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EuropAce Wine Coolers Singapore

EuropAce Wine Coolers

Shop Innovative and High-Quality EuropAce Wine Coolers

A perfect home for your treasured vintage wines..

The EuropAce wine coolers marry form with function, showcasing a sleek aesthetic that complements any décor while promising the pinnacle of preservation. Quiet, vibration-free, and equipped with precise temperature control, these coolers ensure your collection matures gracefully. The intuitive shelving cradles each bottle, and the UV-protected glass doors guard against light degradation. Whether hosting a soirée or savouring a solo glass, Europace turns every uncorking into a celebration of taste and tradition. 


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Preserve Your Cherished Collections with EuropAce Wine Coolers

 Designed to impress, EuropAce wine coolers are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, ensuring your prized collection ages perfectly and becomes a centrepiece of your home. The unique selling point of Europace lies in its precision climate control, which maintains the ideal conditions for both robust reds and delicate whites. Coupled with anti-vibration systems and UV-protected doors, your wines are cradled in a sanctuary that promises the integrity of every flavour note. With EuropAce, you can curate moments and memories, one perfectly chilled bottle at a time.

Benefits of EuropAce Wine Coolers

Consistent Temperature Control

EuropAce wine coolers offer precise temperature management, ensuring wines are stored at the optimal temperature for preservation and maturation.

UV-Protected Glass Doors

The coolers protect wines from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, which can degrade and age wines prematurely.

Anti-Vibration System

With an advanced anti-vibration system, EuropAce wine coolers minimise disturbances, allowing the wine to age properly without agitation.

Elegant Design

Beyond functionality, EuropAce wine coolers boast a modern and sleek design that enhances the decor of any space.

Adjustable Shelving

The flexible shelving options accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes, making these coolers adaptable to any wine collection.

User-Friendly Interface

EuropAce wine coolers are equipped with intuitive controls for ease of temperature and humidity adjustments.

Energy Efficiency

They are designed to be energy-efficient, providing optimal wine storage conditions while minimising energy consumption.

Security Lock

Some models include a security lock feature, adding an extra layer of protection for your valuable collection.

Quiet Operation

The coolers operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment in your home or establishment.

Humidity Control

Maintaining the correct humidity levels is essential, and EuropAce wine coolers manage this balance to prevent corks from drying out.

Types of EuropAce Wine Coolers

Single-Zone EuropAce Wine Coolers

These are ideal for individuals who prefer to store one type of wine, either red or white, at a consistent temperature. They're great for beginners or those who prefer a particular wine.

Dual-Zone EuropAce Wine Coolers

Dual-zone coolers offer two separate temperature areas for the wine enthusiast with a diverse collection. This allows for simultaneous storage of red and white wines at ideal temperatures.

Built-In EuropAce Wine Coolers

These are designed to fit seamlessly into cabinetry, perfect for those who want a built-in look or are short on space. They offer a sleek, integrated appearance while providing all the benefits of temperature and humidity control.

Freestanding EuropAce Wine Coolers

Offering flexibility in placement, these coolers can stand alone in any room. They come in various sizes, from small models holding a dozen bottles to larger ones storing hundreds.

Thermoelectric EuropAce Wine Coolers

Known for their quiet operation and energy efficiency, thermoelectric coolers are ideal for energy-conscious people who prefer a silent environment.

EuropAce Wine Cooler Size Guide

Small EuropAce Wine Coolers

These typically hold between 8 to 20 bottles, ideal for those with a limited collection or for use in small spaces like apartments or offices.

Medium EuropAce Wine Coolers

For more serious enthusiasts, medium-sized coolers can store approximately 21 to 50 bottles, providing a good balance between size and capacity.

Large EuropAce Wine Coolers

Large models are designed for seasoned collectors and can accommodate 51 to 100 bottles. They offer more advanced features for long-term storage and ageing.

Extra-Large EuropAce Wine Coolers

For the dedicated connoisseur or commercial use, these can hold over 100 bottles. They often come with multiple cooling zones and other premium features.

Care Tips For Your EuropAce Wine Coolers

Regular Cleaning

Clean your EuropAce wine coolers by wiping the interior with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals that might damage the cooler or affect the flavour of your wine.

Maintain Temperature

Ensure that the EuropAce wine coolers are kept at a consistent temperature. Frequent fluctuations can harm your wine and the efficiency of the cooler.

Check the Seals

Periodically inspect the door seals of your EuropAce wine coolers for wear and tear. A tight seal maintains the internal temperature and humidity at ideal levels.

Avoid Vibration

Even though EuropAce wine coolers come with anti-vibration technology, it’s best to place them in an area where they will experience minimal external vibrations.

Proper Ventilation

If you have a built-in model, ensure your EuropAce wine coolers have adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

Humidity Control

Monitor the humidity levels in your EuropAce wine coolers, especially if you're storing corked wine, to prevent the corks from drying out.


Freestanding EuropAce wine coolers should be placed away from direct sunlight and heat sources to maintain a consistent internal temperature.

Benefits of Shopping at Megafurniture

Wide Selection

Megafurniture provides many home appliances, including a diverse selection of EuropAce wine coolers to suit any wine enthusiast's needs, from small units to large, multi-zone coolers.

Competitive Pricing

With regular deals and promotions, customers can often find EuropAce wine coolers at competitive prices, making high-quality wine storage more accessible.

Customer Service

Megafurniture prides on excellent customer service, offering expert advice to help you find the perfect EuropAce wine cooler for your collection.

Convenient Delivery Options

We provide reliable delivery services, ensuring your EuropAce wine cooler arrives safely and efficiently at your doorstep.

Warranty and Support

Purchasing EuropAce wine coolers from Megafurniture often comes with the assurance of a warranty and customer support, giving buyers peace of mind.

Flexible Payment Options

Megafurniture typically offers flexible payment methods, including financing options, which can make investing in a high-quality EuropAce wine cooler more manageable for customers.

Showroom Experience

For those who prefer to see products in person, Megafurniture's showrooms allow customers to get a feel for the quality and size of the EuropAce wine coolers, aiding in their decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I tailor the temperature settings on my EuropAce wine cooler for my collection?

To dial in the perfect climate for your wines in a EuropAce wine cooler, simply tweak the settings using the user-friendly interface. Chill your whites and keep your reds at a gentle warmth, all at the touch of a button. Dual-zone models are convenient if you love reds and whites—keep each side tailored to your wines' needs.

Can I fit my oversized and shaped bottles in the EuropAce wine cooler? 

EuropAce wine coolers have the flexibility of adjustable racks, so those special bottles with a bit more curve or height can be accommodated without a fuss.

Are EuropAce wine coolers heavy on electricity consumption? 

Not at all. When you bring home a EuropAce wine cooler, you can rest easy knowing that it’s designed to keep your precious vintages at the perfect temperature without running up your electric bill—efficient and economical.

What kind of warranty does EuropAce offer with their wine coolers?

EuropAce has covered you with a solid warranty plan that typically includes comprehensive coverage for parts and labour. For the details, flip through the warranty booklet or drop a line to their friendly customer service.

How does the EuropAce wine cooler keep my bottles safe from light damage? 

Bid farewell to worries of light spoiling your wine. The UV-resistant glass on your EuropAce wine cooler’s door ensures that your bottles are shielded from light exposure that could age them before their time.

What if my EuropAce wine cooler isn't staying at the set temperature? 

If your EuropAce wine cooler is getting too warm or cool for comfort, check its surroundings—keep it clear from anything that radiates heat or lets in sunlight. If it's still not right, a call to EuropAce customer service should be your next move—they're there to help iron out any temperature tangles.