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Your workspace can be a little messy at times, especially during busy days, but if you have one of Megafurniture's versatile study and computer tables on sale in Singapore, keeping a neat work area will be much easier. Choose a study table with storage space. You may also get a larger piece or an L-shaped study table for your personal computer. For a more ergonomic solution, upgrade to an adjustable office standing desk.
Airla II Study Table (90cm) Singapore Airla II Study Table (90cm) Singapore
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Airla II Study Table (90cm)
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    Majoris II Study Table (90cm) Singapore Majoris II Study Table (90cm) Singapore
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    Majoris II Study Table (90cm)
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      Majoris Study Table (90cm) Singapore Majoris Study Table (90cm) Singapore
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      Majoris Study Table (90cm)
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        Colin Study Table (90cm) Singapore Colin Study Table (90cm) Singapore
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        Colin Study Table (90cm)
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          Aekley Study Table with Hutch (90cm) Singapore Aekley Study Table with Hutch (90cm) Singapore
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          Aekley Study Table with Hutch (90cm)
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            Whether you are working from home, setting up a study place, or adding some functions to your bedroom, study and computer tables are excellent additions to your home. Computer desks provide ample space for the computer and other work or educational essentials. Megafurniture offers a range of spacious, stylish, and sturdy study tables in Singapore, from a simple study table that you can fit into your compact space to an ergonomic computer table for your workspace.

            Which Type of Study or Office Table is the Best?

            Writing Desk

            Writing desks are simple study tables with a clean design and minimal storage options. If you want a simple study space or crafting area without the need for a lot of storage, this type is an affordable choice.

            Computer Table

            Computer tables or computer desks are also practical and highly functional furniture pieces that combine multiple features in one unit. Based on its name, a computer table provides enough space for a computer monitor and other hardware components. Many computer tables also come with a keyboard tray and a cable hole for added convenience.

            L-Shape Computer Table

            Computer tables come in various configurations. One of the most popular is an L-shaped computer table that provides an ample work space. Its unique configuration makes an L-shaped computer desk accessible and efficient for those who need extra functional space in a compact area. These tables also come with drawers for easy storage access.

            Executive Desk

            An executive desk offers multiple storage spaces, shelves, drawers, and enough tabletop for office and study use. This presents a timeless look into your space with its intricate design.

            Standing Desk

            Standing desks are gaining popularity due to their ability to support both your seating and standing needs. These ergonomic desks help reduce the health risks of long hours of sitting in the workspace. Some adjustable desks also feature L-shaped configurations to give you more options for your preferred workspace.

            How Much is a Study or Computer Desk in Singapore?

            Study or computer table prices in Singapore vary based on their sizes, materials, and features. A basic study table can cost $100, while tables with storage, ergonomic configurations, and additional features are more expensive furniture investments.

            Quick Tips on Buying a Study/Computer Table in Singapore

            1. Shop for a study or computer desk based on your requirements. Consider how much table space you need to do your tasks, your storage space, the computer, and cables. If you're using your desk for heavier work, invest in a sturdy work table with plenty of table space.

            1. Your study table or computer desk must fit your available space. You can opt for a linear desk to save floor space if you have a small study space, or choose an L-shaped study table that you can push through the wall to maximise your small room.

            1. The materials are important. Some office desks are made from wood, while others have metal frameworks.

            1. Don't forget about the ergonomics. Study and computer tables come in a vast variety of heights and sizes. The desk height will be based on how you will use your table. If you're using your table for writing, you can benefit from a taller desk. If working with a computer or laptop, a lower table that gives you enough height to view the computer monitor is needed.

            1. Look for additional features like drawers, an additional shelf, a cable organiser, or wheels for the storage.

            1. Don't leave out the style when shopping for tables.

            1. Set your budget.

            Looking for the perfect computer table for your study and office needs? Megafurniture offers impeccable office furniture pieces at the best prices in Singapore. Choose from a variety of minimalist writing tables, study tables, computer desks with mobile pedestals, storage tables, and ergonomic office tables, and enjoy a hassle free experience when you shop today!