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How to Spruce Up Awkward Dead Spaces in Your Home - Megafurniture

How to Spruce Up Awkward Dead Spaces in Your Home

One of our design dilemmas is when we leave our home too occupied with furniture or decorations or make it awkward with its bare, dark, and sad-looking ambience.

Whether it is the entryway, a nook in the living room, or the empty area in the hallway, we always have that one specific awkward space in our flats that doesn't seem to have a purpose (or maybe we can't find it yet).

This area is frequently the target of clutter and random, spare furniture that looks out of place. If you experience the latter and if you feel like something's missing in one of your spaces, check out these ideas for dead space in living room, and quick tips to liven up the dull and awkward areas of your home.


Add a Statement Chair

Add a statement chair

An elegant chair can level up your awkward space by a notch. This can be a vintage luxurious velvet chair or a cosy recliner armchair that you can lounge in during your me time. Create the perfect personal space by adding a shelving unit or a small coffee table to put your small items or the books you love. Add some potted plants to make your space more alive. 

You can also do this with the random chair that's been sitting there for a while now. Depending on the look of your chair, you can roll out a rug to create a comfortable space. Create a mini gallery wall with wall art that supports the ambiance that you want to achieve.


Create a Reading Nook

Create a reading nook

Set up a mini or a tall and slim bookcase to instantly refine your awkward space. Add the books and decorations that you love to make a once-lifeless nook into a meaningful space. Place a comfy bean bag to give your area a warm and playful feel.


Build a Space to Relax

Build a space to relax

Want a space to spend your lazy afternoon in? You can turn a small extra space in your home into a lovely resting spot during the hottest time of the day. A daybed can both work as a sofa or a mini-bed for a small space. Add some throw pillows or a mini floor mattress to turn your area into a shared cosy space.


Setup Your Home Office

Setup your home office

It is definitely challenging to find an exclusive area to set up your home office. If you have an unused corner in your home, you can turn it into a conducive home office.

Get an L-shape, standing desk or a corner desk that can fit your small space and push in a comfortable ergonomic chair. To maximise your storage, use a mobile pedestal that you can position under your table or install wall shelves to easily access your office items.


Turn it Into a Display Corner

Make it a display corner

One of the easiest ways to spruce up an awkward space is to decorate it.

If you have a collection that you want to show off, set up a display unit and arrange your items in threes or based on your design preference. Having ornaments, vases, plate collections, and other memorabilia in your home makes it more distinct and personal. Install some pendant lights or framed pieces to accompany your display unit.


Give Your Indoor Plants a Home

Give your indoor plants a home

Freshen up your recessed nook with lovely indoor plants. You can mix tall potted plants and hanging pieces and arrange them on a vacant spot in your home. Organise some multiple-sized rattan baskets or random cushions to give yourself and your guests an invitation to enjoy the fresh ambiance.


Showcase Your Space with Lightings

Showcase your space with lightings

Make your once empty area luxurious with lights. Set up a tall floor light beside a display table or your shoe cabinet if you want to spruce up your mini foyer. Installing pendants or designer lights can also significantly liven up your dull corner.


Organise/ Hide Your Clutter

Organise/ hide your clutter

Having an empty corner in your flat does not mean that you have many spaces in your home. Often, it means that there is an underutilised space and a cluttered one. To help you get rid of the clutter, set up a storage unit in your extra space and organise the items you can fit in it. Ideally, you want this unit to serve as additional storage to keep the closest room uncluttered. Think about the extra space in your open-concept kitchen. You can add a buffet hutch to store extra plates and less-used cookware to reduce the clutter in your kitchen cabinet.


Highlight with Colour

Highlight with colour

To make a bare space look less awkward, make it noticeable. Choose the perfect accent colour to liven up dead space. For a modern HDB flat, do not be afraid to go out of a neutral palette to highlight a nook and make it look purposeful. If you prefer natural tones, install some wooden wall shelves to balance the look.


Create a Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall

You don't have to spend much to beautify your space. Collect some memorable framed pieces and create a gallery wall in a dull area to make it look alive and complete. Play with small and big pieces and arrange them based on your own style. One thing that you should make sure of is keeping your design cohesive. Be careful not to overwhelm your space.


Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Inside

Bring your outdoor furniture inside

An outdoor look for your interior design? That's a good idea! Create a remarkable corner in your room with a wooden tea set or a combination of wicker and glass furniture. These outdoor furniture sets will instantly bring a refreshing ambiance to your home.


Make a Minibar

Make a minibar

For an awkward area in your open plan kitchen, you can build a peninsula to break up your space and make it more intimate and functional. Arrange some bar stools or plastic chairs in threes to give your space a complete and balanced look. 

Tip: Arranging furniture or decorations in threes helps create a sense of focus and balance because it gives you a visual centre and two anchor pieces.


Install Corner Shelves

Install corner shelves

If you love books as much as we do, installing a corner shelf can help you save space while keeping your favourite pieces together. Corner shelves do not require much space in your home, but they notably change how it looks and how it is organised.


A Mini Shoe Storage for Your Foyer 

A mini shoe storage for your foyer

We deal with space restrictions in our flats, so it is important to make the most out of every space we have. Whether you have a dedicated entryway to welcome your guests or just convert an open area, having shoe storage can make a big difference in keeping your entrance clean and uncluttered. To spruce up your foyer, you can arrange some decorations or a mirror on top of your shoe cabinet. You can also position an indoor plant beside your storage unit.


Turn Your Balcony Into a Lounging Area

Turn your balcony into a lounging area

The balcony is one of the most underutilised spaces in our flats. This area, whether big or small, can also serve a purpose. If you need more space for your guests or if you want to have an extra area to lounge in, your balcony might be the right spot. Depending on your preference, you can set up a mini living room or dining area on your balcony.


A Storage Space Near Your Bathroom

A storage space near your bathroom

Your bathroom area needs a dedicated storage too. To keep your towels, linens, and hygiene items in place, an efficient storage unit is needed. You can use a stackable plastic drawer or a more elegant storage unit to make the empty corner in your bathroom purposeful.

Possibilities are endless when it comes to interior design. As long as you have a creative mind, you can turn a simple corner in your home lively and functional.

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