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Yonder Details 

Presenting Yonder, a renowned name in interior design with a legacy spanning since 2004. Yonder has become a trusted choice for individual homeowners and retail establishments, crafting captivating spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Company Name


Address/ Showroom

100 , PECK SEAH STREET , PS 100 , #08-19 , SINGAPORE 079333





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Yonder Highlights 

The journey to their success is underpinned by a meticulous 4-step design process: Lifestyle Planning, Visualisation, Project Management, and Staging. Commencing with Lifestyle Planning, Yonder delves into discerning each client's distinctive requirements, preferences, and aspirations. This informs the creation of ideas that seamlessly merge style and functionality, especially in optimising spatial layouts.


Visualisation: Envisioning the Extraordinary 

With an adept team, Yonder leaps at the Visualisation stage. Here, the team's expertise is harnessed to conjure space optimisation solutions that stand out in effectiveness and visual allure. This process allows clients to experience a lifelike 360-degree view of their future spaces, immersed in impeccably rendered 3D environments.


Project Management: Where Expertise Thrives 

Project Management is an arena where Yonder truly excels. Drawing on an extensive history of collaboration with skilled professionals, Yonder orchestrates efforts to anticipate potential challenges and proactively recommend solutions. This strategy ensures a streamlined journey, guarding against unforeseen costs and time overruns.


Meticulous Detailing: Crafting the Masterpiece 

The pièce de résistance of Yonder's design narrative lies in its meticulous detailing. This is the juncture where every element converges, culminating in a harmonious and cohesive end product. The meticulous touch applied to each facet completes the overarching aesthetic, a testament to Yonder's unwavering dedication to delivering excellence.


Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Condominium Interior Design
  • HDB Interior Design
  • Landed Interior Design
  • Space-Layout Solutions



How does Yonder distinguish itself from other interior design firms? 

Yonder sets itself apart through an all-encompassing 4-step design process, encompassing Lifestyle Planning, Visualisation, Project Management, and Staging. This comprehensive approach ensures spaces that are tailored to individual visions and requirements.

What sets Yonder's Visualisation stage apart? 

Yonder's Visualisation stage is a revelation. Employing a proficient team, Yonder crafts captivating 3D renderings that virtually transport clients into their envisioned spaces. This transcends mere visuals, offering an immersive journey into possibilities.

How does Yonder ensure adherence to project timelines? 

Yonder's forte lies in Project Management. Collaborating seamlessly with diverse professionals, Yonder anticipates and mitigates potential obstacles, ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely completion, a hallmark of a seamless experience.

Can Yonder accommodate diverse interior design requirements? 

Certainly. Yonder offers tailored solutions for condominiums, HDB apartments landed homes, and innovative space-layout solutions. This versatility ensures the realisation of every client's unique vision.

What defines Yonder's commitment to quality? 

Yonder's dedication to quality is unwavering. Each project is treated as a work of art, focusing on even the minutest details. Yonder takes immense pride in delivering designs and immersive living experiences that uplift and inspire.



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