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Miracle Design Studio - Megafurniture

Miracle Design Studio

Looking for a remarkable interior design experience in Singapore? Look no further than Miracle Design Studio! Their mission is simple yet profound - to provide owners with an exceptional journey through the renovation process. They believe in creating spaces that perfectly balance functionality and aesthetics. With an expert team and a passion for interior design, they guarantee your design dreams will become a reality.


Miracle Design Studio Details

Miracle Design Studio is your go-to destination if you're seeking top-notch interior design services in Singapore. They excel in transforming spaces, whether a residential haven or a commercial masterpiece. Their expertise lies in crafting designs that not only mesmerise but also elevate the overall experience of a space. They take pride in understanding and translating your needs into tangible designs that breathe life into your surroundings.

Company Name

Miracle Design Studio Pte. Ltd.

HDB Directory Number


Address/ Showroom

By Appointment


+65 83499670




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Miracle Design Studio Highlights


Terrence Chui - The Passionate Designer

Miracle Design Studio is fortunate to have the talented Terrence Chui leading their design team. His enthusiasm for interior design is unparalleled, specialising in commercial and residential projects. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles, Terrence consistently delivers projects that exceed expectations. His dedication to creating functional and visually stunning spaces has earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after designers in Singapore.


Interior Designer Singapore Review

Their clients often commend them for their exceptional services and the expertise Terrence brings to each project. The positive reviews from satisfied customers have led us to be recognised as one of the top interior design companies in Singapore. They are humbled by the trust their clients place in us and strive to maintain the highest standards in our work.


Services Offered

Miracle Design Studio caters to diverse interior design needs, whether for residential or commercial spaces. Their services include:


Residential Interior Design

Transform your house into a dream home with their bespoke residential interior design solutions. From conceptualisation to execution, they work closely with you to create spaces that reflect your personality and style. The designer team maximises functionality without compromising aesthetics, ensuring your living spaces are comfortable and visually appealing.


Commercial Interior Design

Our commercial interior design services are the answer for businesses looking to create a strong brand identity and a captivating ambience. They understand the importance of an inviting workspace and design environments that foster creativity, productivity, and positive energy. From offices to retail stores, they have the expertise to elevate the clients' business' interior design to the next level.


Featured Projects

As a testament to their dedication and creativity, these are some highlights of their featured projects:

Commercial Interior Design: Evo Ark&Gambas

Explore their outstanding work for Evo Ark&Gambas, a commercial space that captures attention with its contemporary design and functional layout

Residential Interior Design: 120D Cabrera

Discover the magic of 120D Cabrera, a residential project that showcases their ability to craft elegant and comfortable living spaces

Landed Interior Design: Belgravia Villa

Step into the enchanting world of Belgravia Villa, a landed property that harmoniously blends luxury and practicality



    How can Miracle Design Studio transform my home?

    At Miracle Design Studio, they approach every project with a client-centric focus. Their talented designers listen to your requirements, preferences, and ideas. Miracle Design Studio can translate them into unique, functional designs that perfectly match your vision. With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, your home will undergo a remarkable transformation.


    Can I hire Miracle Design Studio for commercial projects as well?

    Absolutely! They specialise in both residential and commercial interior design. Whether you need a captivating office space, a stylish retail store, or a restaurant with a distinct personality, they have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.


    How do I get started with Miracle Design Studio? 

    Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to them via their website or contact their friendly team. They will schedule a consultation to understand your requirements and discuss your project's details. From there, they will take the reins and guide you through the design process.


    How long does it take to complete a typical project with Miracle Design Studio? 

    The duration of a project varies depending on its scope and complexity. Rest assured that Miracle Design Studio always strives to deliver within reasonable time frames without compromising on the quality of their work.



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