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Glamour Concept

Glamour Concept is a premier interior design firm in Singapore dedicated to making your dream home a reality. The firm places homeowners ' interests at the forefront, focusing on creating glamorous and striking interiors that engage the senses. 

Their talented interior designers can capture each client's unique lifestyle, translating it into designs that offer practicality, comfort, and cosiness. 

At Glamour Concept, you can get professional renovation services at an affordable price, making your interior design dreams come true.


Glamour Concept Details


Company Name


Address/ Showroom

Oxley Bizhub,

61 Ubi Road 1, #03-11,

Singapore 408727

(Access through Lobby 1)


+65 9881 8222




Glamour Concept in Interior Design Singapore

Glamour Concept excels in discovering timeless elegance for your living space. With meticulous attention to detail and a flair for design, their team creates interiors that stand the test of time. Glamour Concept seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality from classic to contemporary styles, ensuring that your home reflects your personality and values.


Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


Glamour Concept Highlights


Glamour Concept takes pride in providing the best interior design experience for you and your family. They understand that memorable moments are created in your home, and their designs are crafted to enrich these cherished experiences.


Why Choose Glamour Concept?

  • High Reviews 

Glamour Concept has earned high praise from satisfied clients, with reviews highlighting their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their consistent record of positive feedback makes them a trusted choice for interior design in Singapore.

  • Cost-Saving 

Opting for Glamour Concept's services can lead to cost-saving benefits. Their expertise in sourcing high-quality materials at competitive prices enables them to create luxurious spaces without compromising your budget, helping you achieve an upscale look without overspending.

  • Trusted 

Glamour Concept has earned the trust of numerous clients through its transparent and reliable services. They prioritise open communication, ensuring your vision is brought to life with precision and professionalism. Their unwavering commitment to trustworthiness makes them a preferred partner for your interior design journey.


Services Offered

Glamour Concept offers a comprehensive range of interior design services including residential and condo projects. Their flexible approach allows them to cater to diverse design preferences, ensuring each project is tailored to suit your needs. From concept to execution, Glamour Concept is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.


Featured Projects

Residential Interior Design

The Glades

This beautifully designed loft is spacious, with a fantastic view and warm, inviting, chic refinement. The clever use of large white swaths maximises the interior's unique possibilities- truly a magnificent place you can call home.


Embracing the best of minimalist and Scandinavian design, this home seamlessly integrates classic elements within its modern layout. Wood materials are sparingly used, complementing the lighter and more subdued flooring. The grayscale theme with accents of mustard yellow creates a bold yet welcoming ambience.

The kitchen showcases efficiency and homeliness with fitted cabinetry for ample storage. Wood, potted plants, and decorative accessories add natural charm to this sophisticated space.

Telok Blangah

This modern and stylish interior is designed and visualised by the team at Glamour Concept with an aesthetically pleasing and practical layout.

The dining room boasts a captivating black pendant light that complements the black dining table and modern chairs, perfect for minimalist dining spaces. Dark grey tones, alongside white elements, create an inviting atmosphere. Now you get a stylish home accommodating the entire family's needs.

353 Ang Mo Kio

This cosy contemporary home features a palette of modern neutrals meticulously designed by the Glamour Concept team. The living room area and kitchen diner are thoughtfully arranged to encourage family members to gather and connect while pursuing individual activities. The strategically placed lights create a warm ambience, perfectly balancing functionality and decor.

Throughout this contemporary home, bespoke storage cabinets, chic furniture designs, and stunning home lighting showcase Glamour Concept's commitment to crafting stylish and inviting spaces.


    Glamour Concept FAQs

    What sets Glamour Concept apart from other interior design firms in Singapore?

    Glamour Concept is dedicated to timeless elegance, cost-saving solutions, and trustworthiness. Their high reviews and satisfied clients attest to their commitment to excellence.


    Can Glamour Concept cater to different design preferences?

    Absolutely! Glamour Concept offers a flexible approach, ensuring that each project reflects its clients' unique preferences and requirements.


    Is Glamour Concept's pricing affordable?

    Yes, Glamour Concept offers professional renovation services at an affordable price, making high-quality interior design accessible to a wide range of homeowners in Singapore.


    How can I see more of Glamour Concept's work?

    You can explore their impressive portfolio of featured projects on their website.



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