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SMEG Refrigerators Singapore

SMEG Refrigerators

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Smeg Refrigerators

Cool Nostalgia in Modern Living with a Smeg Fridge

 The Smeg refrigerators, available in an array of Smeg fridge colours, are centrepieces of the kitchen that catch the eye and ignite the imagination. Behind the nostalgic facade lies cutting-edge technology that ensures efficiency and performance. With adjustable shelving, energy-saving modes, and dynamic temperature control, Smeg refrigerators are crafted for the discerning individual who cherishes style without compromising substance. 


6 Results

6 Results


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SMEG 70cm Freestanding Fridge FC70EN3X Singapore
SMEG 70cm Freestanding Fridge FC70EN3X Singapore

SMEG 70cm Freestanding Fridge FC70EN3X


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SMEG 60cm Freestanding Fridge FC60EN3XL Singapore
SMEG 60cm Freestanding Fridge FC60EN3XL Singapore

SMEG 60cm Freestanding Fridge FC60EN3XL


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Smeg Refrigerators: Energy-Efficient, Spacious Design That Meets Vintage Style

For Smeg refrigerators, the essence of mid-century design is infused into every detail, creating an iconic kitchen statement that's practical and stylish. It has the elegance of the 1950s reimagined with the innovation of the modern day. They are also renowned for their energy efficiency, reducing your footprint while elevating your space. The spacious interiors are thoughtfully designed to store your culinary creations with ease, making them perfect for both the family home and the sophisticated urban loft. 

Smeg Refrigerators Are More Than Just Kitchen Appliances| Here’s Why:

  1. Smeg refrigerators stand out with their distinctive 1950s retro design, transforming a functional item into a conversation piece that enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen. 
  1. Smeg refrigerators are engineered for peak performance. With energy efficiency at their core, they help reduce electricity bills and environmental impact. 
  1. The spacious design of its interior allows for organised storage, making meal prep and cooking a breeze as everything you need is at your fingertips, neatly arranged, and within easy reach.
  1. Smeg refrigerators are built to last, featuring robust construction and high-quality materials that promise longevity and reliability. This means that buyers can enjoy the timeless design of their Smeg refrigerator for years to come without frequent maintenance or replacement worries. 
  1. The brand's commitment to innovation ensures that each refrigerator is equipped with modern conveniences, such as precision temperature controls, which help preserve the freshness and nutrients of your food, contributing to a healthier lifestyle. 

Key Features of Smeg Refrigerators

Retro Style: Vintage exterior design with modern interior technology​​.

Energy Efficiency: Models include eco settings and holiday modes, meeting or exceeding EnergyStar® or Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (MELS) requirements​​.


Energy Star is a badge of energy efficiency well-recognised in the United States, but it doesn't cross over to Singapore. Instead, in Singapore, you'd look for something similar called the Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme (MELS). Run by Singapore's National Environment Agency, this scheme is the local go-to for measuring how green your appliances are. So, while Smeg refrigerators might be Energy Star certified in the States, in Singapore, you'd check their MELS rating to know how kind they are to your wallet and the planet.

Advanced Features: Built-in programs include child-lock, alarms, and fast-freeze options​​.

Colour Variety: There is a wide range of colour choices inspired by the Italian Riviera​.

Ample Storage: Medium-capacity with flexible interior configurations for various item sizes​.

LED Lighting: Bright interior lighting for visibility and energy savings​​.

NoFrost Technology: Hassle-free maintenance without the need for manual defrosting​​.

Freedom of Placement: A large assortment of free-standing models for flexible placement​​.

Types of Smeg Refrigerators and Its Unique Features

Retro Style Refrigerators: 

These are known for their iconic 1950s aesthetic, with modern functionalities tucked inside the vintage design​​.

The Portofino Suite:

This line integrates with Smeg's range of kitchen appliances, offering a uniform look with colours inspired by the Italian Riviera and features like energy-efficient performance and NoFrost maintenance​​.

Fiat Collaboration: 

An exclusive line of beverage coolers born from a collaboration between Fiat and Smeg, incorporating elements of the Fiat 500 design​​.

Divina Cucina: 

A partnership with Dolce&Gabbana, featuring refrigerators with artistic designs inspired by the colours and motifs of Sicily​​.

Main Factors To Consider When Buying A Smeg Refrigerator

Size and Capacity: 

Ensure the fridge fits in your kitchen space and offers enough storage.

Style and Design: 

Choose a design that complements your kitchen's aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency: 

Look for models with good energy ratings to save on electricity costs.


Consider fridges with features that match your lifestyle, such as fast-freeze functions, adjustable shelves, and temperature settings.


Smeg is a premium brand, so ensure the cost aligns with your budget.

Maintenance and Durability: 

Check for NoFrost technology and robust build quality for easier maintenance and longevity.

Warranty and Service: 

Ensure good customer support and warranty coverage.

Colour and Finish:

Decide if you want a classic retro look or a modern finish.

Reviews and Reputation: 

Research customer reviews and the model's reliability history.

Tips To Spruce Up Your Kitchen Aesthetic With a Smeg Refrigerator

  1. Select a Smeg fridge in a bold colour to serve as the focal point of your kitchen.
  1. Embrace the retro design with vintage accessories and pastel colours for a cohesive look.
  1. Use a Smeg appliance to add a touch of character to a minimalist kitchen without cluttering the space.
  1. Combine your Smeg refrigerators with modern elements to create a unique, eclectic style.
  1. Add magnetic, vintage-inspired accessories to your Smeg refrigerators for a personalised touch.

Why Shopping at Megafurniture For Your Smeg Refrigerators is a Wise Choice

Wide Selection: 

Megafurniture offers a diverse range of Smeg refrigerators, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your kitchen's size and style.

Competitive Pricing: 

We provide competitive prices or exclusive deals on Smeg products, which could help you save money on a premium appliance.

Customer Service: 

Known for customer satisfaction, Megafurniture can offer expert advice and support throughout your purchase process, ensuring you select a Smeg refrigerator that meets all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I adjust the shelving inside my Smeg refrigerator?

Smeg refrigerators come with adjustable glass shelves to accommodate items of various sizes.

How can I maintain my Smeg refrigerator?

Smeg refrigerators are designed for easy maintenance, featuring NoFrost technology. Regular cleaning and ensuring the door seals are tight will keep it in top condition.

Are there different sizes of Smeg refrigerators available?

Yes, Smeg offers a range of sizes, from compact models like the FAB5 to larger ones like the FAB50, to suit different space and storage requirements.

Will I get a freezer burn with a Smeg fridge?

Not at all. Smeg has excellent frost prevention to keep your frozen foods fresh.

Can Smeg fridges save energy when I'm not home?

Yes, the holiday mode keeps your fridge running efficiently while you're away.

Does Smeg offer a mix of retro style and modern technology?

They have that classic look outside, with all the latest fridge tech inside.

Are there compact Smeg models for small spaces?

Indeed, Smeg offers models that fit well in smaller kitchens without cramping your style.

What is a Smeg Integrated Fridge?

A Smeg Integrated Fridge is a built-in refrigerator designed to blend seamlessly with kitchen cabinetry. This appliance, manufactured by the Italian company Smeg, is known for its stylish design and efficient performance. It typically features modern cooling technologies, adjustable shelving, and energy-saving functions, catering to both aesthetic and functional kitchen needs.