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Helia Metal Bed Bunk Bed - Triple Decker Singapore Helia Metal Bed Bunk Bed - Triple Decker Singapore
Helia Metal Bed Bunk Bed - Triple Decker
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    Versatile Bunk Bed in Singapore

    When space is at a premium, it's vital to look for excellent space-saving furniture choices that can help you maximise the use of your area without having a bulky and unorganised look. Bunk beds in Singapore are excellent choices when it comes to fitting multiple sleeping areas into a single shared room without taking up too much floor space. Create a kids' haven with charming and secure bunk beds with ladders that are perfect for your little ones who share the same room. Compared to purchasing two separate beds, kids bunk beds are excellent when it comes to maintaining an aesthetically appealing space that your children will surely adore.

    Need extra space for sleepovers or overnight guests? Try a triple bunk bed or a bunk bed with a pull-out trundle that can accommodate a single size or a super single mattress. How about some extra space for your teenagers' study desks? Optimise your space with loft beds or high beds to maximise the use of your floor area while upgrading the style of the bedroom.

    Are Bunk Beds Safe to Use?

    While home spaces shrink and families grow, kids bunk beds or double decker bunk beds are many households' go-to solutions to save space and give everyone, especially kids who have outgrown their old beds, a comfortable area to sleep in. However, it is natural for parents to have some second thoughts when introducing kids bunk beds into their homes. In addition to space-saving and style, safety is one of our foremost concerns when using bunk beds. The good news is that our bunk beds are created by following strict standards in terms of the quality of materials, height requirements, safety rails, stairs, and other notable safety features.

    What is the Best Age to Use a Bunk Bed?

    Double decker bunk beds are suited for kids aged 4 to 16. However, only kids aged 6 and up are allowed to sleep on the top bunk, or when your kid is prepared to sleep alone on the top bunk. We highly recommend looking for guard rails to guarantee the safety of the bed even when an older kid or a teenager is using the high bunk bed. If a double decker bed is not the best solution for your child, you can opt for a double bed with a pull-out trundle and additional storage space to maximise your floor area while catering to more sleepers. These trundle options can accommodate single size to super single mattresses.

    This way, you can save more space and create a play space for your little ones. Complete your lovely kid’s haven with matching kids furniture!

    Can Adults Sleep on Bunk Beds?

    The short answer is yes. A double decker bed is more than an exclusive kids furniture. A bunk bed is sturdy enough to support an adult sleeper, but always check the size of the bed before purchasing to ensure your comfort and proper sleep support.

    Do You Need a Special Mattress for Your Bunk Bed?

    Bunk beds and loft beds  come in different sizes and can have various mattress requirements. Many kids' bunk beds can accommodate single size to super single mattresses. For safety reasons, your mattress height should not exceed the height of your top bunk's railings. A safe mattress height for a bunk bed is less than 8 inches. If using a topper, your mattress height plus the thickness of the topper should not exceed the required mattress thickness.

    In terms of materials, you may opt for memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses, depending on your comfort preference.

    How Much Is a Bunk Bed in Singapore?

    At Megafurniture, we offer high-quality bunk beds in Singapore starting at $349. You can find a range of double-decker beds and triple-decker bunk beds made from premium materials and carefully constructed to ensure their safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

    Stylish Bunk Beds at Megafurniture

    From reliable wooden bunk beds, kids bunk beds, and modern metal varieties, we offer excellent bunk beds in Singapore at the best prices. Create a creative, cosy, and well-coordinated bedroom with multipurpose double decker beds from Megafurniture. Check out our latest deals and get big discounts online!