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Convenience is one of the major factors that affect our productivity, may it be for school or at work.

Give yourself a little treat and add up a study table to your room. Keep your materials within your reach with our highly functional storage study tables, secure your computer sets without compromising the remaining space in your table.

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Ashly Study Table With Hutch (80cm) Singapore Ashly Study Table With Hutch (80cm) Singapore
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Ashly Study Table With Hutch (80cm)
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    Memuru II Study Table Singapore Memuru II Study Table Singapore
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    Memuru II Study Table
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      Colvyr Study Table (80cm) Singapore Colvyr Study Table (80cm) Singapore
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      Colvyr Study Table (80cm)
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        Portland Extendable Study Table Singapore Portland Extendable Study Table Singapore
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        Portland Extendable Study Table
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          Allister Study Table (80cm) Singapore Allister Study Table (80cm) Singapore
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          Allister Study Table (80cm)
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            Aubert Study Table Singapore Aubert Study Table Singapore
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            Aubert Study Table
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              Benefits of Using the Right Study Table

              1. Improved Focus and Productivity. A well-designed study table provides a dedicated and organised space for your books, laptop, and other study materials. This helps minimise distractions and allows you to concentrate better on your tasks, ultimately boosting productivity.
              2. Ergonomic Comfort. Investing in a study table with proper ergonomics ensures that you maintain a comfortable and healthy posture during long study sessions. This can prevent issues like back pain and discomfort, promoting a more enjoyable learning experience.
              3. Optimal Storage Solutions. Many modern study tables come equipped with built-in storage options, such as drawers, shelves, or cabinets. These features allow you to keep your study area clutter-free, making it easier to find and access your study materials.
              4. Customised Organisation. With various designs and features available, you can choose a study table that caters to your specific organisational needs. Whether you require extra space for stationery, a designated spot for your computer, or a cable management system, the right study table can accommodate your preferences.
              5. Aesthetic Appeal. Your study space should inspire creativity and focus. The right study table not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your room. Choose a design that resonates with your style and enhances the visual appeal of your study area.

              Types of Study Tables

              Now that we understand the benefits, let's explore the different types of study tables available based on size, type, and shape.

              Study Table By Size



              Suitable For


              80-100 cm width

              Ideal for small spaces or individual use


              100-120 cm width

              Suitable for a standard study or bedroom


              120 cm and above

              Perfect for spacious rooms or shared study spaces

              Study Table By Type



              Suitable For

              Writing Desk

              Basic design with a flat surface for writing

              Individuals who primarily work with paper

              Computer Desk

              Designed with a dedicated space for a computer

              Suitable for students or professionals with a computer-centric workflow

              Corner Desk

              Fits into corners, maximising room space

              Perfect for utilising corners in smaller rooms

              Executive Desk

              Larger, with added features like drawers and compartments

              Ideal for those requiring ample storage and a professional look

              Study Table By Shape



              Suitable For


              Standard shape with straight lines

              Versatile and fits well in various room layouts


              Formed like an 'L,' offering extra workspace

              Great for individuals needing ample desk space


              Resembles a 'U,' providing maximum workspace

              Ideal for multitasking and spreading out work

              How to Measure the Right Study Table Size

              Before grabbing a measuring tape, consider the following factors:

              1. Available Space. Measure the dimensions of the area where you plan to place the study table. Take note of any constraints, such as walls, doors, or other furniture, that might affect the available space.
              2. Room Layout. Consider the layout of the room. If the study area is in a corner or against a wall, you may want to opt for a corner desk or a rectangular desk that fits well within the available space.
              3. Intended Use. Determine the primary purpose of the study table. If it's for basic tasks like writing or reading, a compact desk might suffice. For those with a computer-centric workflow, a larger desk with ample surface area is essential.

              Step-by-Step Guide

              Now, let's delve into the step-by-step process of measuring the right study table size.

              1. Measure the Available Width. Begin by measuring the width of the area where you intend to place the study table. This will help you determine the maximum width the desk can have without overcrowding the space.
              2. Consider Depth. Measure the depth of the available space. If your study area is against a wall, this measurement will indicate how far into the room the desk can extend without causing obstruction.
              3. Account for Other Furniture. If there are other pieces of furniture in the room, like bookshelves or cabinets, measure the distance between them and the potential study table location. This ensures that the desk complements the existing layout.
              4. Factor in the Chair. Consider the size of the chair you plan to use with the study table. Ensure there is enough space between the table and the chair for comfortable seating and movement.
              5. Determine Height Requirements. Measure the height from the floor to the top of the table. This is particularly important for ergonomic reasons. The table should be at a height that allows you to work comfortably without straining your back or shoulders.
              6. Assess Storage Needs. If you require storage space, measure the height and depth of the drawers or shelves you need. Ensure that the chosen study table accommodates your storage requirements without compromising on the available workspace.

              What to Look for When Buying a Study Table Online

              1. Size and Space. Before diving into the vast array of study tables available online, measure the space where you plan to position the table. Consider the width, depth, and height requirements to ensure a perfect fit. Online product descriptions usually include dimensions, so make sure they align with your available space.
              2. Material and Durability. Assess the materials used in the construction of the study table. Solid wood, engineered wood, metal, and glass are common choices. Each material has its advantages, such as durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. Select a material that suits your preferences and complements your existing furniture.
              3. Ergonomics. A comfortable and ergonomically designed study table is essential for long study or work sessions. Look for features such as adjustable height, proper legroom, and sufficient space for your computer and accessories.
              4. Storage Options. Evaluate your storage needs and choose a study table that meets them. Some tables come with built-in drawers, shelves, or cabinets, providing convenient storage for books, stationery, and other essentials. Consider the type and size of storage options based on your organisational requirements.
              5. Style and Aesthetics. Your study table should harmonise with the overall style of your room. Explore various design options, from minimalist and modern to classic and traditional. Pay attention to colour schemes, finishes, and details to find a study table that complements your interior décor.
              6. Functionality and Features. Consider the primary function of the study table. If you primarily use a computer, opt for a desk with a designated space for a PC or laptop. Cable management features, built-in charging ports, and additional accessories can enhance functionality and convenience.
              7. Customer Reviews. Utilise customer reviews as a valuable resource. Reading about the experiences of other buyers can provide insights into the quality, durability, and functionality of the study table you're considering. Look for reviews that address specific features that are important to you.
              8. Budget. Establish a budget range before browsing. Online platforms offer study tables in various price brackets, so having a clear budget will help you narrow down your options. Be mindful of additional costs, such as shipping fees.

              How Much is a Study Table in Singapore?

              In Singapore, study tables vary in price, but at Megafurniture, you can find options starting at just $229! Connect with our team to inquire about discounts, free deliveries, and flexible payment methods. Enhance your study space without breaking the bank!