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SMEG Cooker Hoods Singapore

SMEG Cooker Hoods

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Smeg Hoods

“With Smeg, experience the fusion of high-performance ventilation and timeless aesthetics. ”

Our Smeg Cooker Hoods range, designed with the finesse of Italian craftsmanship, brings a blend of vintage and modern innovation to your kitchen. Each hood is a statement of sophistication, promising to whisk away smoke and odours while adding a touch of class to your cooking space. 


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7 Results


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Speak Your Taste For Quality and Elegance with Smeg Cooker Hoods

In the bustling kitchen where aromas and flavours come to life, Smeg cooker hoods are vigilant guardians, ensuring our kitchens remain fresh and inviting. With a sweep of innovation, these hoods effectively capture and eliminate kitchen pollutants, allowing you to dive into your cooking without worrying about lingering odours or smoke.

Crafted with a passion for Italian design, every curve and line of a Smeg cooker hood is engineered to optimise air filtration while accenting your kitchen's decor. The benefits extend beyond mere functionality; these hoods are sculpted to transform your cooking space into a centrepiece, all while maintaining a whisper-quiet presence.

How Can Smeg Cooker Hoods Enhance Your Kitchen Atmosphere 

  1. Smeg cooker hoods, with their powerful extraction capabilities, ensure that the air in your kitchen remains clean and free from the grease, odours, and pollutants from daily cooking.
  1. Every model of Smeg cooker hood is a testament to energy efficiency. Buyers will see the benefit in their energy bills, as these hoods are designed to provide maximum performance without excessive power consumption.
  1. The integration of LED lighting not only aids in cooking tasks but adds ambience and warmth to the kitchen space, all while being cost-effective and long-lasting.
  1. Smeg cooker hoods are built to last, constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigours of a busy kitchen. 
  1. Regarding cleaning, their design facilitates simple upkeep, which means more time enjoying your kitchen and less worrying about it.

Quick Guide To Help You Select The Perfect Smeg Cooker Hood


Before anything else, measure the space where you'll install your Smeg cooker hood. The size should align with the range or cooktop beneath for optimal performance. Standard widths are 60cm, 90cm, and 110cm, but check Smeg's specific dimensions.

Style & Design

Smeg cooker hoods come in various styles – from classic to contemporary. Whether you're looking for a statement piece like a chimney hood or something more discreet like an integrated model, there's a design to complement your kitchen's décor.

Extraction vs. Recirculation: Understand the difference

Extraction: Vents air outside, requiring ducting.

Recirculation: Filters air and recirculates it back into the kitchen. It's ideal if external venting isn't an option.

Some Smeg cooker hoods offer both functionalities. Consider what's feasible in your kitchen structure.


Power and Speed Settings

Check the extraction rate – it tells you how quickly the hood can clear the air. The higher the number, the more powerful it is. Also, look for multiple fan speeds to handle everything from a gentle simmer to high-heat searing.

Noise Level

Your kitchen’s ambience matters. Look at the noise level (measured in decibels) to ensure your hood won’t overpower your space with sound.


Good visibility is crucial. LED lights are energy-efficient and provide excellent illumination. Check the positioning and brightness to ensure they meet your cooking needs.

Filtration Efficiency

If opting for recirculation, consider the type of filters used and their replacement costs. Charcoal filters are standard and effectively neutralise odours.

Ease of Cleaning

Look for hoods with dishwasher-safe filters and smooth surfaces to simplify the cleaning process.

Smart Features

Some Smeg cooker hoods offer innovative features like automatic sensors that adjust the extraction rate depending on the heat and steam from your cooktop.

Warranty and Support

Remember the warranty period and the customer support offered by Smeg. These factors are crucial for peace of mind in your investment.

Types of Smeg Cooker Hoods

1. Chimney Hoods

These are among the most popular Smeg cooker hoods, designed to be mounted against a wall. They feature a chimney-like structure that extends to the ceiling, making a strong design statement. They're suitable for large kitchens and come in various sizes and finishes.



  • Smeg chimney hoods often become a kitchen’s visual highlight, offering robust extraction rates and a range of styles from classic to modern.
  • The height is usually adjustable to suit different ceiling heights.

  • They require wall space and can be more obtrusive, which may not suit smaller kitchens. 
  • They also typically require external venting.

2. Island Hoods

Perfect for kitchens with a central island cooktop, these hoods hang from the ceiling and become a centrepiece of the kitchen. They offer powerful extraction from all sides and are available in striking designs that can serve as the focal point of your kitchen.



  • These hoods provide a high-end look and are ideal for larger, open-plan kitchens. Smeg designs ensure they are a stylish statement piece as well as functional.

  • They can be more expensive and require a strong ceiling foundation for mounting, which may only be suitable for some kitchen spaces.

3. Canopy Hoods

These are designed to be installed under a cabinet or canopy. They're more discreet and can be hidden away when not in use, offering a sleek look and efficient ventilation.



  • Canopy hoods are compact and blend well with kitchen cabinetry, maintaining a seamless look. Smeg offers options that are discreet yet effective.

  • Their smaller size may not capture steam and odours as effectively as larger models, especially over wider cooktops.

4. Telescopic or Slide-out Hoods

For those who prefer a minimalist approach, telescopic hoods are installed within a kitchen unit and can be pulled out when needed. They slide back out of sight after use, preserving the clean lines of your kitchen.



  • These hoods are space-saving and almost invisible when not in use. 
  • Smeg's versions are user-friendly and integrate well into most kitchen designs.

  • The extraction area is limited to directly above the cooktop, which may be less effective for larger cooking surfaces.

5. Integrated Hoods

Integrated or built-in hoods are designed to be installed in a kitchen unit and hidden from view. They are ideal for those who don’t want to affect the kitchen aesthetic.



  • Integrated hoods from Smeg are ideal for those who prefer a kitchen with uninterrupted lines and a minimalist aesthetic. 
  • They hide away wholly when not in use.
  • Similar to canopy hoods, their concealed nature might limit the suction area, and they may not be as powerful as other models.

6. Ceiling Hoods

These are installed flush with the kitchen ceiling and provide a modern, unobtrusive look. They are particularly suitable for minimalist kitchens where a wall-mounted hood is not practical.



  • These hoods offer a sleek, modern look and are great for minimalist kitchens. 
  • Smeg's ceiling hoods often come with remote controls for ease of use.
  • Installation can be more complex, and they may require professional fitting.
  •  Also, access to maintenance can be more challenging.

7. Downdraft Hoods

This innovative hood is positioned alongside the hob and rises from the countertop when in use. It's ideal for kitchens where a hood hanging from the ceiling or mounted on the wall isn't desirable or possible.



  • Downdraft models are innovative and perfect for island units, providing a clean line and clutter-free look. 
  • Smeg's designs are cutting-edge and offer a conversation piece.

  • They often require a more complicated installation process with a motor unit that needs to be housed under the countertop. 
  • The effectiveness can also vary depending on the cooktop usage.

Megafurniture- One-Stop Shop For Quality and Convenience

  • Megafurniture's staff are well-versed in the features and benefits of Smeg cooker hoods, offering personalised advice to ensure you find the perfect match for your kitchen’s needs and aesthetics.
  • Whether you're looking for a state-of-the-art chimney hood, a sleek island hood, or an ultra-modern downdraft system, we have a wide selection of Smeg cooker hoods to choose from, ensuring you don't have to compromise on your vision.
  • At Megafurniture, competitive pricing meets exceptional quality. Find Smeg cooker hoods at various prices, often with special deals and financing options to ease your purchase.
  • Exceptional customer service separates Megafurniture, with dedicated support from purchase to installation. 
  • You can rest assured that your Smeg cooker hoods have robust warranty coverage, and the support team will assist you long after your purchase.
  • To top off the convenience, MegaFurniture offers delivery and professional installation services for Smeg cooker hoods, ensuring that your new appliance is up and running perfectly in no time.