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[Important] Protect Yourself Against Scammers and Impersonators with these Preventive Measures

Scammers are becoming more and more deceitful and convincing, taking advantage of life events, new products and services, and even the names of people, banks, or companies that you trust. Unfortunately, these scammers are good at what they do and can use your emotions to get money or personal details.

We despise these types of people as much as you do. Unfortunately, we have also been the target of these impersonators. We are here to offer help and work with you to prevent a possible scam.

Megafurniture values your trust. Thus, we exert our utmost efforts to make sure that you are safe from fraud and harm.


How to Spot a Scam

Prizes and Great Deals

Scammers often offer “great deals” to help you make and save money or get a product or service for free or at a lower price. If it’s too good to be true, think twice.

False Emergency

Scammers make you act as quickly as possible. They tell you not to miss out on a monetary or job opportunity or give you a false emergency. This can be in the form of an emergency message, a loan reminder, a limited-time offer, or a threat where something bad can happen. 

Unusual Payment Method

If the message asks you to send money or information through unusual methods, it is most likely a scam.

Use of a Trusted Name or Company

Scammers with basic knowledge of your background can use your good nature against you. They may use the name of a person or a company that you trust to solicit money. Remember to verify any story or piece of information, especially when money and safety are involved.


Protect Yourself from a Possible SCAM

  1. If you don’t know who the sender is or if you are unsure about the validity of the information, do not give your money or personal information.
  2. Only trust the contact information stated on the official websites of banks, government agencies, or businesses. If you are getting a suspicious message or call, say no or hang up the call. You can also send a screenshot to verify with the official site.
  3. If you receive a message from a company that you know stating that there is a problem with your account, bank details, or order, immediately connect with the contact details from the official website to verify the information.
  4. Never open suspicious links from unknown senders saying that they are from a company or bank. These links may direct you to a site where they can get your information and money. If you get a message using the name of a trusted company but from a different link or contact number, it’s always safer to verify the information on the bank or merchant’s official website.
  5. Stop. Breathe. Ask. Never let a stranger force you to make a big financial decision on the spot. It is okay to say no. Do not be afraid to hang up a call or validate a message if you have suspicions.
  6. Enable two-factor authentication for your bank account or e-wallet.
  7. If something feels wrong, act quickly. Seek help from the official website immediately or connect with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).
  8. You may be able to determine a scam, but others may not. Support your family and friends in understanding what a scam is and helping them secure their valuable money and information.


The ScamShield App

Use the ScamShield app developed by Open Government Products in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to detect and prevent possible scams. This app cross-checks unknown numbers associated with scams through the Singapore Police Force database. This automatically blocks numbers associated with scams. ScamShield can also help determine scam messages through an on-device algorithm and allow users to report possible scams.


Notice of the Impersonation Scam

Dear Megafurniture fam, it was brought to our attention that scammers are using our name to commit fraudulent activities similar to those of many bank and company impersonators in Singapore. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and we genuinely apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We take these reports of fraudulent activities seriously and are actively addressing the situation.If you encounter a suspicious message or activity using Megafurniture’s name or website, kindly inform us so we can take the necessary measures.

It's important to note that we, too, are victims of these impersonation attempts. Unfortunately, scammers often exploit various platforms, despite our efforts to prevent such instances. We highly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Please note that we only communicate through official contact numbers (6950 2657, 6950 2656, 6950 2655, and 6950 2658), emails, and live chat. Moreover, Megafurniture only accepts PayNow transactions through our business Unique Entity Number (UEN) and not through a personal account. If you receive SMSes or WhatsApp messages from contact numbers that are not provided, please do not click any link or send your information.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at