require minimal decorative pieces to highlight the details of the piece.

Keep it Sleek and Simple

Keep it sleek and simple

Modern living rooms welcome cosy and streamlined sofas that are very minimalist but rich in style. Pieces like this fabric sofa are simply elegant and versatile. The combination of soft cushion design and straight armrests highlights a simple yet varied look. The neutral base ignites multiple design possibilities. Add some throws, softly patterned accents, and some geometry to balance the minimalist centrepiece.

Add Colours and Patterns with Pillows

Add Colours and Patterns with Pillows

Looking for a low-maintenance solution to style your living room? Add some coloured and patterned throws to create a charming and pristine design that will make you want to snuggle on your sofa the whole day. Textured throws and cushions will help you give your space some depth. At the same time, the colours determine the warmth and ambiance of your living room. Don't be afraid to combine various cushion designs and materials to achieve a beautifully layered look that is not bland and one-dimensional. Try linen, tassels, velvet, silk, and other materials that will work on your dream design.

Partner Your Modern Sofa with Geometric Furniture

Partner your modern sofa with geometric furniture

If you're down for a minimalist look, consider creating design layers using shapes. Adding some complimentary geometric accent furniture will help you achieve an effortless variation. Pair your neutral, minimalist sofa with a modern coffee table that is simple in colour but rich in style. Add visual interest with coffee tables with simple tabletops but mindfully designed leg configurations.

Choose a Sectional for a Cosy and Welcoming Modern Living Room

Choose a sectional for a cosy and welcoming modern living room

If you want to create a warm and intimate living room that ignites meaningful conversations, a sectional sofa will do the trick. An L-shaped sofa gives off a warm and inviting look that your guests will surely love. Styling this sizable piece is more like styling a regular three- or four-seater sofa. The main difference is that a sectional requires some adjustments in terms of balancing the design elements and allotting space for traffic flow.

How About Choosing a Colourful Sofa?

How about choosing a colourful sofa?

Colour is always a trending topic in interior design. Although the modern approach leans on the less is more approach, adding some colours and deviating from a uniform design will give your living room a unique statement that will surely leave a lasting impression. A contemporary sofa with patches of colours can effortlessly bring radiance and appeal to your living room. Anchor your coloured piece with minimal accents like wall art and indoor plants. Invite ample natural light to highlight the combination.

Buying a new sofa in Singapore? Check out Megafurniture's definitive sofa buying guide to help you get started.

Know Your Numbers

Know your numbers

When designing your area, you have to be careful not to overwhelm your space. Although we love the plush feel of throw pillows, it's better to use a suitable number of pieces to highlight the beauty of your sofa instead of overpowering it. The odd number scheme is popularly used by interior designers when adding accents or generally balancing the design. For your three- to four-seat sofas, add three throw pillows, two on one side, the last one on the other. For a more casual feel, you can push all three pillows on one side. If you have an extra one-seater, you can use four throw pillows for your larger sofa, two on each side and one on the single sofa, making it all five.

Pair Your Sofa with a Cosy Recliner Armchair

Pair your sofa with a cosy recliner armchair

Your living room is not just a place to entertain guests. This special place can also be your relaxing oasis. Working with asymmetry and welcoming unconventional pieces in your living room will make it more interesting and cosy. Position an ergonomic recliner armchair adjacent to your sofa to give you a personal space to relax. Balance the piece with another comfortable ottoman or bean bag.

Consider Other Furniture Pieces in Your Living Room

Consider other furniture pieces in your living room

Styling your sofa doesn't end with choosing the right throws and rugs and considering lots of colour combinations. Your sofa should also work well with other furnishings present in your living room. Your furniture's materials, designs, and sizes do not necessarily need to match, but they need to complement each other to make a coherent space.

Anchor it with Some Greens

Anchor it with some greens

As the years pass, homeowners and designers grow more fond of greens and indoor plants. Create an outdoor meets indoor living room design by anchoring your sofa with medium-sized potted plants to bring a fresh and soothing interior style.

Add a Side Table

Add a side table

Another way to anchor your sofa is by using a side table. This piece not only adds to the appeal of your living room but also provides more space for entertaining. Place accent lighting, a vase, or decorative knick-knacks on top of your side table for a more presentable and guest-ready look.

Inject Interest with Wall Arts

Inject interest with wall arts

Utilise your living room space to create a distinctive look. Accent decor just above your sofa, like wall arts, will help you inject effortless interest into your space while highlighting the beauty of your centrepiece. A great combination of pieces on top of a sofa pushed through a wall will instantly grab your guests' attention.

Sofa styling does not necessarily limit you to looks that you see in books, magazines, and internet content. Taking note of some tips and design inspirations will help you find your own style. Don't be afraid to mix and match until you find what works for you.

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