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Toshiba Washing Machines

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Where clean meets serene..

Toshiba washing machines are crafted to make your clothes come out spotless while being kind to them. With Toshiba, it's about giving your clothes the VIP treatment with every wash. These machines are more than just a pretty face; they're your dependable partner, turning a chore into a delightful experience with a gentle touch and a dash of smart technology.


Toshiba 9kg Inverter Top Load Washing Machine AW-DJ1000FS Singapore Toshiba 9kg Inverter Top Load Washing Machine AW-DJ1000FS Singapore
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Toshiba 9kg Inverter Top Load Washing Machine AW-DJ1000FS
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    Toshiba 8.5kg BLDC Front Load Washing Machine TW-BH95S2S Singapore Toshiba 8.5kg BLDC Front Load Washing Machine TW-BH95S2S Singapore
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    Toshiba 8.5kg BLDC Front Load Washing Machine TW-BH95S2S
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      Toshiba 8kg Top Load Washing Machine AW-M901BS Singapore Toshiba 8kg Top Load Washing Machine AW-M901BS Singapore
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      Toshiba 8kg Top Load Washing Machine AW-M901BS
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        Toshiba 9.5kg Steam Wash Front Load Washing Machine TW-BK105G4S Singapore Toshiba 9.5kg Steam Wash Front Load Washing Machine TW-BK105G4S Singapore
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        Toshiba 9.5kg Steam Wash Front Load Washing Machine TW-BK105G4S
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          Toshiba 12kg Top Load Washing Machine AW-DUK1300KS Singapore Toshiba 12kg Top Load Washing Machine AW-DUK1300KS Singapore
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          Toshiba 12kg Top Load Washing Machine AW-DUK1300KS
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            Toshiba 8.5kg Steam Wash Front Load Washing Machine TW-BK95G4S Singapore Toshiba 8.5kg Steam Wash Front Load Washing Machine TW-BK95G4S Singapore
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            Toshiba 8.5kg Steam Wash Front Load Washing Machine TW-BK95G4S
            Regular price $799.00 $949.00 Sale price$799.00

              Experience Effortless Cleaning and Advanced Technology With Toshiba Washing Machines

              Toshiba washing machines stand apart in the sea of home appliances with its commitment to making laundry an experience, not a chore. With their exceptional energy efficiency, these washing machines whisper through their cycles, offering peace to your home and energy bills. The cutting-edge design promises enduring reliability and smart, eco-friendly operations that cater to the discerning homeowner. They also feature a unique combination of gentle fabric care and robust cleaning power, which means every piece of clothing is treated like a treasure. The intuitive interfaces and customisable settings adapt to your life, not vice versa. Toshiba washing machines don't just clean your clothes—they rejuvenate them, setting a new standard for what you should expect from your household appliances. 

              Benefits of Toshiba Washing Machines

              Superior Cleaning Performance

              Toshiba washing machines are revered for their exceptional ability to tackle even the toughest stains, leaving clothes impeccably clean after every cycle.

              Energy Efficiency

              These machines are designed to be kind to the environment and your wallet, with energy-efficient operations that reduce consumption without compromising performance.

              Innovative RE-LOAD Function

              The RE-LOAD feature in Toshiba washing machines is a standout, offering the flexibility to add or remove items mid-cycle, enhancing the convenience factor significantly.

              Hygienic Wash Care

              Toshiba's Top Load Washing Machines are engineered to provide a hygienic wash, removing stubborn stains effectively while caring for the fabric and ensuring your laundry is clean.

              Advanced Technology

              With Great Wave Technology and a Direct Drive Inverter Motor, Toshiba washing machines promise a sophisticated and thorough cleaning process that is gentle on clothes.

              Soft Close Lid

              The soft-close lid feature of Toshiba washing machines adds an element of luxury and convenience, reducing noise and wear and tear from regular use.

              Efficient Water Jets

              Select models come with dual water jet outlets, creating vigorous water circulation that helps in detergent's faster and more even dissolution, resulting in a better overall wash.

              Circular Air Intake

              The circular air intake feature enhances the efficiency of Toshiba washing machines, leading to a consistently high-quality wash performance.


              Types of Toshiba Washing Machines

              Pulsator Washing Machines

              These Toshiba washing machines are designed with a pulsating washing method, often seen in top-loading models, which uses pulsators to generate multi-directional water flow, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean.


              • Effective at removing dirt and stains.
              • Uniform washing process.
              • Faster cycle compared to other types.
              • Gentle on soft clothes​​.


              • Higher water consumption than tumble wash machines.
              • Clothes may get tangled during the wash​.

              Front Loading Washing Machines

              Toshiba's front loaders are known for their efficiency and advanced washing features, providing excellent cleaning performance while being space and energy-efficient.


              • Better cleaning performance, removing more dirt and soils.
              • It saves energy, reducing utility costs.
              • It uses less water, which benefits the environment and your water bill.
              • Stackable, saving space in your home​​.


              • There is no option to add clothes mid-cycle without restarting the machine.
              • Potential for mould and mildew if not appropriately maintained.
              • Requires bending over to load and unload, which could be inconvenient for some users.
              • Washing cycles are longer, though this may be offset by faster drying times due to more effective water extraction​​.

              Front Loading Washer Dryers

              These Toshiba washing machines combine the functionality of both washing and drying, making them ideal for those with limited space or the desire for the convenience of doing both with one appliance​​.


              • Convenient for small spaces and easy to install.
              • There is no need to move wet clothes between washer and dryer.
              • A ventless drying system allows installation anywhere.
              • Capability to wash or dry separately​​.


              • The dryer can only handle about half the capacity of the wash cycle.
              • It takes longer to complete a load, taking 3 to 6 hours.
              • Smaller capacity compared to separate units.
              • Only available in electric models​​.

              General Size Guide For Washing Machines

              Small Load: 5-6 kg, suitable for singles or couples.

              Medium Load: 7-8 kg, ideal for a small family of about 3 to 4 people.

              Large Load: 9-10+ kg, perfect for larger households with 5 or more individuals.

              Why Shop at Megafurniture

              Shopping at Megafurniture offers several advantages for customers looking to purchase Toshiba washing machines. Firstly, we have a wide selection of models, which means you can find the perfect Toshiba washing machine that fits your needs and budget. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing, often with discounts and deals that can add value to your purchase.

              Our store also typically provides customer services like delivery and installation, which is a huge convenience when buying large appliances. The store may also offer warranties and after-sales support, protecting your investment in a Toshiba washing machine.

              Frequently Asked Questions: 

              What variety of Toshiba washing machines can I choose from? 

              Toshiba offers front loaders, top loaders, and combo washer-dryer machines.

              How do Toshiba washing machines conserve energy? 

              They're built with energy-saving technologies, often boasting Energy Star ratings.

              What warranty coverage comes with a Toshiba washing machine? 

              Toshiba provides a standard warranty, with specific coverage details varying by model.

              Can we interrupt a cycle to add laundry to Toshiba machines? 

              Selected Toshiba models have a pause-and-add feature for such convenience.

              What load capacities are available in Toshiba washing machines? 

              Capacities range from small (4kg) to large (18kg) to suit different household sizes.

              Does Toshiba have washing machines with integrated dryers? 

              Yes, Toshiba offers models that combine washing and drying in one appliance.

              What innovative features do Toshiba washing machines offer? 

              They include technologies like the Great Waves and Real INVERTER™ for superior washing.

              What maintenance does a Toshiba washing machine require? 

              Regular cleaning and descaling are recommended for optimal performance. To maintain a Toshiba washing machine, follow these essential tips:

              Clean the Detergent Dispenser: Regularly remove and wash the dispenser to prevent residue build-up, ensuring effective cleaning during each wash cycle.

              Inspect the Door Seal: Frequently check the door seal for debris, detergent leftovers, or mould, and clean it with a damp cloth to maintain its integrity and prevent leaks.

              Address Odours: Combat odours by running an empty hot water cycle with washing machine cleaner or vinegar to keep the machine fresh​​.

              Who should I contact for Toshiba washing machine repairs? 

              Reach out to Toshiba's customer support or authorised service providers for repairs.