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EZRA Architects

Welcome to the world of EZRA Architects, where design dreams transform into stunning realities. This premier architectural firm, founded in 2005 by the visionary principal architect Lim Kee Hua, boasts a remarkable journey through architectural innovation and interior design brilliance. The narrative deepens as Keith Khoo and Leonard Sim, having embarked on their odysseys in Japan and China, rejoined forces with their esteemed classmate in 2008 and 2009, respectively. This harmonious reunion of creative minds marked the genesis of a multi-disciplinary design powerhouse.


EZRA Architects Details

At its core, EZRA Architects thrives on the ethos of pioneering innovation. With a legacy spanning nearly two decades, this design collective is a beacon of creativity in Singapore and Guangzhou. With a spectrum of services encompassing master planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, interior styling, and product design, they are synonymous with comprehensive design consultation. From resplendent residences to avant-garde commercial spaces, from captivating retail environments to exquisite show flats and bespoke product design, EZRA Architects sets an unparalleled benchmark in crafting design narratives that seamlessly blend form and function.


Company Name


Address/ Showroom

314a Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427565


+65 6346 6278


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EZRA Architects Highlights

EZRA Architects takes pride in a philosophy that extends far beyond aesthetics. They embrace a holistic approach that creates spaces that resonate with their client's aspirations. Each project is a canvas where an unwavering commitment to excellence guides the strokes of innovation. The team firmly believes that a symbiotic relationship with clients is the key to unlocking design brilliance. By meticulously listening, they transcend conventional expectations and lead their clients towards design triumphs that align with their visions.


Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Master Planning
  • Product Design

EZRA Architects FAQs

What sets EZRA Architects apart from other design firms? 

EZRA Architects stands out through its unwavering dedication to creating bespoke design narratives that reflect clients' aspirations and redefine design paradigms.

EZRA Architects handle both residential and commercial projects? 

EZRA Architects thrives in both spheres, curating captivating residential spaces and crafting immersive commercial environments.

How do EZRA Architects ensure client satisfaction? 

EZRA Architects believes in an empathetic approach, meticulously listening to clients' needs and weaving their dreams into tangible design marvels.

What regions do EZRA Architects operate in? 

With a presence in Singapore and Guangzhou, EZRA Architects brings its signature design brilliance to a global clientele.


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