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Scandinavian Chest of Drawers Singapore

Scandinavian Chest of Drawers

Shop Premium Scandinavian Chests of Drawers in Singapore

Decluttering your bedroom? Adding a touch of sophistication to your living space? Whatever your design dilemma, Scandinavian chests of drawers are the perfect solution. Explore our range of Nordic chests of drawers on sale to find the perfect piece for your home!

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1 Result


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Walter Ash Wood Chest Of Drawer Singapore
Walter Ash Wood Chest Of Drawer Singapore

Walter Ash Wood Chest Of Drawer

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Regular price $899.00 $1,099.00 $899.00 18% off

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When it comes to creating a harmonious and functional bedroom, the Scandinavian design philosophy has been winning hearts for its clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative storage solutions. For those facing space constraints in their bedrooms, Scandinavian chests of drawers offer the perfect blend of style and functionality.

How to Tackle Your Bedroom's Space Constraints the Scandinavian Style?

Scandinavian design is synonymous with simplicity, functionality, and a clutter-free environment. But how can you achieve this in your small room? To make the most of your limited bedroom space, you can follow these Scandinavian principles:

  1. Begin by decluttering your bedroom. Get rid of unnecessary items and keep only what you need.

  2. Scandinavian style often features a palette of neutral colours like white, grey, and beige. These shades create a sense of airiness and spaciousness.

  3. Ensure your bedroom is well-lit with natural light. Use sheer curtains to allow sunlight to flood the room.

  4. Invest in multifunctional furniture pieces, like a Scandinavian chest of drawers, which not only adds storage but also complements your bedroom's aesthetics.

What Types of Scandinavian Chests of Drawers are There?

Tallboy Chests

These vertical chests are perfect for small spaces, offering ample storage without taking up much floor space.

Wide Dressers

If you have more room to spare, wide dressers provide a generous amount of storage and a sleek surface for additional decor.

Commode Chests

These compact, antique-inspired chests add a touch of vintage charm to your bedroom while providing storage for your essentials.

Modern Drawer Units

For a contemporary touch, modern drawer units with clean lines and minimalist design are an excellent choice.

What Can You Store in a Nordic Chest of Drawers?

Scandinavian chests of drawers are versatile pieces that can accommodate a range of bedroom essentials, including:

  1. Clothing. Store your clothing items neatly, from socks and underwear in the top drawers to bulkier items like sweaters and jeans in the larger ones.

  2. Bed Linens. Keep your bed linens, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, well organised and easily accessible.

  3. Accessories. Use the smaller drawers to store accessories like scarves, belts, and jewellery, helping you stay organised and clutter-free.

  4. Personal Items. Keep your personal items like diaries, stationery, and valuables safe in the hidden compartments.

How to Style a Scandinavian Chest of Drawers

  1. Keep the top surface uncluttered with a few carefully chosen decor items like a potted plant, a framed artwork, or a stylish lamp.

  2. Add a touch of nature with some greenery. A potted plant or fresh flowers can bring life to your Scandinavian setting.

  3. Introduce textures through soft furnishings like cushions or a throw blanket to create warmth in the room.

  4. Use storage baskets or boxes to organise items within the drawers, making it easier to find what you need.

Scandinavian Chest of Drawers Shopping FAQs 

What is the Scandinavian design style?

Scandinavian design is a minimalist and functional style originating in the Nordic countries. It emphasises simplicity, clean lines, and a neutral colour palette, making it a popular choice for furniture that complements a modern and uncluttered aesthetic.

Why choose a chest of drawers?

A chest of drawers is a versatile and practical storage solution. It not only provides ample storage space for clothing, accessories, or other items but also adds a touch of sophistication to your living space. It's a perfect piece for bedrooms, living rooms, or even hallways.

What should I consider when shopping for a Scandinavian chest of drawers at Megafurniture?

  • Size: Ensure the chest of drawers fits your space appropriately.
  • Material: Consider the type of wood or material used, as it affects both the aesthetics and durability.
  • Style: Match the design with your existing decor to create a harmonious look.
  • Functionality: Evaluate the number of drawers and their size to meet your storage needs.
  • Budget: Set a budget range, as prices for Scandinavian furniture can vary.

Is Megafurniture a reliable place to shop for Scandinavian furniture?

Megafurniture has gained a reputation for offering a wide selection of furniture items, including Scandinavian-inspired pieces. To determine reliability, read customer reviews, inquire about their return policy, and visit their physical stores if possible. Doing thorough research is always advisable.

Do I have to assemble the furniture myself?

This can vary based on the product. Some items may come fully assembled, while others may require some degree of self-assembly. Be sure to check the product description and inquire about assembly options before making a purchase. At Megafurniture, we offer free assembly services for many of our products. Feel free to connect with our customer care team to learn more.

How do I maintain Scandinavian furniture in good condition?

Scandinavian furniture is known for its durability, but proper maintenance is essential. Regular dusting, the use of wood cleaners, and avoiding direct sunlight can help preserve the furniture's finish and longevity.

Can I return or exchange a chest of drawers at Megafurniture?

Megafurniture typically has a return and exchange policy. It's important to understand the terms and conditions before making a purchase. Generally, returns are accepted within a specific time frame, and the item should be in its original condition.

What are the price ranges for Scandinavian chests of drawers at Megafurniture?

Prices for Scandinavian chests of drawers can vary significantly, depending on factors like size, material, and brand.

Upgrade Your Bedroom with a Scandinavian Chest of Drawers!

If you're ready to transform your living space with the timeless elegance of Scandinavian design, explore Megafurniture's exquisite collection of Scandinavian chest of drawers today!