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Forma Interior Design

Forma Interior Design Details

Forma Interior Design stands as a distinguished interior design firm in Singapore. With an illustrious history spanning over three decades, they have continually redefined spaces by seamlessly integrating artistic vision and functional excellence.

Company Name

Forma Interior Design

Address/ Showroom

Blk 9003 Tampines St 93 #01-190

Singapore 528837


+65 9234 5957


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Forma Interior Design Highlights

Embark on a design journey with Forma Interior Design, where innovation meets functionality. Our 30-year legacy in Singapore showcases our unwavering commitment to crafting inspiring interiors. Merging aesthetics and purpose, impeccable design should both captivate the senses and serve a practical purpose. Guided by our seasoned designers, we transform client aspirations into tangible masterpieces, creating spaces that embody timeless elegance and individual character.


Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Space Planning: Discover Forma Interior Design's expertise in meticulous space planning, transforming available areas into optimal layouts. The firm's proficiency ensures a seamless blend of functionality and style, reflecting your preferences.
  • Design Consultation: Engage with insightful design consultations provided by Forma Interior Design. Collaborative sessions breathe life into your vision, crafting cohesive design concepts that resonate effortlessly with your style.
  • 3D Renderings: Immerse yourself in the future through Forma Interior Design's lifelike 3D renderings. Witness your envisioned spaces come to life, empowering confident decision-making and anticipation of the remarkable transformations.
  • Material Selection/Advice: Benefit from expert material guidance at Forma Interior Design. Navigate the selection process seamlessly, achieving a harmonious fusion of textures and colours that elevates your space's overall aesthetics and practicality.



What distinguishes Forma Interior Design from its peers? 

The firm's distinguished legacy and seasoned designers form the bedrock of its uniqueness. Here, innovation and functionality converge to transcend passing trends.

Can Forma Interior Design accommodate commercial spaces? 

Absolutely. The firm's prowess extends gracefully to residential and commercial domains, seamlessly merging brand identity with practicality.

To what extent can clients contribute during the design process? 

Client input is pivotal. Personal insights are seamlessly woven into designs that mirror aspirations, ensuring a harmonious blend of personality and aesthetics.

What defines Forma Interior Design's approach to interior design? 

Core to the firm's philosophy is the belief that design should evoke emotions while fulfilling practical needs. Each design narrates a unique story, enriching spaces and lives.

Why opt for Forma Interior Design over other firms? 

With an illustrious legacy of excellence, the firm's hallmark lies in the fusion of design mastery and client collaboration, culminating in bespoke spaces that radiate individuality.


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