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TA.LE Architects

TA.LE Architects, established with a firm conviction in the power of modern architectural brilliance and innovative interior designs, holds the fundamental principle that well-crafted spaces play a key role in enhancing the comfort and well-being of their occupants. 

This belief is rooted in the understanding that thoughtful design has the potential to radiate a positive impact throughout society.

If you're ready to embrace innovation, TA.LE might be the best partner for your next interior design project. Read on to know more about this notable company.


TA.LE Architects Details

Company Name

TA.LE Architects

Address/ Showroom

150 Cecil Street #11-03, Singapore 069543


(65) 6221 6332

(65) 6226 6332



Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


TA.LE Architects Highlights

interior design planning

Award-Winning Excellence

Renowned for its excellence, TA.LE Architects has earned multiple accolades, including the Design Excellence Award.


Seamless Collaboration

TA.LE Architects strives for nothing less than excellence with its collaborative approach engaging with clients and partnering with leading building contractors in Singapore. The firm ensures a dynamic interplay of perspectives for a seamless fusion of innovative architectural design and meticulous construction.


Innovative Design Solutions

TA.LE Architects understands that as the world evolves, our needs also evolve. Continuously listening to the pulse of people's changing needs, TA.LE Architects ceaselessly endeavours to reinvent and adapt, resulting in a portfolio of modern marvels and innovative solutions.


Services Offered

office interior design

  • 3D rendering
  • Accessible design
  • Architectural design 
  • Commercial design
  • Floor plans
  • Green building
  • Historic building conservation
  • Home renovation and restoration
  • Project management
  • Space planning
  • Universal design
  • Custom homes

To get the full scope of TA.LE Architecture's services, feel free to connect with their team.


TA.LE Architects Awards and Credentials

  • Feature- The Straits Times- Society of Interior Designers Singapore's 20 Under 45: Young talent raise the bar
  • Feature- The Business Times - Cream of the design crop
  • Feature- Singapore’s Finest- The 10 Finest Architecture Firms in Singapore
  • Feature- Best in Singapore- Best Commercial Interior Designers in Singapore
  • SIDS - 20 UNDER 45 Award 2021
  • Commercial Design Winner - SIT Furniture Design Award 2020 (Alexandria Maison)
  • Design Excellence Awards 2020

Learn more about TA.LE’s accolades by visiting their website.


TA.LE Architects FAQs

Where is TA.LE Architects located? 

TA.LE Architects is situated at 150 Cecil Street #11-03, Singapore 069543.


What types of services does TA.LE Architects offer? 

TA.LE Architects provides a range of services including residential and commercial architecture, as well as conservation services.


How can I get in touch with TA.LE Architects? 

You can connect with TA.LE Architects by calling their contact numbers: (65) 6221 6332 or (65) 6226 6332. Alternatively, you can visit their contact page or social media pages for more information.


Can I request a consultation with TA.LE Architects for my project?

Yes, you can request a consultation with TA.LE Architects for your project by contacting them through their provided phone numbers or visiting their official contact page.


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