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“Where cutting-edge technology meets everyday convenience.”

Our Happie appliances feature an advanced undersink energy filtration system, seamlessly integrating into your kitchen to ensure a clutter-free space. This system purifies water and optimises energy usage, making it an eco-friendly choice for the modern household. Our state-of-the-art water purifiers stand out with their sleek design and superior purification capabilities, ensuring every drop is crystal clear and healthy. Perfect for health-conscious families, our Happie collection promises purity, efficiency, and a touch of elegance, transforming your water consumption experience into a journey of wellness and sustainability.


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3 Results


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Happie Undersink Energy Filtration System Singapore
Happie Undersink Energy Filtration System Singapore


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Happie Delight Water Purifier Singapore
Happie Delight Water Purifier Singapore

Happie Delight Water Purifier


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Happie Appliance Collection: Eco-Friendly Water Purifiers & Energy-Efficient Filtration Systems

Our exclusive collection, featuring an innovative under-sink energy filtration system and advanced water purifiers, is designed to elevate your living experience. With Happie Appliances, you gain more than just products; you embrace a lifestyle of purity and sustainability. Our under-sink system discreetly maximises space while minimising energy usage, embodying our dedication to eco-friendly practices. The water purifiers deliver unparalleled purity, ensuring every glass of water is clean and healthy. Step into a world where convenience meets wellness with Happie Appliances, and make every day a step towards a happier, more sustainable home.

Happie’s Undersink Filtration System

Happie's undersink filtration system is your kitchen's undercover hero, ensuring every glass of water is as good as possible without any fuss. It's a small change that makes a refreshing difference in your daily water-drinking experience. 

Here's the benefits:

  • This system is like a magic filter, zapping away the bad stuff like chlorine and metals. What you get is safe water that tastes and feels great, too.

  • It hides under your sink, so you won't trip over it or have to make room for it.

  • This water filter is all about being eco-friendly. It uses less energy, which is excellent for the planet and your bills.

  • Think of all the cash you'll save not buying bottled water. Plus, you're helping cut down on plastic waste. 

  • No more clunky water filters taking up counter space. Just turn on your tap for fresh, clean water. It's that easy.

  • Drinking clean water is like giving your body a hug from the inside. It's a small step that can make a big difference to your health.

  • If tap water tastes like a swimming pool or just plain weird, this system is your taste bud's new best friend.

Other Key Features To Note: 

Low Upkeep: It's low-maintenance. A quick filter change every so often, and you're good to go.

Customise Your Filtration: Depending on what you need, you can pick a system that targets specific things in your water.

Whisper-Quiet: It does its job without making a peep, so your kitchen stays peaceful.

How Does It Work?

  • The system is connected to your cold water line under the sink. When you turn on the tap, water flows into the filtration system through this line.

  • The water usually first passes through a sediment filter. This filter catches larger particles like dirt, rust, and sediment. It's like a net that traps the big stuff so it doesn't clog the rest of the system.

  • Next, the water often goes through an activated carbon filter. Activated carbon is good at grabbing and holding onto contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This stage also helps remove any unpleasant tastes or odours from the water.

  • Some systems have additional stages, like reverse osmosis or further carbon filtering. Reverse osmosis, for example, pushes water through an excellent membrane. This catches even smaller contaminants like lead, fluoride, and some bacteria.

  • After the main filtration stages, the water might pass through a final polishing filter. This just makes sure the water tastes great and is crystal clear.

  • The purified water then travels up a separate faucet installed on your sink (some systems use your existing faucet). When you turn on this faucet, you immediately get clean, filtered water.

  • In systems with reverse osmosis, some wastewater contains filtered-out contaminants. This is usually directed down the drain.

Happie’s Water Purifiers

Happie’s water purifiers ensure every glass of water tastes good and healthy. It brings a blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendliness to your kitchen. Below are its numerous benefits:

  • Imagine a tiny but mighty shield that catches all the bad stuff – chlorine, lead, and microscopic germs. That's what Happie's multi-stage filtration, including activated carbon and UV light, does for your water.

  • Cleaner water means a healthier you. These water purifiers keep the nasties out, making you less likely to get sick from bad water. Plus, staying hydrated just got more appealing.

  • Like its water filtration system, Happie's water purifiers reduce plastic waste and save you money in the long haul. It's a win-win for you and Mother Earth.

  • No need for a manual the size of a novel. These water purifiers are user-friendly, with easy filter changes and clear signs when it's time for maintenance.

  • If your tap water tastes like a swimming pool or just plain odd, Happie's got your back. Their purifiers make your water taste and smell the way it should – clean and fresh.

  • Whether you've got a cosy kitchenette or a spacious kitchen, these water purifiers are designed to fit without hogging space.
  • Not only do they work wonders, but they also look good doing it. Happie's purifiers have a sleek design that can jazz up your kitchen.

  • A certain peace of mind comes with knowing your water is consistently clean and safe, and that's what Happie delivers.

Other Key Features To Note:

Smart Tech Savvy: Some models come with excellent, innovative features like tracking how long your filter's been running, checking water quality, or even letting you control things from your phone. It's like having a high-tech helper for your water.

Customisable Filtration: You can tweak the settings on some models to suit the water in your area. This is super handy if your local water quality changes now and then.

Long-Lasting Filters: The filters in these water purifiers are built to last, which means less hassle and expense for you in the long run.

DIY-Friendly Installation: Many people love that they can set these up quickly without needing to call in a pro.

Quiet Operation: If you're not a fan of noisy appliances, you'll appreciate that some models are designed to purify your water quietly.

Maintenance Made Easy: Automatic reminders for things like changing the filter take the guesswork out of keeping your purifier in tip-top shape.

Kid-Safe Features: If you've got little ones running around, you'll appreciate safety locks that prevent accidental spills or curious hands from messing with the system.

Choose Your Water Temp: Some fancier models let you pick how hot or cold you want your water – perfect for a quick cup of tea or a cool drink.

Worry-Free with Leak Detection: To keep your kitchen safe from water mishaps, some water purifiers have systems that alert you to leaks or even shut off the water if something goes wrong.

Health and Safety Assured: Many of Happie's purifiers meet strict health and safety standards, giving you peace of mind that you're getting a quality product.

Shop Happie's range of collections at Megafurniture for an unbeatable combination of quality and convenience. Our collection, renowned for advanced water purification and energy-efficient designs, perfectly complements the modern Singaporean lifestyle. Megafurniture's commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing makes us the ideal destination for securing these innovative home solutions.