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VNA Design

VNA Design emerges as the pinnacle of interior design expertise within Singapore. VNA Design redefines the essence of design innovation, specialising in turning residences and commercial spaces into stunning and operational sanctuaries.


VNA Design Details

Immersed in Singapore's vibrant cultural milieu, VNA Design is your passport to a world of design brilliance. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge aesthetics with functional pragmatism, VNA Design boasts a team of seasoned artisans committed to transformation.

Company Name


HDB Directory Number


Address/ Showroom

432 Balestier Rd, #01-438, Singapore 329813


+65 9671 4559




  • BCA-Registered Contractor
  • HDB-Registered
  • bizSAFE2

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VNA Design Highlights

Recognising the intrinsic individuality of every space, VNA Design extends an invitation to partake in a 15-minute virtual consultation free of charge. This personalised interaction offers a glimpse into the minds of expert designers who, with sagacity, impart insights and recommendations to materialise the ultimate design vision. Through this dialogue, an understanding of distinctive style preferences transpires, accentuated by exposure to trending interior motifs.


Services Offered

Services Offered

Residential Interior Design: Unveiling residences transformed into realms of comfort and elegance, VNA Design is a maestro at harmonising visual aesthetics with practical functionality. Tailoring spaces to mirror occupants' personas, this service crafts stories within four walls.

Commercial Interior Design: Employing a holistic approach, VNA Design's commercial designs metamorphose business spaces into dynamic arenas that reflect brand identity while nurturing innovation and focus.


VNA Design Credentials

Star Merchant/s Awards — 2019

Firs Consumer’s Choice — 2019


VNA Design FAQs

How do I engage in consultation with VNA Design? 

Initiating consultation is effortless; navigate the firm's website and utilise their streamlined booking system to secure a virtual interaction slot that suits your schedule.

Is VNA Design attuned to diverse design preferences? 

Certainly. The ID firm's skilled designers are well-versed in various design styles, guaranteeing comprehensive alignment with client preferences.

What sets VNA Design apart in the interior design landscape? 

The firm's differentiating factor resides in a personalised touch. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each space and individual, VNA Design's projects harmonise function with character.


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