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Make Room

Details about Make Room Pte Ltd

Make Room is a premier name in the realm of interior design companies in Singapore. With a distinct reputation for excellence, transforming spaces into stunning artistic marvels is Make Room's speciality. A dedicated team of adept designers and experts collectively strive to translate interiors into a seamless blend of functionality, aesthetics, and individuality, culminating in the materialisation of your dreams.


Company Name

Make Room Pte Ltd

Address/ Showroom

20A Amoy S20A Amoy Street, 069855treet, 069855


+65 6222 3042





Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.

Exploring Make Room's Highlights

At the forefront of Make Room's approach lies a four-stage process that promises to redefine the dynamics of interior design. By embracing this strategy, Make Room fosters a highly productive partnership, amplifying synergy between designers and clients. Whether the project entails a singular room enhancement or a comprehensive renovation of an entire home or workspace, this process guarantees outcomes that mirror your distinct style and personality.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Make Room offers an exhaustive range of services, encapsulating every facet of interior design:

  • Concept creation: Translate abstract ideas into tangible design concepts.
  • Space surveying: Accurate measurements for optimising spatial potential.
  • Floor planning: Crafting layouts that harmonise functionality and aesthetics.
  • Paint selection: Curating colours to evoke the desired ambience.
  • Furniture sourcing: Curating furnishings that seamlessly complement the design.
  • Tile picking: Handpicking tiles that amplify the overarching aesthetic.
  • Carpentry detailing: Precision-driven carpentry for a touch of distinctiveness.
  • Contractor organising: Seamless coordination with contractors for flawless execution.
  • Project managing: Overseeing every stage with a meticulous eye for detail.
  • Renovation running: Elevating renovations to meet the loftiest standards.
  • Accessory placing: Infusing final touches for a coherent and holistic look.
  • Sofa fluffing: Artfully arranging soft furnishings for both comfort and style.
  • Photo taking: Capturing the very essence of design through captivating visuals.
  • Homemaking: Crafting a space that encapsulates the essence of "home."


Make Room FAQs


Why opt for Make Room for my interior design project? 

Opt for Make Room due to its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative flair, and client-centric ethos. The outcome is a result that consistently transcends expectations.

What distinguishes the four-stage process? 

The four-stage process establishes a streamlined and collaborative experience. It empowers designers to gain a profound understanding of your requisites, culminating in a design that resonates seamlessly with your vision.

Does Make Room cater to both residential and commercial projects? 

Make Room is proficient in metamorphosing both residential and commercial spaces. The adaptable team is well-equipped to customise designs in alignment with each project's distinct prerequisites.

What degree of involvement is anticipated from me in the design process? 

Your engagement is pivotal to us. Transparent communication throughout the design odyssey ensures that your insights contribute to a space that encapsulates your identity and style.

What confers a distinct edge upon Make Room over other design firms? 

Make Room's dedication to personalised design, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to client gratification bestow a unique distinction. The objective transcends the creation of mere spaces; it's about curating experiences tailored exclusively for you.

How can I begin with Make Room's interior design services? 

Initiating the process is a seamless endeavour. Connect with us through our website or direct contact channels. A consultation will be scheduled to delve into your project, concepts, and budget, thus commencing the exciting voyage of transforming your space alongside Make Room.


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