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Single Door Refrigerators Singapore

Single Door Refrigerators

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Single-Door Refrigerators

Chill in style, one door to freshness with our single door fridge..

Our exclusive collection of single-door refrigerators showcases minimalist design, seamlessly integrating into the modern kitchen while offering ample storage within its compact footprint. With state-of-the-art cooling technology, your groceries are preserved in peak freshness, ensuring flavours are locked in and nutrition is maintained. These fridges are also eco-friendly, subtly operating in the background of your daily life.  


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5 Results


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EuropAce 85L Compressor Upright Freezer EFZ 3081T Singapore
EuropAce 85L Compressor Upright Freezer EFZ 3081T Singapore


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Europace Bar Fridge (50L) ER 9250 Singapore
Europace Bar Fridge (50L) ER 9250 Singapore

Europace Bar Fridge (50L) ER 9250

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Single-Door Refrigerators for Space-Saving Freshness

In a city where every inch of space is precious, single-door refrigerators emerge as the champions of compact living. Perfectly designed for the urban dweller, these sleek guardians of freshness slide into your kitchen easily, claiming less floor space without compromising functionality.

As you open the solitary door to cool possibilities, living large doesn't necessarily mean going big. 

Single-door Refrigerators Are Smart Pick For The Following Reasons:

Energy Savers

They're real power misers, using up to 40% less electricity than bigger fridges, which is kinder to your wallet and the planet​.


Their snug sizes suit tight spaces, perfect for cosy kitchens or compact living situations​​.


They won't break the bank, offering excellent refrigeration without the hefty price tag, especially appealing to budget-conscious shoppers​​.

Ideal for Smaller Households

If you're a couple or a small family, these fridges are spot-on, offering ample space without excess​​.


By using less energy, they reduce your carbon footprint, so you can chill your food and drinks while also doing your bit for the environment​.

Efficient Cooling

Thanks to direct cool technology, your eats stay fresh and cool without guzzling extra power​​.

Key Features To Keep An Eye Out To Get The Best Single-Door Refrigerators

Size and Fit

Measure the width and height of the space where your single-door refrigerators will live. Make sure there's at least an inch of clearance on all sides for proper installation and ventilation, and double-check that it will fit through your doorways​​.

Energy Efficiency

Look for the ENERGY STAR label or check the EnergyGuide sticker to compare the estimated yearly energy use and operating costs. An energy-efficient single-door refrigerator can lead to significant savings on your electricity bills​​.

Availability of Parts

If you're considering a brand that's not local, ensure that replacement parts are accessible and affordable. Some foreign-made models may have expensive or hard-to-find parts​.

Cost of Operation

Understand what your current refrigerator costs to run. This can help you calculate potential savings from a new energy-efficient model​​.

Haul-Away and Delivery Services

Inquire if the retailer provides services to remove your old fridge and deliver the new one, especially if you need to navigate stairs or complex entryways​​.

Water Supply Line

For models with ice makers or water dispensers, opt for durable braided stainless steel supply lines to prevent leaks and ensure longevity​​.

Door Clearance

Plan the placement of your single-door refrigerator so that its door can fully open, especially if it's near a wall or an island, to ensure easy access to all compartments​​.


Decide on the finish that suits your kitchen's aesthetic. Smudge-free stainless steel can keep the fridge looking clean with less effort, while other finishes might better match your decor​.

Types of Single-Door Refrigerators With Their Sizes and Capacities

Standard Single-Door Refrigerator

These are the most common single-door refrigerators, typically suitable for singles or couples. They generally come in sizes with capacities ranging from 165 litres to 280 litres​


  • Adequate for small families or couples, energy-efficient, and usually more affordable than larger units.


  • Limited space for larger families has fewer features compared to double-door models.

Compact Single-Door Refrigerator

Designed for tight spaces or as a secondary fridge, these have capacities from as low as 50 litres to around 250 litres, ideal for individuals or small families​​.


  • They are ideal for tiny spaces, single users, or as a secondary fridge, and they're the most economical option.


  • Limited storage capacity, not suitable for families, and might need more advanced features.

Single-door Refrigerator with Integrated Freezer

This type includes an integrated freezer compartment within the same door and can have capacities of up to 255 litres, balancing refrigeration and freezing needs for compact kitchens​​.


  • It offers freezer space within the same unit, is suitable for compact kitchens, and balances refrigeration and freezing needs.


  • Freezer space might be smaller than separate units, and it may not be suitable for those requiring a more extensive freezer section.

Red Flags and Common Issues To Watch Out For When Buying Single-Door Refrigerators

Inadequate Size or Capacity

How important is it to consider the single door fridge size?

Ensure that the single-door refrigerator you're considering has the appropriate dimensions and capacity for your needs. Inaccurate measurements can lead to big problems during installation. Remember, standard sizes can vary significantly, from about 62 to 72 inches high and 24 to 40 inches wide. Additionally, homeowners should seek at least 4 to 6 cubic feet of space per adult in the household​. 

Refrigerator Not Cooling

If a single-door refrigerator is not keeping food between 37 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit, it may have issues with its cooling mechanism. Problems could be as simple as blocked vents or as complex as a broken condenser fan requiring professional attention​​.


If items in your refrigerator are freezing, this could indicate a malfunction with the temperature control thermostat, thermistor, or control board. These components are essential for maintaining the correct temperature and may need professional repair if they fail​​.

Frost Build-Up

Especially in older models, frost buildup can signify a cracked door seal or a malfunctioning defrost sensor. This not only affects efficiency but also the longevity of your refrigerator​​.

Broken Ice Maker

If the ice maker is a feature of your single-door refrigerator, a broken ice maker can be caused by issues with the water supply line, water inlet valve, or internal mechanisms. Again, professional repair may be necessary​​.

Issues After Transportation

Moving a refrigerator can cause issues if not done correctly. If laid down, the lubricant can escape from the compressor, potentially causing permanent damage. If you must lay the refrigerator down during transport, allow several hours for the lubricant to settle before turning it on​​.

Excessive Features

Beware of single-door refrigerators that offer features such as automatic water and ice dispensers, fast-cooling compartments, or Wi-Fi connectivity. These can significantly increase the purchase and maintenance costs, reduce storage space, and not necessarily enhance the fridge's performance​.

Why Shop at Megafurniture

Wondering where to buy refrigerator in Singapore? Here are the reasons why shop at Megafurniture is a great idea:

  • Shopping for single-door refrigerators at Megafurniture could offer significant cost savings, as evidenced by our discount codes​​.
  • Our store typically boasts a wide range of single-door refrigerators, catering to different preferences and budgets.
  • We provide vital customer service, offering assistance during the purchase process and after-sales support.
  • We provide warranties on our single-door refrigerators, ensuring peace of mind for the buyer.