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MAD About Design

MAD About Design, a prominent interior design firm in Singapore, was founded in 2019. With an impressive portfolio of works alongside designers and commercial builders, they have earned a reputation for creating understated yet elegantly designed homes, residences, and commercial projects. Their dedication to delivering dream designs and a commitment to understated elegance set them apart in the interior design industry in Singapore.


MAD About Design Details


MAD Interior Design firmly believes in functionality, context, and the harmonising of materials as the core principles in its works. Their designs seamlessly blend natural beauty with modernity, resulting in intelligent interiors. Each project showcases elements that delight and charm, creating a unique experience for their clientele.

MAD About Design is committed to perfectly balancing interior and place, colours and materials, and space and form. They strive to create interior spaces that reflect and enhance their clients' lifestyles.


Company Name


HDB Directory Number


Address/ Showroom

15 kim chuan terrace Singapore, 537037


+65 6573 7843




Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


MAD About Design Highlights


MAD About Design has recognised its excellence in residential design. In the SIDA 2020 competition, they were awarded the prestigious Bronze for their outstanding work in the residential interior design category.


Interior Design Expertise

MAD About Design holds the title of Singapore's Leading Luxury Interior Design Studio, known for its unmatched creativity and craftsmanship. Their passion lies in creating timeless, beautiful, and exquisite interior spaces that stand the test of time.


Interior Design Philosophy

  • Timeless: MAD About Design creates interiors that stand the test of time. Fleeting trends do not influence their designs but focus on enduring elegance and style.
  • Beautiful: With an eye for aesthetics and a dedication to detail, MAD About Design consistently delivers beautiful interiors that captivate and inspire.
  • Exquisite: Each project undertaken by MAD About Design is crafted with precision and artistry, resulting in interiors that exude sophistication and charm.


Services Offered 

MAD About Design excels in residential interior design and has been recognised for its expertise in this field, as evidenced by its SIDA 2020 Bronze award. Their services include crafting residential spaces embodying functionality and elegance, catering to their client's unique needs and preferences.


Featured Projects 

MAD About Design has an impressive portfolio of residential projects, including:

  • 464 Clementi
  • Bidadari Hillside
  • Pinehurst Condominium
  • Nyon residences
  • Seletar Park Residences
  • Stirling Residences
  • Parc Centennial


MAD About Design Awards and Credentials

MAD About Design's designers are committed to creating interiors that strike a harmonious balance between interior and place, colours and materials, space and form. Their designs reflect clients' lifestyles, ensuring every project is personalised and meaningful.
  • SIDA 2020 Bronze Awardee- Best in Residential Interior Design Category
  • HDB-Accredited Interior Design Firm


MAD About Design FAQs

What sets MAD About Design apart as an interior design firm in Singapore? 

MAD About Design stands out for its dedication to understated elegance, creating dream-designed homes, residences, and commercial projects that reflect clients' preferences.


What awards has MAD About Design won? 

MAD About Design was awarded the Bronze in the SIDA 2020 competition for its excellence in residential Design.


What is MAD About Design's focus in its interior design approach? 

MAD About Design prioritises functionality, context, and harmonising materials to create intelligent interiors that delight and charm.


What types of projects have MAD About Design worked on? 

MAD About Design specialises in residential interior Design, with a diverse portfolio that includes projects such as 464 Clementi, Bidadari Hillside, and more.


What can I expect from MAD About Design's services? 

MAD About Design offers a personalised approach to residential interior Design, creating timeless, beautiful, and exquisite spaces that reflect their clients' lifestyles.


How can I contact MAD About Design for their services? 

For inquiries or to contact MAD About Design, visit their website at [MAD About Design's website link] or use the provided contact details.


What are the key principles MAD About Design focuses on in their projects? 

MAD About Design emphasises achieving a balance between interior and place, colours and materials, and space and form, ensuring that their designs are a true reflection of their client's lifestyles and preferences.


Can I trust MAD About Design to deliver a project that suits my unique preferences? 

Absolutely! MAD About Design is renowned for its ability to tailor each project to its client's specific needs, ensuring that every space reflects its lifestyle and vision.



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