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Studio CS - Megafurniture

Studio CS

In pursuing spaces that resonate with our personalities, we often ask ourselves: How can a living area mirror our essence while maintaining practicality?

If you've been looking for a design haven that strikes this delicate balance, look no further than Studio CS. In this article, we will delve into the seamless fusion of artistry and utility that Studio CS brings. So, whether you're seeking to transform a compact apartment or reimagine an entire home, keep reading as we explore how Studio CS turns these design dreams into realities.

Studio CS Details

Studio CS team comprises seasoned designers with over 10 years of experience, poised to guide you seamlessly through your renovation journey.

Studio CS

Studio CS


1 Yishun Industrial St 1, A’posh Bizhub, #08-09 Singapore


+65 8858 4894



  • Studio CS specialises in transforming your envisioned homes into realities.
  • Studio CS collaborates effectively to address issues, ensuring a renovation process free from stress.
  • Their objective extends beyond mere house conversion – they are dedicated to crafting personalised homes that genuinely reflect their clients’ aspirations.

Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and not encompass the ID's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.

Studio CS Highlights

About Studio CS

Founded on harmonising functionality with aesthetics, Studio CS excels in crafting spaces that effortlessly unite form and purpose, offering clients a balanced fusion of beauty and practicality. Studio CS goes beyond conventional design, fostering a culture of imaginative creativity coupled with meticulous attention to detail. Driven by the principles of purposeful design and cultural significance, Studio CS remains committed to transforming spaces into personalised sanctuaries.

Portfolio and Design Style

Studio CS’s impressive portfolio is a testament to its commitment to creating spaces that reflect its clients’ visions and embody their signature design style. With an eye for detail and a penchant for innovation, each project showcases its ability to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary living experiences. Their design style seamlessly blends modern elements with timeless aesthetics, creating sophisticated, comfortable interiors. Studio CS’s portfolio demonstrates its versatility in translating diverse concepts into captivating realities, whether a minimalist sanctuary or a vibrant and eclectic space.

Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Interior Design Services

Interior Design Credentials

  • Top 20 Interior Design Awards 2020/2021
  • Singapore Prestige Class Award 2020/2021


Can Studio CS accommodate different design preferences?

Studio CS's versatile portfolio showcases their ability to translate concepts into captivating realities, catering to various design preferences.

How can I view Studio CS’s portfolio?

Studio CS's portfolio can be accessed on their official website, showcasing various projects highlighting their design expertise and creativity.

How can I get in touch with Studio CS for my projects?

You can contact Studio CS through their official website or the above contact information.




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