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Midea refrigerators blend sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology, offering a refreshing take on food preservation. Each model promises consistent cooling and energy efficiency, ensuring your groceries stay fresher longer. With innovative features like multi-airflow systems, adjustable shelves, and intuitive controls, Midea makes organisation and temperature management effortless. Whether it's the sleek, space-saving silhouette perfect for modern apartments or the generous capacity ideal for growing families, there's a Midea fridge to suit every kitchen's form and function.


Midea Side-by-Side Refrigerator MRM584S Singapore Midea Side-by-Side Refrigerator MRM584S Singapore
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      Transform Everyday Living Into A Luxurious Experience With Midea Refrigerators

      Midea refrigerators come equipped with a suite of features that cater to the modern lifestyle, from multi-airflow systems that maintain an even temperature to eco-friendly energy efficiency that keeps both your power bills and carbon footprint low. The adjustable shelving and generous storage options are a dream for organisation enthusiasts, ensuring every ingredient has its place. Plus, with intuitive controls, setting the perfect chill is as simple as a touch. 

      How Midea Refrigerators Enhance Your Kitchen Experience

      Energy Efficiency

      They are engineered to consume less power, leading to savings on energy bills and contributing to a greener planet.

      Even Cooling

      The multi-airflow system distributes cold air evenly, ensuring consistent temperatures that keep food fresher for extended periods.

      Smart Storage

      Adjustable shelving and multiple compartments cater to the storage needs of various food items, maximising space and organisation.

      User-Friendly Controls

      Easy-to-use interfaces allow for simple temperature adjustments, making food preservation as effortless as possible.

      Sleek Design

      Modern aesthetics are at the heart of Midea's design philosophy, ensuring that the refrigerators enhance the look of any kitchen.

      Quiet Operation

      Midea refrigerators operate quietly, minimising noise pollution in your home environment.


      Built with high-quality materials, these refrigerators promise longevity and reliability.

      Innovative Features

      Some models include frost-free technology and humidity control, catering to specific food preservation needs.


      With a range of sizes and styles, there is a Midea refrigerator for every type of household, from compact apartments to large family homes.

      Customer Support

      Midea's commitment to customer satisfaction includes robust after-sales support and warranties, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

      Types of Midea Refrigerators 

      Classic Top Freezer

      These Midea refrigerators are like the reliable old friend who never lets you down—freezer on top, fresh food compartment below, and all your essentials within reach.


      Usually more affordable, reliable, and offer a good balance of fridge-to-freezer space.


      It might require more bending to reach lower fridge shelves, and the freezer space can be limited compared to other types.


      Bottom Freezer Convenience

      With a Midea bottom freezer, it's all about less strain and more gain. Fresh produce takes centre stage at eye level, making healthy choices a grab away.


      Fresh food compartments at eye level for easier access typically have larger freezer drawers.


      It can be more expensive than top freezer models, and the freezer drawer may require more floor space to open.

      Sleek Side-by-Side

      Glide into the cool with Midea's side-by-side refrigerators. Their slender doors open to a world of organised delight, ensuring that no craving is ever too far.


      Easy access to refrigerator and freezer sections; 

      Many models come with water and ice dispensers.


      Narrow freezer space might only accommodate a few oversized items, and they can be less energy-efficient than other models.

      French Door Flair

      The Midea French door refrigerator is where elegance meets everyday practicality. The spacious interior, bottom freezer, and upscale design invite you to store and savour your food in style.


      Ample refrigerator space with wide shelves

      Energy-efficient with the ability to open only one door at a time.


      Usually, the most expensive type and the freezer drawer at the bottom might make it harder to organise and find items.


      Compact Refrigerators

      Midea's compact refrigerators are the small-space heroes, slipping into the quiet corners of your life and keeping your snacks and drinks perfectly chilled.


      It is ideal for small spaces, lowers energy consumption, and is typically less expensive.


      Limited storage capacity, fewer features, and unsuitable for the primary household refrigerator.

      Commercial Refrigerators

      On the professional front, Midea refrigerators stand as the stalwart guardians of freshness, ready to serve in the hustle and bustle of restaurants and stores.


      Designed for high-capacity and frequent use, it is durable and offers consistent temperatures.


      It is more expensive, more extensive, requiring more space, and may have higher energy consumption.

      Understanding The Tick Rating Systems For Refrigerators

      Here is a breakdown of how the tick rating system corresponds to the annual energy consumption (AEC) for refrigerators:

      1-Tick: Less efficient. For models without a freezer, the AEC must be less than [(368 + 0.892 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.461], and for those with a freezer, less than [(465 + 1.378 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.427].

      2-Ticks: Moderate efficiency. The AEC criteria for refrigerators without a freezer is [(368 + 0.892 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.332] ≥ AEC > [(368 + 0.892 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.239], and with a freezer is [(465 + 1.378 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.312] ≥ AEC > [(465 + 1.378 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.228].

      3-Ticks: High efficiency. A refrigerator without a freezer must have an AEC equal to or greater than [(368 + 0.892 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.239], and with a freezer equal to or greater than [(465 + 1.378 \times V_{adj} _{tot}) \times 0.228].

      4-Ticks: Very high efficiency. This rating is the most energy-efficient category, and the AEC must meet the highest standards​.

      Why Shop at Megafurniture

      Shopping at Megafurniture for Midea refrigerators in Singapore brings you a curated shopping experience that balances practicality with style. Before you choose, you'll be advised to measure your kitchen, ensuring the fridge fits perfectly in its new home, with ample clearance for doors and proper ventilation to maintain efficiency​. Energy efficiency is another pivotal factor, and with the NEA Tick Rating system, Megafurniture helps you select a Midea refrigerator that is kind on your bills over the long term​. Whether on a budget or looking for high-end features, we aim to match you with a Midea refrigerator that suits your financial and practical needs for years​​.

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