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SMEG Hobs Singapore


Shop Innovative and High-Quality Smeg Hobs

“Each piece is a testament to performance, design, and efficiency, transforming cooking from a mundane task to an absolute delight.”

Crafted for the culinary enthusiast, the Smeg Hobs marries superior materials with avant-garde technology, offering an array of shapes, sizes, and cooking methods tailored to harmonise with your oven's aesthetics​​. Whether you opt for the classic gas, state-of-the-art induction, versatile ceramic, or innovative mixed fuel options, each Smeg hob is designed to accommodate the diverse requirements of modern kitchens​.


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Smeg Built-in Gas Hob 3 Burners SRV573XG (Stainless Steel) Singapore


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Eco-friendly Innovation Marries Timeless Design With Smeg Hobs

The Smeg hobs aren't just about the sleek lines and the sophisticated look they bring to your kitchen (although they do it so well). They're about the promise of energy savings with intelligent features like the Eco-Logic system and the Double Booster function designed to heat up fast and dial down on power consumption. With a Smeg hob, you're in control of a cooking experience that's responsive, precise, and remarkably efficient.

But the benefits continue beyond energy efficiency. The variety in the Smeg Hobs collection ensures there's a perfect match for every cooking style and kitchen size. And because they're from Smeg, a brand synonymous with quality and durability, you know these are hobs that will stand the test of time and taste. 

Key Highlights of Smeg Hobs Compared To Other Brands

  • Smeg gas hobs provide immediate heat control with even heat distribution and instant temperature adjustments​​.
  • They offer quick heat-up times and minimal heat loss, with user-friendly touch controls and easy-to-clean surfaces. Induction hobs are safer and heat faster than gas​​.
  • Incorporating the latest technology for enhanced performance and designed to coordinate with Smeg oven styles​​.
  • Smeg hobs combine gas and induction technology in one appliance for maximum versatility​​.
  • Smeg hobs offer various sizes, shapes, and layouts, catering to different kitchen needs, with easy-to-use controls​​.
  • The brand uses premium materials like 18/10 Stainless steel and elegant glass surfaces, available in various aesthetic styles​​.
  • Smeg's induction and ceramic hobs are more efficient than traditional gas hobs, aligning with eco-conscious choices​. 

Smeg Hob Types Available In The Market

Gas Hobs

Traditional and popular gas hobs provide efficient, responsive cooking with even heat distribution and immediate temperature control​​.


  • Provide direct, instant heat 
  • They are straightforward to use 
  • They have various burner types for different cooking needs.


  • An open flame can be a safety hazard
  • They are more challenging to clean due to their design​​.

Type of Cookware to use:

Any cookware will work, but for best results, use heavier bases that conduct heat well, such as cast iron or stainless steel with a thick base.

Induction Hobs

These hobs heat up quickly, have user-friendly touch controls, and are easy to clean. Induction technology heats only the pan, resulting in minimal heat loss and enhanced safety. Some models also come with an integrated hood​. 


  • Most energy-efficient heat is transferred directly to the pan without wasting energy.
  • It is safer as the hob doesn’t get too hot
  • It has quick heat-up times.


  • Only compatible with magnetic-based cookware
  • They can be more expensive upfront compared to ceramic hobs​​.

Type of Cookware to use:

You must use cookware with a magnetic base, such as cast iron or some stainless steel. The cookware sizes should match the size of the induction zones for efficient cooking.

Ceramic Hobs

Featuring the latest technology with innovative features, ceramic hobs from Smeg are designed for excellent cooking performance and are equipped with easy-to-use controls​​.


  • They are easy to clean with a sleek glass finish
  • Inexpensive compared to other types
  • Feature touch controls for a modern look


  • It can get very hot, making them less safe around children or pets
  • They are not very energy efficient, which can lead to higher energy bills over time​​.

Type of Cookware to use:

Cookware with a smooth, flat base is ideal to make contact with the glass surface for even cooking. Avoid using pans with rough bases that could scratch the glass.

Mixed Fuel Hobs

For those who value both gas and induction, mixed fuel hobs combine these two technologies in one appliance for maximum cooking flexibility​​.


  • Offers versatility in cooking methods 
  • They are suitable for various types of dishes and preferences.
  • They provide the option of using gas for immediate heat and induction for precision cooking.
  • They have features like automatic pan recognition, boost modes, and residual heat indicators for induction zones.


  • They may be more expensive due to the combination of technologies.
  • Require cookware that is compatible with both gas and induction heat sources.
  • Potentially have higher maintenance with the need to service gas and induction components.

Type of Cookware to use:

You’ll need a combination of magnetic-based pans for induction zones and any type for gas burners.

Smeg Hob Sizes and Layouts [General Guide]


31cm Width: The smallest size, the domino hob, is ideal for compact spaces or single-person use.

60cm Width: Standard size with four cooking burners or zones, suitable for most households.

75cm Width and Above: Larger hobs for those requiring more cooking areas, providing additional burners or zones.


Diamond: Offers optimum spacing for larger pans, allowing for more cooking room without overcrowding.

Inline: Features a linear arrangement of burners for easy access and convenience.

Standard: The traditional burner layout is typically seen in most kitchens.

Benefits When Shopping at Megafurniture

  1. Just as Smeg hobs bring comfort to cooking with their easy-to-use interfaces, Megafurniture offers stress-free online shopping without the crowds, perfect for the modern, busy lifestyle​​.
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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do Smeg hobs come with a warranty? 

Most Smeg hobs come with a manufacturer's warranty. Check the product details for the specific terms and duration.

Are Smeg hobs suitable for professional cooking? 

Yes, with features like precise temperature control and high-quality construction, Smeg hobs are suitable for both home and professional cooking environments.