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Conexus Studio - Megafurniture

Conexus Studio

“A Modern Office Design Company Connecting People, Ideas, and Spaces”

Conexus Studio builds remarkable, people-centric spaces where ideas, bonds, and innovations live. Through their steadfast values, the firm has successfully completed fun, functional and valuable projects over the years.

Do you also dream of a purposeful space for your brand? If yes, get ready to be inspired by this reputable firm.

Conexus Studio Details

Company Name

Conexus Studio Pte Ltd. 

Address/ Showroom

108 Pasir Panjang Road #03-05 Golden Agri Plaza Singapore 118535


+65 6226 0226



Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.

Conexus Studio Highlights

Conexus Studio Highlights

Design and Connection

"Conexus" is a mixture of the terms "Connect" and “Nexus”, founded by the charismatic Brendan Khor and Aviruth “Moo” Trungtreechart, both with excellent visions and hearts for people. Established in 2019, Conexus Studio continues to work with like-minded professionals to complete expressive projects.


Crafting Spaces with a Purpose

Conexus Studio demonstrates its commitment to creating spaces that transcend aesthetics, prioritising purpose and the authentic representation of the identity of its clients.

The synergy within the Conexus team is evident in the exceptional design outcomes they produce. This approach heralds a new era of interior design, where functionality and individuality harmonise seamlessly.

Hybrid Workplaces

Embracing the "new era of design," Conexus Studio excels in crafting hybrid workspaces that foster productivity and empowerment among employees. The studio specialises in creating dynamic environments that cater to varied workstyles and individual needs.

Award-Winning Experts

Conexus Studio is an award-winning commercial interior design company in Singapore providing bespoke services to their esteemed clients. The firm's accolades include the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Services Offered

Conexus Studio

  • Modern workplace design
  • Office renovations
    • Workplace strategy
    • Site evaluation
    • Space planning
    • Design consultancy
    • Technology implementation
    • Design documentation
    • Move management
    • Procurement and construction
    • Post-occupancy maintenance
    • Office reinstatement

Feel free to connect with Connexus Studio's team to get a full list of their services and packages.

Conexus Studio Awards and Credentials

  • Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2020 (TenX’s office)
  • Bronze and Silver Awards - 2020 Design Excellence Awards (TenX and Keurig Singapore)
  • Platinum Award- 2021 MUSE Design Awards (Nu Skin)
  • Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2021 (BBC Studios Singapore)
  • 2021-2022 Asia Pacific Property Awards (Nu Skin)
  • Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2022 (8VI Holdings)
  • Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2022 (Hegen) 
  • Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2022 (Nu Skin)
  • Bronze Award- Design Excellence Awards 2022 (Doctor Anywhere Singapore Headquarters)
  • Bronze Award- Design Excellence Awards 2022 ( 8VI Singapore Headquarters and Decathlon Singapore Data Lab)
  • Highly Commended- Design Excellence Awards 2022 (JobStreet Singapore Office)
  • Bronze Award (Best Retail Design)- Design Excellence Awards 2022 (Hegen Experiential Centre)
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022-2023- Office Interior (Doctor Anywhere Office)
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022-2023- Retail Interior(Hegen Experiential Center)
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards (Sartorius Singapore Regional Office )
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards (Evident Scientific APAC Headquarters )
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards (WE Communications Singapore & WATATAWA Office)

Conexus Studio would be thrilled to share more of its achievements and testaments of reliability when you connect with the team via their contact details.

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