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Renex Interior

Have you ever flipped through design magazines, wondering how to translate those captivating aesthetics into your home? Or have you been seeking a design solution that goes beyond the surface, one that encapsulates your lifestyle and aspirations? Renex Interior might have the answers you’re looking for. Whether you’ve been on the hunt for a design partner that will turn your vision into reality, Renex Interior's knack for blending aesthetic mastery with functional comfort could definitely help you turn your dream home into reality.

Renex Interior Details

Renex Interior's mission lies and is centred on sincerity, responsibility and a commitment to delivering the highest quality.

Renex Interior

Renex Interior Llp

HDB Directory Number



122 Eunos Ave 7, #06-16, Richfield Industrial Centre, Singapore 409575


+65 9239 2968 / +65 9278 0379



  • Their core values drive every aspect of their work, ensuring each project is infused with genuine dedication and a strong sense of accountability.

Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and not encompass the ID's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.

Renex Interior Highlights

Renex Interior Highlights

About Renex Interior

Renex Interior comprises a team of dedicated professionals boasting over 25 years of collective expertise. Comprising skilled craftsmen with a passion for their craft, and the team is committed to delivering top-notch interior design services distinguished by their meticulous workmanship.

Portfolio and Design Style

Renex Interior's portfolio is a testament to their design ingenuity, featuring a captivating spectrum of projects spanning genres and styles. Their approach is marked by a remarkable ability to fuse creativity with functionality, resulting in spaces that dazzle the eye and cater to practical needs. Whether embracing modern minimalism or classic opulence, Renex Interior's design style is characterised by its adaptability, ensuring every client's tailored and engaging experience.

Services Offered

  • Space Planning
  • Renovation
  • Styling

Interior Design Accreditation

  • HDB-registered


How experienced is the Renex Interior team?

The Renex Interior team boasts over 25 years of collective experience, comprising skilled craftsmen and passionate individuals dedicated to their craft.

Can Renex Interior work with various design styles?

Yes, Renex Interior prides itself on its versatility, capable of working with various design styles.


How can I get in touch with Renex Interior for a project inquiry?

You can reach out to Renex Interior through their official website or the contact details provided above.


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