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Concrid Interior

Concrid Interior strongly believes in creating unforgettable living spaces Singapore homeowners can call "home".

Concrid Interior understands the significance of a home – a place not just with four walls but also a sanctuary where families find solace and create lasting memories. With a passion for interior design beyond aesthetics, Concrid Interior is dedicated to crafting spaces that genuinely resonate with its clients.

Whether looking for a cosy haven to unwind or a stylish abode to impress, Concrid Interior might be the answer to your interior design dreams.


Concrid Interior Design Details 


Concrid Interior's core lies in a team of talented interior designers with the expertise to translate ideas into reality. Their creative vision and attention to detail make them adept at crafting production-ready designs that perfectly align with their client's aspirations. 

But their role goes beyond just design.

Concrid Interior Design takes pride in being a comprehensive interior design service provider, skillfully managing projects from conception to successful handover. The firm's vast experience and meticulous approach ensure a seamless and satisfying experience for every client.

Company Name

Concrid Interior

Address/ Showroom

73 Ubi Road 1


Oxley BizHub

Singapore 408733


(65) 8836 0552




Disclaimer: The content published in this article is based on the data available at the time of writing. Note that this information may be limited and may not encompass the company's full portfolio, projects, or capabilities.


Creating Inspirational Spaces 

Concrid Interior shines like a beacon of inspiration in interior design and renovation. Their positive and neutral approach towards creating spaces elevates the design concept to new heights. They firmly believe that a well-designed space can profoundly impact one's life and well-being. 

Concord Interior aims to enrich lives through its innovative designs. Each project the team undertakes reflects its commitment to transforming spaces into havens of comfort and joy.


Concrid Interior Highlights 


What sets Concrid Interior apart is its unwavering determination to go beyond the ordinary. 

As a renovation partner and full-service interior design firm, they offer many services that cater to the diverse needs of their clients. Concrid Interior is there at every step, from conceptualisation to completion, ensuring the process is enjoyable and stress-free. They understand that a home is not just a physical structure; it's an emotional investment that should align with the lifestyle and personality of its occupants. 

Concrid Interior guarantees to take this responsibility seriously, and that's what makes them extraordinary.


Highest Interior Design Standards

In Singapore's bustling interior design competition, Concrid Interior stands tall as a testament to excellence and customer satisfaction. Quality and timely execution are the pillars of their success, and they leave no stone unturned to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards. 

Clients can trust Concrid Interior to deliver on their promises and exceed expectations, making them a preferred choice in the industry.


Services Offered 

When we think about creativity and innovation, we think about Concrid Interior. The firm's expertise extends to crafting ideal spaces for both residential and commercial premises. 

Concrid Interior tailors its services to individual preferences and budgets. Whether it's a contemporary office or a cosy home, the ID firm has the ingenuity to make every space extraordinary. Their personalised and affordable services have won the hearts of countless clients, making them a sought-after interior design firm in Singapore.


Why Choose Concrid?

  • Highly-rated interior design firm in Singapore with highlighted excellence in interior design, quality of workmanship, and professionalism
  • Extensive interior design portfolio (from BTO, resale flats, condominium and other properties)
  • Interior design firm with bespoke "brain-made" designs and strong presence


Concrid Interior FAQs 

How can Concrid Interior bring my vision to life? 

Concrid Interior works closely with clients to understand their preferences and needs. Their experienced designers translate your ideas into practical and aesthetically pleasing designs, creating spaces that reflect your vision.


Are their services suitable for all types of residential projects? 

Concrid Interior is well-versed in handling a diverse range of residential projects, from BTO and HDB resale to condominiums. They adapt their services to cater to individual requirements, ensuring every client's personalised and satisfying experience.


Where can I view more of their projects before deciding? 

You can explore an extensive collection of their completed projects on their website: Concrid Interior Projects. This will give you a better understanding of their design style and capabilities.


How does Concrid Interior ensure the timely completion of projects? 

Concrid Interior places great importance on project management and communication. Their team follows a structured approach to planning and executing projects, ensuring timelines are met without compromising quality.



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