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Hand Blenders Singapore

Hand Blenders

Shop Innovative and High-Quality Hand Blenders

“Blend with ease and flexibility with our handheld blender Singapore"

Our hand blenders in Singapore are nifty, powerful gadgets that are a dream for whipping everything from velvety soups in the pot to smoothies, sauces, and baby food in a snap. Each hand held blender is thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic grips, easy-to-detach parts for simple cleaning, and adjustable speeds for various cooking tasks. 


3 Results

3 Results


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Odette 9-in-1 Hand Blender & Chopper Set With Vacuum Pack Container Singapore
Odette 9-in-1 Hand Blender & Chopper Set With Vacuum Pack Container Singapore

Odette 9-in-1 Hand Blender & Chopper Set With Vacuum Pack Container

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Regular price $0.00 $199.90 $139.90 Save 30%

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Odette Multifunction 2-Speed Immersion Handheld Blender Singapore
Odette Multifunction 2-Speed Immersion Handheld Blender Singapore


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The Ultimate Hand Blender (Essential) HB-BSC-BK by Kith Singapore
The Ultimate Hand Blender (Essential) HB-BSC-BK by Kith Singapore


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Make Blending a Quick, Effortless, and Enjoyable Part of Cooking With our Premium Hand Blenders

Our premium hand blenders make blending a quick, effortless, and delightful part of your culinary adventures; these hand blenders are a must-have in any modern kitchen. With their powerful performance, ergonomic design, and easy-to-use features, they simplify tasks like pureeing soups, whipping creams, and creating smoothies. Say goodbye to bulky appliances and time-consuming prep work. 

Key Features of Hand Blenders

  • Their compact, handheld design is a breeze to handle and a snap to store, fitting comfortably in your hand and manoeuvring easily in pots and bowls.

  • Don't let their size fool you – these hand blenders pack a punch with motors strong enough to tackle everything from silky smoothies to hearty soups.

  • With adjustable speed settings, you're in charge of the texture, ensuring everything from sauces to shakes turns out just right.

  • The detachable parts make washing up a walk in the park, and many are dishwasher-friendly.

  • Whether blending, chopping, whisking, or pureeing, these blenders are up for the task, with some models featuring extra attachments for even more versatility.

  • You can dive into your pot or pan with hand blenders, making for a streamlined cooking process.

  • Crafted for durability, these blenders are ready to withstand the rigours of daily use.

  • Thoughtful safety features like locks and blade guards keep splatters and accidental touches at bay.

Who Can Benefit From Hand Blenders The Most

Everyday Home Chefs: 

Ideal for regular home cooking, hand blenders simplify tasks like blending soups, whipping up dressings, or making smoothies.

Parents Making Baby Food: 

They're a boon for parents who must puree fruits and veggies into smooth, baby-friendly meals.

Baking Aficionados: 

Bakers will find hand blenders useful for quick tasks like whipping cream or preparing batter.

Health-Conscious Individuals: 

For those focused on a healthy diet, hand blenders are perfect for creating nutritious smoothies and blending whole foods.

People with Compact Kitchens: 

If space is at a premium, the small footprint of a hand blender is a big plus.

Busy Meal Preppers: 

Making large batches of soups, sauces, or dips for meal prep is much easier with a hand blender.

Seniors or Those with Limited Hand Strength: 

Hand blenders' lightweight and ergonomic design makes them accessible for older adults or anyone with limited hand mobility.

Students and Solo Dwellers: 

Hand blenders are an ideal, easy-to-manage kitchen gadget for single servings or small-scale cooking.

How To Spot A Less-Than-Ideal Hand Blender In The Market

  • A hand blender with a low-powered motor might need help with more challenging tasks like blending frozen fruits or hard vegetables. Choosing a model with enough power to meet your needs is essential.

  • Flimsy construction or materials that seem cheap can be a sign of a blender that won't stand the test of time. Look for sturdy, durable materials and solid assembly.

  • Hand blenders are held for extended periods, so an uncomfortable grip can make using them a chore. Ensure the handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.

  • If the blender has lots of nooks and crannies or is challenging to disassemble, it can be a hassle to clean, which might discourage you from using it.

  • A model that overheats quickly can be a safety hazard and might also indicate an underpowered motor or poor design.

  • Having only one speed can limit the versatility of the blender. Multiple speed options offer more control over the blending process.

  • Excessively loud hand blenders can be disruptive. While all will make some noise, extremely loud models can be a nuisance.

  • If you choose a corded model, a short cord can limit manoeuvrability. For cordless models, poor battery life can be frustrating.

  • A lack of warranty or reports of poor customer service can be a red flag, indicating the company's lack of confidence in its product or commitment to customer satisfaction.

Common Types of Hand Blenders

Basic Hand Blenders: 

These simplest forms are primarily used for blending soups, sauces, and smoothies. They typically have a fixed blade and a single-speed setting, making them straightforward.

Multifunctional Hand Blenders: 

These come with additional attachments like whisks, choppers, or even a container for blending. They're more versatile, allowing you to chop vegetables, whip cream, or even grind small quantities of nuts and spices.

Corded Hand Blenders: 

These need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They usually offer more power and continuous operation but limit mobility due to the cord.

Cordless Hand Blenders: 

Powered by rechargeable batteries, these blenders offer more freedom of movement and are ideal for kitchens where outlets are not conveniently located. However, they might have less power than corded models and require regular charging.

Immersion Blenders with Variable Speeds: 

These models offer multiple speed settings, giving you greater control over the texture and consistency of your blend. They are ideal for recipes that require precision.

Commercial Hand Blenders: 

Designed for professional kitchens, these are more powerful and durable, built to withstand heavy and continuous use. They are ideal for large quantities and frequent use.

Hand Blenders with Heating Elements: 

A less common type, these blenders can heat while blending, perfect for preparing soups and sauces directly in the pot.

Where To Grab The Best Hand Blender

Shopping for hand blenders at Megafurniture is an experience beyond just purchasing. Here, you'll find various hand blenders, each carefully chosen for its exceptional quality and performance. We have the newest and most innovative designs for effortless blending.

Another standout advantage of Megafurniture is undoubtedly our customer service. The staff are more than just knowledgeable; they're enthusiastic about helping you find the ideal hand blender. We also offer regular deals and competitive prices.

Price Range of Our Hand Blenders

Our hand blenders would have a price range from S$50 to a premium S$1,000+. The lower end of the hand blender spectrum offers basic functionality and other reliable features, while the high-end, professional blender includes sophisticated models with additional attachments and enhanced capabilities.