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AgFacadesign Architects

AgFacadesign Architects, often called AgFd, is a pioneering architectural firm that has been shaping Singapore's skyline since its inception in 2009. Combining an unparalleled blend of architectural expertise, innovative glass technologies, and sustainable design principles, AgFd has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry.

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39A Mosque Street Singapore 059417


+65 - 62261266



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AgFacadesign Architects Highlights

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, AgFacadesign Architects embarks on projects with a unique "hybrid" approach, integrating diverse yet interconnected disciplines. Their primary aims encompass:

  1. Integration of Expertise: AgFd's projects seamlessly blend different expertise and services, resulting in holistic designs that meet architectural and functional needs.
  2. Efficiency Through Envelope Design: AgFd prioritises optimum efficiency by meticulously designing facades that respond to the overall architectural concept down to the finest details.
  3. Timeless Architectural Delight: Rejecting the limitations of specific architectural styles, AgFd focuses on creating timeless architectural marvels that stand as testaments to their design prowess.
  4. Transformative Facade Enhancements: AgFd specialises in transforming existing buildings by enhancing their facades aesthetically and functionally, thereby adding substantial value to each project.


    Services Offered by AgFacadesign Architects

    Services Offered by AgFacadesign Architects

      1. Architectural Excellence: AgFd offers comprehensive architectural services, from site planning and conceptual design to project completion. Their expertise ensures a seamless translation of vision into reality.
      2. Innovative Glass Solutions: AgFd provides guidance on glass usage and offers structural glass design that meets technical requirements and compliance standards.
      3. Green Sustainability Integration: AgFd integrates passive design techniques and sustainable principles from the ground up, harmonising them with available systems and methods.
      4. Versatile Facade Solutions: From standard curtain wall systems to intricate structural glass designs and specialised concepts, AgFd caters to diverse facade needs.
      5. Integrated Design Approach: AgFd's integrated design services merge architectural, glass technology, and facade systems, yielding unique and value-added outcomes.
      6. Thorough Investigations: AgFd conducts investigations into architectural, glass, and facade design, ensuring optimal performance before, during, and after project completion.
      7. Complementary Services: AgFd extends its expertise through various related services, including Façade Engineering & PE Services, Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD), Project Management, Photography & 3D Animation.
      8. Design & Build Excellence: AgFd excels in design and build services, encompassing features like "3D Green-wall" & Landscape Design, Interior Design, Graphics and Logo Design, and Product Design.


    FAQs about AgFacadesign Architects

    What distinguishes AgFacadesign Architects from other architectural firms?

    AgFacadesign Architects stands out due to their unique "hybrid" approach that integrates multiple disciplines, resulting in comprehensive and innovative design solutions.

    Can AgFd transform existing buildings into architectural marvels?

    AgFd specialises in enhancing existing building facades, combining aesthetic and functional improvements to add substantial value.

    How does AgFacadesign Architects prioritise sustainability?

    AgFd places sustainability at the forefront, integrating passive design techniques and sustainable principles into their projects from the initial stages.

    What additional services does AgFacadesign Architects offer?

    Besides their core architectural services, AgFd provides Façade Engineering, Environmental Sustainability Design, Project Management, Photography, 3D Animation, and more.


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